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This story is a sequel to Psychadelic

Epiphany's mother is an easy-going mare in tune with the universe and the balance of magic, who needs magic glasses to see the world the way everyone else does.

Epiphany's father is an off-the-wall draconequiis, who runs circles around the laws of physics and spreads chaos wherever he goes because that's what he is.

As for what Epiphany is... well, it's rather complicated.

Coverart by Chocolatechilla.

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Ooh, a Psychadelic sequel! I can't say I saw this coming, but a surprise is hardly surprising when Discord is involved. Except when it is.

This will certainly be a fascinating journey. You know it's bad when Tree Hugger awkwardly stumbles over her words.

So, on a scale of one to Child of Alara, exactly how chaotic is this baby?

I know this is based on Magic the Gathering, but given what my kids are like this is also accurate.

"Yearly"? That doesn't speak well for the update schedule.

HAHA HA! I kid, I kid! Ha, I kid... *sweats, glancing nervously at own story* But seriously, I hope you address the CMCs' CMC CMs at some point, even as I doubt that chapters set a year apart and centering around Epiphany would have a natural place for the subject.

I Worry About Epiphany's Shoulder Angel And Shoulder Devil.

edit: i dont know what i meant by that

"And... you know... married couples like to engage in the totality of their relationship for mutual comprehension and growth of pleasure?"

"...Yes, I am aware of sex." Willow paused.


"I suddenly have so many questions," Willow stated, "and I'm not sure I want to ask them."


"Don't worry Mom, our medical consultant kept meticulous notes."

Who was their consultant??

Hmm... What does Epiphany look like to Treezie's Aura Sight??

Oh no, somethings this awesome just ends here? Well, if it ever updates I'll have it shelved.

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