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Yes the almighty power of sex to change ones mind, or blow it in Trixiess case. :ajsmug:

*nosebleed* very well written, and really, really hot.

twilicornXtrixie love it:rainbowderp: intrested
:rainbowwild: oh shit

eat hot pockets and read clop
goes great

not a toy to grab and play with? we will see about that

this is last comment
bitch you just slam the door at m...
by the way i am going to sex you up
bitch you just slam the door at me

I agree with what you said in the description. Haven't seen much to any Twilicorn x Best pony...I mean Trixie shipping as of yet. Good job. Love the ending.

Not too bad for clop... and I'm slowly getting tino Trixie with each passing day.

So this was a good find for me, have a like. :twilightsmile:

Lots of shifting between past tense and present tense in the narration. It's very disorienting. :applejackconfused:


Sorry, it's a fault with me. I actually rarely notice it even re-reading. To me either tense sounds natural so I've always had issues with it going back and forth. If I ever upload anything else I will attempt to make it more proper.

Please upload a new story, preferably a sequel.:twilightsmile: I will now be stalk- er, I mean wat- er, fol- er, WHY IS IT SO HARD TO FIND A WORD THAT DOESN'T MAKE ME SEEM LIKE A STALKER! I will now be...keeping an eye on you...meh, good enough.

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