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Oh hell yes. Can't wait to read this.

Cool story, bro! I mean that in every good way possible!

That was awesome, I loved the whole fuckbuddy/totally-not-a-couple-even-though-they-sort-of-are type of thing going on.
You write some good stuff, man.:moustache:

Another great one, pal.

I really enjoyed how RD's more vulnerable side was written here. Granted she didn't say much and simply endured what was happening, but that's a hell of a lot better than most alternative's that I've read. Makes more sense when she's written that way.

Their relationship was portrayed well too, opting for being fuck buddies rather than letting their sexual relationship change it into a romantic one was a nice touch. Their banter and knowledge of each other (and their bodies) really spoke towards that Friends with Benefits feel you were going for here. Swell stuff, man.

The little references scattered were enjoyable too, would've killed for an entire line dedicated to "You finally came inside Rainbow Dash". / /mlp/

Lookin' forward to your next work!

Oh my~
Thank ya kindly. Good to hear it was enjoyed to such a degree.

Haha, thank you. I love to make my readers happy, and I mean that in every good way possible as well. :raritywink:

Heh, thanks for reading. Seeing as how I thought my first run at clop with Dash was mostly a disaster, I really wanted a second go at it. I'm glad it turned out well enough to get comments like I've been getting without me smacking myself over the head about the clop. For the relationship, I thought I would try something out of the ordinary with the two. They're always a couple in love, which is nice in its own right, but I wanted to explore the idea of what I thought might also be a believable stance for Dash.

I'm glad I managed to weave it good enough to receive praise. :heart:
Good stuff? I know there are better people out there, but I do like trying and it's still fun to attempt. Glad it meets your approval~ :yay:

Oh hey, good to hear from ya again. :heart: Sorry I missed out on responding to the other comments. When I took that break, I kind of just stepped away from everything regarding ponies. I'm not sure if it was the community or just something with me, but I'm glad I took that break. Really helped, I think.


I went into this one with a good amount of focus on getting Dash just right. We know she's not 100% tough girl, and I figure an encounter like that would make that side of her come out a bit more. At the end of the day, she's still a mare, and I'm glad I managed to at least capture a believable portion of that.

Like I said earlier in this comment, I wanted to explore a different relationship for the two that I thought could also work within reasonable standards for Dash's personality. Giving Anon the child-at-heart idea of fun and such helped me do that, I think. It was especially fun to deal with the scene at the library, even though Twilight's responses at the end gave even me a surprise while writing. The dynamic between the two buddies was something that, I think, needed to be developed in order for the Friends with Benefits to work nicely. I admit to adding a couple personal touches to Anon's dialogue, but I'm hoping that doesn't detract any from the enjoyment of it all.

The references? Oh if you only knew what I had in mind instead of the 'Canterlot Steamer'. I tossed that particular idea because it would imply something I don't want to think about. It involved Minotaurs... The 'the time has come' part came about because a friend of mine had said it often enough and he was the one who challenged me to write an anal clop with Dash. As for 'you're okay with this', I admit to tossing that in since I had zero ideas on what ending line I wanted. Came inside Rainbow Dash line? Haha, I probably could've added that to the end alongside the 'okay with this' bit, or an line all its own as you said~ :raritywink:

My next work, huh? I'm winging that right now, but I'm hoping I can pull it off since I'm dealing with 4 participants instead of the usual two. This is all provided that one of the other projects in queue doesn't come up and get finished before the current one. Either way, I need to get MA2 done ASAP since it has been too long of a wait. That, and I'm eager to step into the challenge~ :rainbowdetermined2:

Great hearing from ya, man. Hope I can keep up with the expectations or get better as time goes on. No sense in not trying to improve as I continue writing.

Congratulations, sir. Usually the Kaiser finds clopfics utterly disgusting, but this is the rare exception. You have done very well and you are to be commended for it. I'll send the recommendation to Erich von Falkenhayn immediately. Thank you for the story. You have the Kaiser's best regards.

Yeah, I was wondering what happened to ya. I even checked your page every now and again. /stalker.
But regardless, it sounds like ya needed it so that's all good and well, pal :heart:

Something I like to do while I'm reading is read the dialogue in the characters' voice. It sounds odd, but it really helps add a bit more to each story I read. It's also (personally) a nice gauge for the author's writing of characters, not to make myself sound all high and mighty, but if what I "hear" in my head sounds believable then it's good characterization to me. Of course, there's the matter of the actual content and flow of the dialogue throughout, but being able to hear it makes a subtle difference for me. Lol, either way, both really worked here.

What did you mean when ya said Twilight's response surprised you? Did she kinda, y'know, write herself?

Hm... something other than scat? I'm oh so curious... Something to do with their horns, maybe? Hmmmmm. The "But I poop from there" line had me goin' pretty good. I love that kind of stuff, gives it such charm in my book. In addition to the "Came inside RD" type-stuff. We need a Prism Pucker (redux) asap. :trollestia:

Yikes, four of 'em eh? I'm still struggling with my one, I can't imagine balancing four...

Your list has gotten so big, man! I didn't even notice 'til just a bit ago; they all sound like pretty good reads. Are these just random requests? If so, I may throw one at'cha once your list has died down a bit. :raritywink:

Hey you too, man. I'm sure you'll continue to do great work, no doubt. It's nice chattin' in bulk with ya again, feels like I've been gettin' rusty at it. :twilightsheepish:

Take care, man.

Well, thank ya kindly. Glad it meets your approval despite being a subject you're not fond of. The knowledge that you reached out to someone with a genre they dislike is quite flattering. I hope I can continue with such quality in the future.

Hahaha, that's why I put up the module. I apologize for not keeping it up to date, but I figured the module would be better than constant blog updates, especially if I only get 200 words in on that day. To be honest, I'm kinda afraid to use the blog since it'll notify all of my followers. I figure they'll check in when it suits them most, not when I think they should. I could also just be stupid about it. Who knows?

Oh yes. Hiatus time always seems to make things a little weird at first in my experience. When season 2 ended, I noticed people acting like they were going through a state of withdraw. I just stepped back and enjoyed other fun things for a while. It helps since you recharge and take steps towards avoiding a burn out. I want the stories I've developed to be told, so I want to keep at it.

Oh yes, I loooove to hear the characters in my head. Dashie's voice was one of the things I fell in love with. It's definitely the voice I imagine her having. I think it adds a certain element of entertainment to it if you can actually hear the character saying it. Like, hearing Dash hiss that 'I poop from there' line takes on a new level if you hear it in her voice. I'm glad I didn't fail on dialogue characterization. Dialogue always seems to catch me and I want the characters to keep talking. Not so good when you're trying to tell a story.

Yeah, Twilight's lines kind of fell out of my head. I wanted to get her as knowledgeable, but still having that air about her that she always presents in the show. She's still learning about friendship and her friends, but she gives it her all for them. I figure she would be purely booksmart on the subject of 'anal play' as she put it.

Ewww, no scat for me. I don't think I could ever accept the challenge for a scat story. As for the tossed idea: Fillydelphian Flank Fister.

That's all I'll say on that.

Hahaha, I knew I would be a fool if I left that line out. It just had to be there in my opinion. What butt clop is complete without the mare saying that she poops from there? :trollestia:

Redux? You mean rewriting it to incorporate that 'came inside' line? :rainbowderp:
I wonder if I could find a place to edit it in...

Well, Making Applesauce 2 was promised to have Apple Bloom and Babs show Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo what Babs taught AB. This means that all four will be participating in the act at the same time if my plans proceed smoothly. It sounds excessively challenging to deal with four characters enjoying some fun at the same time in 3rd person.

Still at it with your fic? That's good to hear at least. I hope to get a chance to read it when it's finished. :pinkiehappy:
Like I believe I said before, your way with your comments gives me faith that you'll do a fine job. :raritywink:

Apple Bloom was chosen by me since I did Scoots and Sweetie Belle. Making Applesauce 2 was a promise that I feel has been waiting for too long. Roseheart came about as an accidental sudden idea when someone asked for some clop with her. I like Roseluck and someone suggested a clop for her. Filly Spitfire was suggested to me and I canned the idea until I found something to make it funny and particularly interesting. Filly Vinyl was a challenge I received from the same person who gave me Spitfire and Roseluck. That last one is currently giving me loads of trouble despite having the challenge since Sweetie Belle.

Ooooh, you have an idea? I don't mind hearing it. The only thing is that I need time with these since there's a lot of ground to cover. I may have put a hold on new entries to the list, but if the idea sounds unf~ or fun, I can always make an exception. :raritywink:

Well, thank ya for the support. I love hearing that I did well, so it inspires me to keep trying to do just that. That isn't to say I don't love hearing where I messed up too. Being on the right track and being helped back onto the right track is always an amazing feeling.~
Walls-of-text used to be all of how I did business early on in my writing. Even my e-mails to a friend would always be about 1 to 1.4k words in length despite the mail I was replying to being about 300-500. Either way, I enjoyed it too.~ Rusty? Nah, I got quite a bit of detail out of you for both of your comments for this story.~ :rainbowkiss:

Have a good one, man. You keep my fingers at a crisp level of preparedness at the keyboard~ :twilightsmile:

I don't mind your way of doing things. I think it's a hell of a lot easier and makes more sense that way like ya said. Little updates aren't worthy of a blog post but constantly keeping up to date on your module, expertly placed at the top of the page where everyone can see, it is just a common sense many don't seem to think of or follow. Then again, since the general use of blogs here are for story updates, I'm wondering what you'll decide to use them for when/if you get around to them!

I think I can understand that feel of withdraw in someway. I think the reason I even decided to start up a story of my own, besides inspiration from many different authors here, is because S3 just ended and I felt a need to keep up the pony. In a way, I think it hurt me a bit because now I can't even look at it anymore, haha. I still want to get it done, but visiting tumblr's and watching some of the old episodes from time to time is a much better alt for me. Far less stressful as well. :raritywink:

You know, Twilight was one of the many things that kind of struck me in an oddly good way. Like, I thought she was surprisingly well done here; or rather she surprised me when I thought I figured out where the library scene was headed. That's great to have, especially since her role was so small, yet her scene is the one I remember most!

But, now that you said it I think that's why I liked that part so much. I expected her to freak out and start lecturing Anon and.or Dash over, well you know. But she didn't, she was pretty patient with the two and was being helpful, even if she didn't like why they were there. It's a pretty faithful portrayal I think. If you can make that comparison to such a pure show. :twilightblush:

Fillydelphian Flank Fister.

Haha! My, if that's not the greatest name for anything ever :rainbowlaugh:
I must be too desensitized, I find S. far worse than F. . But physically... I think I understand.

Hmm that does sound pretty hectic, I must say. I'd lose my marbles attempting something like that! It may be simple, but how do you find balance for something like that? I mean, writing for four characters for a oneshot is one thing, but how are you going about keeping the character's dialog or, let's say, "screentime" fair between everyone?

I started to read MA a while back, but dropped it for some unknown reason. I'll have to get back to it sometime. Never enough fillies.

My fic, well, It's going pretty slow, but I've been constantly added to it. I had AP take a look at my (then) disgusting draft and she managed to point out many helpful pointers for me. So, she and I have been chatting back and forth on skype for a while now and it's keeping me up with it so I don't let it sit around. It's taken a ... bit darker tone from what I originally imagined. It's not gory, just more of a dark-ish love story. But I think it's better that way after looking at what I have now and what I had then. So, all in good time and whatnot.

Hmm, Roseluck is one I'm definitely looking forward to. This site needs more fics about the background ponies, kind of an untapped area here. I think I get why, such little characterization for them all, but I think that makes things way more flexible when writing them honestly. Filly Spitfire just sounds hilarious. I don't care much for her, but I'd definitely check that out just to see how that goes :rainbowlaugh:

Hmm, I may have an idea for ya. I'll get to thinking soon (definitely gonna be AiE), but we'll see if what I have is up to par to your standards, heh.

Of course, pal. I don't often get to pick authors' brain like this with their stories so I don't mind showering you in what I enjoyed about your fics. If you start messing up, I'll be sure to make point of that too! :raritywink:

Good to hear I'm not doing too bad on page-extending comments! :yay:

Great to hear from ya as always, pal. Take care

Thankies~ :pinkiehappy:
Glad it meets approval.

Hoh, boy. Friend bought me a game, and I just had to put a good stretch of time into it. :twilightsheepish:


Haha, well, I'm mostly concerned about bugging people, but I think the blog will mostly go towards special announcements that require noting. Things that potentially prevent writing, story related emergencies, or stuff of that nature. Big things. Or maybe just updates that I feel need to be noted if I acquire some sort of group waiting for a particular story and they get anxious for an update.

Gotta have mah dose of ponies. Yeah, I think it seemed easier when actual episodes were airing. My only source of pony these days are dealing with writing, FiMFic shenanigans, being a pony in Minecraft, or picking up small things here and there online. Not merchandise, but videos, images, and the like. It's weird how much I need a steady supply of pony related things.

That's really surprising to hear. I won't claim to understand Twilight, but her dialogue just sort of flowed when I determined what I wanted her to do. I decided I was going to have her bombard Dash with some level of logic to convince her and Anon to hurry up with their "research". In the end, I just made her convince Dash that taking it up the butt was a normal thing, and then prod her with the "you scared?" routine. Apparently it all worked. To me, Twilight is so focused on the magic of friendship that she's willing to put herself through any aspect of it all to show that she's learning. At the end of the day is when she realizes exactly what she learned and marks it down for further use in advancing her studies. The knowledge of how to be a good friend sinks into her in a way she's most comfortable with. Hmm, she might be easier to write than I originally imagined. Or not~ :raritywink:

Ooooh yes. Hearing that I managed a faithful portrayal is giving me all sorts of warm fuzzies here. :heart:
When writing fanfiction, that's a pretty valuable compliment. Someone else set up a character, and you managed to get the characterization right with only your assumptions about the character based on observation. :pinkiecrazy:

There would've been way too many questions about the Fillydelphian Flank Fister I'm betting. Not only that, but I can't say it out loud without hearing a "moo" in my head... :rainbowderp:

Screentime? Oh god! I never thought about that! :raritycry:
The best I could hope to do is move back and forth between the characters in a smooth fashion and showing what I need to with them before moving on. Like, giving each character a moment to show what they're doing or going through before moving on. Perhaps a paragraph or two? I may even divide them into two groups instead of just one pile of everyone trying to get off.

No shame in filles~ :scootangel:

Getting someone to help you look over your work is always great. Nether helped me with a few things regarding Rainbow's dialogue that were messed up in this. I cannot stress enough how a second pair of eyes will always notice things you don't. I'm glad to hear things are progressing at least.
Dark? Oooh, you're making me anxious about reading it, man. So much want~ :pinkiecrazy:

I looooove Roseluck's design. I don't really know of a characterization I want for her, but I want a story with her~
Heh, I hope that made sense...
Filly Spitfire plans to be a cloppy comedy if I do it as planned. I want to put the reader in a position where they think "I don't know whether to be aroused or laugh at this" during the bedroom scene. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm all ears whenever you want to send it~ :raritywink:
I could even toss up a link to my e-mail in my bio if need be.

Hehe, pick away if it means I get to see comments like this~ :rainbowkiss:
Thanks for the support~
Hopefully nothing but good things will be said about Rainbow's Wish that I'm rewriting. Time for me to finally love that story~

Oh please. I'm mad jelly of being able to produce such feedback on a story. I used to be able to provide at least 150-200 words for feedback, but it seemed to change when I started writing to the degree of Making Applesauce.

Love hearin from ya :heart:
Take it easy and pony on, man.

My religion condemns casual sex.:ajbemused:
I'm changing religions!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

well that escalated quickl...actualy it didn't even escelate it started off way up there:rainbowderp:

Well, only one thing to say here.

I I had to say one thing to sum up this story, it would be this:


I'm so sorry, I couldn't resist.

Well that was every bit as good as I remembered. :rainbowkiss:

Exceptionally well done.
Can't help but feel that dash has more feelings than she leads on...

Tip for starters: When you get a cock in your butt, don't do anything, and you'll be safe.:raritywink:

3480208 Please explain this acronym.

5991166 I want to cum inside Rainbow Dash

Only one thing I can think of:

Damn that was funny and good.

That was rather hot. The chemistry between Dash and Anon reminded me of a good relationship I used to be in, actually :rainbowwild:

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