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This is pretty well written so far.

This could be good ongoing, but it would also work as a oneshot.

Ooh, I love the genuine emotional conflict that's creeping into this situation. I hope things end up getting more compromising, maybe a sexy blackmail, maybe threats to keep her victims from talking.

More, you have blessed this url, well written.

I'm not sure what I'm looking at with the cover picture.......:rainbowhuh:

7205888 Go ahead and click the source. That particular image is actually completely SFW.

Comment posted by reaper3-1 deleted May 6th, 2018

7632544 Intend to. Just a matter of actually taking the time to sit and write(between 2 jobs, and all. :P ). I have part of the second chapter typed out, but don't expect it to suddenly appear in the next couple months or so. Just a fact of how I work, and I understand is quite frustrating. :/

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