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This story is a sequel to Teenset Shimmer Is Dazed And Confused With Twilight On Her Arm

Twilight Sparkle was sitting around, not really doing anything in particular, when Sunset Shimmer called and vaguely expressed the want or perhaps need to get her to come over. Well in Sunset's company, just about everything turned into an adventure and ended up in a beautiful journey out into the early suburban night.
A journey with a clear goal. Wait, no, there are no goals... I mean. Well. It all turns a bit muddled.

More craziness. Social interactions without social interactions. Or, well, yeah.
More insane hit-or-miss girl-love.
Just as creepy, I know.

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Comments ( 15 )

How do I describe what I just read?

I feel that this type of story is like a home video. A group of friends go out for a night on the town, with no clear destination, just letting wherever the night takes them, drinking and smoking on the way there and one of them brings along a camcorder just to document the night, just for the hell of it. And each chapter is a cut to another part of the night.

A captured moment in time where we're able to look back and reminisce on times gone by and remember all the stupid things and all the firsts we did that night.

You know that video of those people who came back from Disney World and shot video inside of a 7-11 at 2:30 in the morning? That's the kind of vibe I'm getting. We're watching a memory.

The word is "yes". Because that's logically all I'd have to say to that.
I gave it a few days of non-continuous thought. So the "yes" refers to the fact that you are right. Right in what I now guess I was aiming for. Yes to the fact that anyone relates even a little bit to this collection of silly words. I have accomplished at least something.
Thanks for reading. All the love.


No need to beg, it is coming <3

As someone who hasn't done the particular drugs or activities of this little series, the amount of detail you can draw out of a seemingly short or boring event that most writers would be done with in two paragraphs is incredibly detailed and really insightful. You do tend to write with blocks, but I don't really mind it here, because we're inside one character or another and you let us know what they're thinking without relying on dialog. Your word selection is decently large and varied as well.

This is a fantastic and severely underrated collection of stories and I can't wait for the next installment. Keep up the good work.

First up, thanks for taking the time to write a thoughtful comment. I do appreciate it a lot.
This experience is possibly not a common one, or it could be, especially for certain generations from certain places.
I greatly romanticize these kinda "usual, everyday" events, a drink, a smoke, going to the show. Being able to stick a pair of interesting characters people already know that need little to no introduction just makes it easier for me. (Sure, I probably mess around a whole bunch with their personalities and this is shameless shipping but hey...)

The lack of dialogue is because I despise when people just completely fill a story with "he said, she said" like it was some kinda comic book or whatever. Description and thought is what brings things forward rather than some empty dialogue.
(That said, in this specific story, I didn't even realize it had no talking until I planted that last line in there. I surprised myself and I am happy about it.)

Thanks for the encouraging words and I love getting called "underrated".
More is coming. Might be the one that finally falls flat though...
Hehe. Cheerio.

...I look forward to this continuing in some shape or form. I have greatly enjoyed this story, from it's humble beginnings so long ago to now. Though, in the webs of time I suppose it wasn't too long ago. Teenset Shimmer and Teenlight Sparkle are assuredly my favorite alternate versions/interpretations of normal twilight and sunset. The way you write this series, the descriptive and disjointed thoughts, I find myself enjoying it so very much. These are exactly the kinds of stories I wish I would see more often. Explorative, finding adventure and misadventure alike within the mundane, or the normal.

I found these a time back but did not comment on them until now. I had forgotten exactly who the author was. I end up finding them again, and see there is a new one to read, so I do. It's just as good as before, and so we come to now. This is one of the best fics I have read throughout my time on fimfic. I hope to see more of this in the future, and I will be sure to check out some of your other works. Thank you for writing this wonderful fic.

Comments like this is what makes me wanna create more in the first place. Very encouraging to know I have entertained someone to the point of taking their time to tell me in such a nice way.
I am actually writing a follow up, a few pages down already, going slow but it is going to happen sooner or later.
Real happy people appreciate my quirky writing style and little ideas. Thanks again for letting me know, see you later!

you could write one hundred more chapters of twiset just drinking together and cuddling
and i think id remain just as eager to read what you publish next

Thank you. There is a little bit more coming of this, I have some written, I am just really, really slow with finishing it.

I know you've heard it a dozen times, but I want to express that this story (the whole line of it, really) is intriguing to me as someone who's never experienced such things before. The way you write, it's really easy to understand the types of thoughts and feelings that begin to arise, not to mention the weight of processing all that emotion and contemplation at each level of intoxication. It's fascinating, illuminating, to be able to experience so many of the same emotions I've dealt with personally, now through the eyes and hearts of a couple of drunken teenage girls, now still through the insightful and comprehensive writing of a man who obviously does a lot of deep thinking in his spare time. All that being said, if this is really what being drunk and/or high feels like, I don't know that I trust myself enough to ever want to experience it. :ajsmug:

At first, I wasn't really sure how to process this story. But I think I really like it, in the way that I don't personally understand hazy overlay, and that's okay. The humble yet omnipresent themes of living to the fullest, getting to know yourself, and finding solace in people who care about you, are much more important, and hopefully are relatable to anyone who may yet come to read such a story. On the previously discussed topic of dialogue... So many stories rely on it, at least moderately, to convey their messages. It's only natural to think of literal communication as the best way to communicate certain ideas. But you found a way to bypass that ages-old expectation, and it absolutely works. The tone of this story, I would say, is perfect the way it is for what it's trying to say.

In the matter of "shameless shipping"... Stop harping on yourself. :raritywink: If people want Sunlight, people are gonna let it shine, so you let it. At least it's believable. Not to mention, Twilight is learning a lot of new things here that she'd be hard-pressed to find regularly in canon Equestria. And your readers seem to enjoy it all. I know I did.

I had so many things to say, but I've spent so long hand-picking words to put down that I can't seem to remember half of my original thoughts. Hence why I'm not a great writer myself. Anyway, the story all-in-all is very interesting, and I'd love to see that next installment you've been hinting at as soon as it's ready. I'm curious, does "silly amounts of sex" mean you'll be making the next one M-rated, or is it mostly clothed-intimacy, foreplay, and hints of further activity that are modest enough to keep it at a Teen rating? Not that it matters for me personally; I hit eighteen earlier this year. I'm just curious for curiosity's sake. Some call me crazy, but I prefer to think of it as "insightful." Anyway, love that kiss at the end; I want moooore of it next time. :twilightsmile: Thanks again for publishing such a progressive and thoughtful piece. Happy writing!

Holy hells, you have written a delicious comment the length of the fic itself. I am honoured.
This fic is a glorious clusterbomb of something that started out with contemplative poetry and just evolved into poetic romance and at the current stage is just... well, romance.
Alot of the "poetry" comes from other media and music that inspires me. Old 80's and 90's youth movies. Rock, Metal, Punkrock music.

As for the shipping, I think I worded it like that just because I personally think it is the best ship and I know how people can get with those things. I enjoy being unnecessarily kind to people's little sensibilities, even if it is on the internet where everyone behaves like a butt.

I'd really love to offer a more proper and longer response as long comments make me feel special.
Sadly, all I have to offer right now is a little info of what is to come. I've got a good few pages written for the next part and as these things evolve over the time that I am writing them, I have come to the conclusion that the "silly amounts of sex" will be very, very careful and smooth. Keeping with the romance as it were.
Very likely have an "alternate ending" with... well, porn.

Thanks for the comment. Very happy to have entertained you with some of my silly words.


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