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She saw things differently
*than those around her
**so focused on life
***they did not live
****but she never worried
*****for the universe was
******always singing to her.

This is the story
of Tree Hugger's Cutie Mark,
cover image here.

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Unusual perception, earth pony magic, oneness with the universe, beautifully logical headcanon...

There isn't a single thing here I don't love. Headcanon wholeheartedly accepted. (Well, mostly. I still like the idea that Tree Hugger's body naturally generates THC.) Thank you for this.

Well i have to say you did a great job on the little story of how Tree Hugger got her cutie mark so enjoy a free random song

I did a lot of research into chakras and aura readings for this. See if you can interpret what I've written, I dare you.

6000509 You sir or Madame must have tankers full of free time to research chakras and aura reading and as for the answer to your question I'll go with a calm aura with a hint of wisdom

But I have you to say you did put in a good amount visual details that a person could visualized being her and doing what she did

A version of Tree Hugger that is "G-Rated". I like it. This fandom needs more of this kind of Tree Hugger.

This story is awesome~! Tree Hugger is my new favorite pony, one of my top ten, she's just so mellow and peaceful.
Everyone is always making fun of her saying that she is high and what not, but she just really at peace with the world and takes everything with stride. Ever since I saw that episode of MLP last weekend, I've been working really hard on my zen meditation, and last night I was so into it I actually felt like I was floating on clouds.

A great story for a great character.


Good. We need more stories where she isn't some doped up hippie and more of this, where she's just a nature lover. Well done.

I'll be thumbing up and favoriting. :twilightsmile:

You've encapsulated why I find Tree Hugger awesome.`

It is unclear, can tree hugger see only auras, is she legally blind or entirely blind in terms of perceiving physical reality?

6000999 Yes, G rated hooray! :pinkiehappy:

Google is actually pretty useful for research. And no, that's not the interpretation I was referring to, I meant the actions as they happened.

Come on fair reader,
one word comments are so vague,
what's cute about this?

Understand this, though:
I do like comments a lot
even simple ones.

There is just something
about provoking deep response
that us authors love.

Excuse my ranting
I don't mean to belittle
just explain myself.

6000999 6001130 6001333 6001863
Tree Hugger's high is 100% pure natural cosmic bliss. But she is high. Just not on drugs. Unless you count cosmice bliss as a drug. It's up for debate.

That was my intended goal!

This was a bit subtle, I'll admit, but here it goes: Before gainging her cutie mark, Tree Hugger had both normal vision and 'aura' vision, but her aura vision was always more powerful. While she was doing her thing with the tree, though, her eyes were almost burned out with magic. Technically she is now mostly blind, able to pick up outlines at the best, but her aura vision is stronger than ever.

Also when she looks at Discord she sees an inverted chakra pattern and a tye-dye set of swirls. It's psychedelic.


Technically she is now mostly blind, able to pick up outlines at the best, but her aura vision is stronger than ever.

Sooo... She's Daredevil?
I'm okay with this.

Now i gotta ask: does her Aura Sight now cover a 360 degree field of vision? Can she now passively feel, taste, touch, and smell auras? Has her full potential not yet awakened?

This Tree Hugger now is on-par with pinkie pie for deserving the descriptor "not all alicorns have wings and a horn".

Whoa, I like, like man


I don't know. I just think it's adorable! :raritystarry:

And how you said she could be on drugs, she's most likely not because a) this is a children's show b) there are actual people with a mental disability that act like that.

Excellent! THIS is how I imagine Tree Hugger! While I don't mind pot references and the like, I feel like a lot of people were way too quick in labeling Tree Hugger as nothing but a drugged-up hippie. Chakras and auras and such talk is not just some pot heads coming up with weird shit, it's actually honest to goodness deep and powerful stuff. A+ on showcasing that wonderfully in this story!

I really loved this! I could visualize all the scenes with your wonderful descriptions! Very well written!

I love this take on Tree Hugger and her unique synesthesia. A really heartfelt and heartwarming interpretation of the eco-mare.

Were they actually trying to make Tree Hugger the butt of a joke and imply she's a worthless fool, though? I thought it was gentle ribbing, at worst.

Very interesting! :pinkiehappy:

Congratulations on the RCL interview and upcoming feature. You and Tree Hugger deserve it.

I enjoyed this story, Tree Hugger needs more of this kind of representation.:twilightsmile:


What a beautiful take on Tree Hugger, and so refreshing! (And now we don't have to worry about her being a bad influence on Fluttershy!) :yay:

"I'm not a tree," the filly protested. "I'm a Tree Hugger!" She suddenly snapped her forelegs around her mother. "And you're a Willow, so I'm hugging you!"

This story was great. In fact, you could almost say it was:


The seven shining suns within my soul
Reach out and hear the songs that shine in yours
The rhythm of their tune, its thrum and roll
Makes harmony with hoofsteps on all fours
The deepest light, when love and magic fuse
Yields beauty, folding endlessly within
The shining spirit of the world, my Muse
Inspires the thread that's spun from where I've been
Though even I have limits, still I strive
To keep the flow of world-light running smooth
The spark that lit to keep the smoke alive
Burns ever on, the light that feeds my groove

I'm glad to share these moments next to you
Our paths have touched; the world is born anew

Sometimes I am moved to comment in sonnet when a story really touches my heart. Such was the case with this tale. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. It is truly beautiful, and I shall be watching to see other creations of yours.

Light and laughter,

Nicely done! I loved seeing how Tree Hugger sees things in this story.

A couple of double spaces:

She could even sense some of it passing through her own body...

Tree Hugger felt something tug at her heart, and without even thinking about what she was saying she opened her mouth.


Grand Moff Pony here on behalf of the group You Might Like This. I wanted to let you know that your story was featured in one of our monthly recommendation posts.

Thank you for sharing your story with the community, and have a great day! :twilightsmile:


I wish I could favorite this a thousand times

Oh my, what an adorable path to illumination.

I always thought that Tree Hugger in the show, despite the ribbing, was a quite positive character, and one who had the super-power to understand Discord.

Your look into her fillyhood was an interesting dive into a deeper exploration of her and her place in the world (the center of all, it seems). Thank you for it.

Cool! ... Was thinking the plot with her mom was gonna be sad, but it seems like it'll be getting better!

Also, that magic! Whoo! ... Saw it first in Group Precipitation, but soo much more in-depth here!

Also came 'cause I wanted to read Yearly Epiphany, so I need to understand all of it.

Gonna read Psychadelic tomorrow...

Color is life. It is our food, our strength, our hope. You can use this Color to touch the world around you, because here, it is Color that gives life.

I don't know if it's what you were thinking, but it's what I was thinking, so I thought I'd share. If you like your vidyamagames scary and Russian it's an alright trip.

This is really amazing headcanon that I wholeheartedly support! Rather than being a pothead she's actually unique in her own wonderful way. Absolutely lovely fic and I made sure to share it on my tumblr as well so others can read it too.

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