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Just a simple girl who wants to write great romance stories involving two special someponies.


This story is a sequel to What one can't have?

Twilight comes through the portal into the CHS world to surprise her girlfriend Sunset Shimmer on her day off and finds the Friendship Games fully underway.

Her and Sunset must find the reason for the magic that's been popping up all over campus while also dealing with the other Twilight running amok for unknown reasons.

In this new story Twilight and Sunset will be tested on not only a physical level but their relationship will be strained as new and old faces appear.

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This story is a sequel to What one can't have?

Sequel story to "What One Can't Have" if you haven't read the previous story, I would recommend that you read it first.

Set one year after Rainbow Rocks, Sunset Shimmer must help the Mane Six combat a new evil in Equestria known only as Chaos. Will they be able to fight off their own fears as they try to save Equestria from devastation or are they doomed to fail? Old and new faces will appear but will it be enough to combat an enemy like no other they have faced before?

Main Pairing: Sunlight

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Sunset Shimmer has just been defeated by the Mane Six, but now she is experiencing feelings for someone that she never expected to. Can Sunset Shimmer make it work with Twilight even in different realities? Or is their relationship doomed to fail because of what one can't have? Takes place at the end of Equestria girls and covers rainbow rocks as well... maybe even after that point.

Main pairing: Sunset shimmer/Twilight sparkle along with some side pairings

Crossover tag for The Final Showdown

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