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Trixie and Twilight are best ponies! (Diamond Tiara is best filly :D )

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gapaot #1 · May 17th, 2015 · · 1 ·

. "I've never had a filly fight back with words before.

So Twilight is experienced filly fucker, and had sex with many fillies? If so, maybe write more about it, with various filly reactions: resistance, acceptance, curiosity, hypnotism, full-on magic puppet-sexing?

"I can't believe the Prancy Drew is in my house! And that I'll soon be having sex with her!"


"… Miss Twilight, are you trying to seduce me?"

The Graduate :pinkiehappy: Also, I have a feeling that Twilight will soon be asked to take a seat over there...

Jeez...5-15 years later 20 fillies in Ponyville confess to being ra-...no, molested by Twilight.(I almost said Celestia... instead of Twilight.)

she look like Velma Dinkley in photo. is just me?

Comment posted by CrowMagnon deleted May 19th, 2015

5989827 So why did you bother then? It's not like the description of the story didn't make it blindingly obvious what you were going to find.

5990756 Because while I have a 'live and let live' attitude toward most fetishes (glass houses and all that) I draw the line at glorifying pedophilia.

:facehoof: I can't believe underage sexing can be so crewl + i think she was R******* the filly >.> not cool. Sex is good if it's adults only but adults and fillys are not my forte....

If you look back on the authors older stories, you will find that Twilight is into fillies a whole lot, to the point Trixie shrunk herself down and acted like a naive filly for Twilight.

I think you mean "as a pedofoal"? Twilight isn't a drawing. :twilightblush:

Well. . . This is certainly interesting. . . and hot. I would love to see more of Prancy Drew and Twilight. I have a weird feeling that this is just gonna be the beginning.

Yukito #12 · May 18th, 2015 · · 1 ·


Foalcon is the art of foals in sexual scenarios, whereas A foalcon is someone who is sexually attracted to foals.

Like lolicon is art or fiction of underaged girls doing sex stuff, but A lolicon is someone who likes underage girls.


I'm not glorifying it, just as I don't glorify murder as a form of revenge (see some of my other fics), bestiality (see Sunset Shimmer in Heat), or other contraverisal subjects I may have written about (it gets hard to keep track at 90+ fics :S). It's just fiction though. Fiction of talking magical pastel horses. The line between reality and fantasy was blurred looooong ago.

If you don't like it fair does, and I'll take all your disapproving glares, but you shouldn't really leave a comment that only says "This isn't my cup of tea". It adds nothing and sparks flame wars when people think you're bashing me, which I'm sure you're not... riiiiight? Old buddy old pal? Amigo? Compradré?

I may end up reading this. But right now I'm curious as to how it got into the featured box, and so quickly.

Comment posted by Trick Question deleted May 18th, 2015

Ah, okay. I've never seen it used that way. Certainly it's a bit more obscure than pedofoal, but my bad.

Comment posted by CrowMagnon deleted May 19th, 2015

Could You Sign My Crotch?

Sure. But I warn you, it's a mess down there, especially since I haven't circumcised.

I checked this story out because the title was kind of amusing. I have to say that I felt really... weirdly uncomfortable while reading this. Not specifically because of the subject matter--foalcon's just a thing some people like, I guess--but because I could actually see this as a realistic approximation of how a human adult would convince a small child it's okay to have sex with them.

I get that it's a fetish work and all that, but it just feels like it strikes too close to the unsettling realities of statutory rape and child molestation.

It's odd how that works, huh? People see it as fascinating to get into the mind of, say, a mass murderer, psychopath, or schizophrenic, but when you step into the shoes of a paedophile, things get rather uncomfortable.


I think it's because in stories like those, it's usually pretty clear that a mass-murderer isn't doing something right or acceptable by any standards, and the story is designed as a look at how the monster thinks. In a story like this, the adult-child sex is designed to be seen as arousing (both to the characters in the story and presumably to its readers), which gives it a vastly different impression compared to an exploration inside the mind of a crazed dictator. The author (presumably) wants readers to get aroused from reading this story. The author of a story exploring the psyche of a school shooter proooobably isn't hoping you'll sit down and masturbate to that.

It'd be kind of like the difference between a story about a Ku Klux Klan member that explores their thought processes to try and explain what could make a man into such a racist monster, and a story about a Ku Klux Klan member that portrays them as heroic and is marketed to racists. I'm not saying this story is particularly fitting to that analogy, but there can be really big differences in how stories that get into the mind of someone come across.

5992162 It's scary when this stuff strikes close to home, gotta agree, but again, it is fiction. Realism with fiction is merely an illusion made in our minds to help us relate the characters we see or read about to our own world. It's all trickery in some form or fashion, usually involving our own comprehension more than anyone's purposed narrative. If we wanted to talk realistically, these are horses playing around with the concepts of lesbianism and pre-aged sex. Both are usually actions that wouldn't happen naturally in our world. Basically, there's nothing logical about this besides our preconceived ideals of how society should work when humanizing these animal characters.

Edit: That moment when I act like you don't already know this. XD

...*is not reading*
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5989827 It's not even his first one with Twilight.

5991280 Twilight's reputation was forever tarnished thanks to Lesson Zero's "Helllo~, GIRLS!" :rainbowlaugh::pinkiesad2:

I'm going to dislike this, I don't usually dislike works based solely on my dislike for the subject matter but I feel I must here. As far as Foalcon goes I don't usually have a problem, but this crossed a line for me. This was more about corrupting the young author than anything, I guess I had hope that Twilight was getting set up by the young detective but it was just pedo fetish. I kinda feel there should be a dark tag for the corruption aspect, but since it normalizes pedophilia I will express my displeasure with a down vote.


Then you needn't have commented at all. You knew what this was, and even if you say you're tolerant, then the most tolerant and intelligent thing to have done would be to not have left a comment at all. Now you've opened yourself up to legitimate criticism and understandably indignant rebukes, and a much larger wall of disapproving glares than the one you provided.

This is why I don't read things that have a subject matter I know I won't like for some reason, and not because of 'oh it's rape, oh it's murder, oh it's foalcon' because I actually know and respect the difference between reality and fiction - a line called Sanity! Meanwhile people will mistake you for one of those who is not sane, and will likely thus be offended by you, forcing you to defend yourself and it's a headache (from experience). Beware!

I'm surprised more SJW's aren't up in arms over this. Rape? Pedophilia? This kind of thing usually earns more rage than a fic not having futa (you sick fucks).

Not really my cup o' tea, but the premise is funny, so good on you.

Every bone in my body is telling me not to read this. And yet my brain is like "No brah, you got this, fuckin' go for it."

Sigh...once more unto the breach.



I'd rather it be disturbingly realistic then not honestly. I mean if your gonna do it you might as well put the pedal to the metal.

No crotches were signed.

Comment posted by CrowMagnon deleted May 19th, 2015


I'd read that!!!!


One important rule to remember in fanfiction. It is not real. While sure, there's probably some fraction under 1% of people who read this sort of thing who are the -actual- sort who might do something like this given the chance, the vast, vast majority are not. Chances are high if they came across such a situation they'd be the first ones calling the cops or launching themselves onto the scene to put a stop to it. It applies to all such subjects as I mentioned earlier, the ones people have a problem with for reasons that don't make sense in context. Rape, molestation, murder - these things aren't happening to real people, and no one's going around saying they're good things to do and everyone should practice them in real life.

If anything, you'll find a good number of victims who actually write or read this sort of thing. It's cathartic, in some cases. Depends on the person.

But if you personally don't feel cool with the division between real and not real, that's also totally okay! Logic and emotions clash all the time, and it's rarely ever pretty. While you shouldn't be attacked for that, you should also be aware that decrying the story is going to personally offend the intended reader base (the people who enjoy the writing, either regardless or because of the subject topic as a fictional work). And that's how pile-ups and flame wars start. Whereas you seemed to do this without realizing, most people won't be able to differentiate between your unintended effect and the people who actually go around doing this sort of thing on purpose like a good number of Fimfic users both quiet readers and well-known writers who get a bug up their asses and have a clique to fall back on will do. Thus it creates issue with anyone who even seems like they might be that sort of supreme jackass, and they'll turn that anger on you.

I was going somewhere with this lectu- Oh! Anyway, that's my explanation for any confusion you might have had, and for the bomb of downvotes you received. Try not to hold it against anyone, and just be mindful of what you say in the future - you can quickly inherit the anger meant for more prominent jerks in the community for poisoning our little society here with their egos and faux justifications and demanding their opinion matters when really they're just listening to themselves talk and putting down people around them under some guise or another.

5993465 I am going to copy/paste this shit as much as I can when I have the chance

While I am not one for foalcon, I do appreciate a well written story. That being said, I would like to commend you on your story. Twilight's character seemed accurate, at least to me, and the Prancy Drew character did display that innocence I am assuming people into foalcon like. While not my "cup of tea," the story was still well written.


When I read the name of the Story and the cover art I was thinking two things:

1. Is Prancy Drew a pony version of Nancy Drew? :applejackunsure:

2. Prancy Drew looks like a pony version of Velma from "A Pup Named Scooby Doo" and other Scooby Doo's Shows. :twilightsmile:

... I require the source for the cover art so that I may read the text of it.

Right click on the pic and select open in new tab.


Friends Forever #16 (the Diamond Tiara/Silver Spoon one)

Not gonna read (not my cuppa tea), but that comic-drawn pony looks more like Velma from Scooby-doo than Nancy Drew.

"By the way, would you happen to know of someplace I could stay for some time?" Prancy Drew asked, looking over her shoulder at the castle in the distance. "I do believe I will be staying here for some time."

Nitpick, but I think we could do without the second 'some time'. 'a while' 'a spell', most anything other than the repetition.

in Scooby Doo on Zombie Island it was mentioned Velma is a aspiring mystery story author, so I think the resemblance was purely intentional

I haven't read the story, but I feel compelled to share something with you.

I can see how something like this would be disturbing to some, but when somepony reads a murder mystery they never say, "This basically explains how to kill someone and get away with it, and that's too close to murder for me."

In short, it's a fantasy. Probably (if assentual, again I haven't read the story myself) it's a fantasy about children being able to enjoy sex with adults without any lasting social or psychological trauma. I don't think anypony will read this and then say, "Well gee, I should try having sex with a child in real life!" It's clear in nearly every culture that this is proscribed specifically because it is highly probable that the child will suffer from negative consequences.

We all watch a show involving cartoon horses that talk. The difference between fantasy and reality should be crystal clear here, and people who enjoy a work like this are not automatically child molesters or dangers to children.


I do believe I'll need to agree with you on this one, This does strike me as unsettling as well. When I write foalcon, I do try to be as realistic as possible mind you BUT I do take certain liberties to make the foal in question "not as innocent" as they appear to cushion the flow so my story doesn't fall prey to this type of flow.

5988061 Or authors could stop besmirching our beloved Princess of Friendship. A big part of enjoying the show is celebrating the principals of the show. Do you believe Applebloom and Rarity would wish to remain friends with Twilight Sparkle if they believed she was after their sisters? She would be run out of town princess or not.

I would not think Princess Celestia would approve.:trollestia:


Um, hello? This is fan fiction, as is: not real, not always canon, stuff that is written for fun? Clopfic to boot, and you won't stop Twilight from fucking fillies, not with your logic!

But you do have point - she must have sex with Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie. Scoots should resist, Bloom be hypnotised, Sweetie will probably accept and have fun, and Silver with Tiara should get magic-puppeted to double-sex Twilight and she can then take photos to blackmail them. Perfect!


Member of Ku-Klux-Klan or fascist can be portrayed as hero, actually. I believe I've read something like that, but can't remember right now. That's the point of stories that go 'in mind of somebody' , to show how it can be viewed for them, how our moral point of view can be perceived for someone with another set of morals.

And just for fun of it, look up Romeo and Juliet - they were... 13 year old, right? In original work? Now their love story would be marked as pedo, while at their times 13-15 year olds were totally acceptable, got married, and by 18 had one-two children already. Fancy that, huh?

One of the best foalcon stories I've ever read! :twilightsmile:

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