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Wow, that certainly was a twist, I was expecting Shining. Nice to see someone taking it in a new direction!

Holy fucking shit. This was one of the most intense and most amazing fanfics I have ever read. I really really REALLY hope that this gets in the feature box, you deserve it. You've earned yourself a new follower man. :heart:

Cheers, but I can't take full credit. It's based on a NSFW pic that I obviously can't post here because the mods will come down on me like a ton of bricks. Glad you enjoyed it nonetheless!

Thanks a lot mate! Really appreciate it. :twilightsmile:

We'll that was diffrent I like it :p

Luckily I know exactly which pic you're talking about, and it was one of my first thoughts early on in reading this. Glad my guess was right.

Hot stuff you've got here. Kinda left me wanting to see more, particularly if Night Light's reaction to the truth would be as perverse as Twilight's. Or hell, a whole story behind it. I'm a sucker for porn with plot, haha.

Still, very good. Keep it up.


I'd be the first to say a fully-fledged story would be awesome, but I just don't have the time to commit to it. This was a lot of fun to write, but I'm already working on a much larger "plot with porn" piece and this was largely procrastination from that already...

I think it works well as a standalone though; I like leaving the "what happens next" up to the reader to decide, especially with one-shots. This one in particular leaves plenty to the imagination, though perhaps it's just me coming up with excuses for not properly ending things.

Love it!:twilightsmile:

Interesting stuff.

While I can see Twilight being very cerebral, I think the exposition was a little too heavy and in her head, but if only because of the length of the fic. Which is good; get in, do what you gotta do, and get out, and doing that in so few words requires some exposition. Still, i'd like some of the realizations, some of the inner-conflict, etc be realizations of my own, fueled by how she feels, things she does. In such a restricted place (literally) it's hard to really do that, I guess. Still, was definitely a good read.

Holy fuck. I think I enjoyed that a little too much. DAMN. That was enthralling.

Yesh, yesh, yesh. Marvelous, marvelous, marvelous. The fact that this ain't a featured story is a crime in itself. Intensity. Silence. Guilt. Slavery to the basest urges and the body. I just... wow, that was outstanding. I would pay you to do it again, I truly would. I won't, but I would.

Loathe me,
Your Antagonist

Damn, I really am trying to make my writing less cerebral, promise! :fluttercry:


You're too kind. :raritywink:


It's cool! It's actually really great to see into the head of the character in sweet bits and pieces. And it only seemed like a mentionable thing in this because the actions taking place were really visceral and base and lovely in contrast.

3475308 Yeah I noticed. I knew it would be Twilight's father from the start but when I read that one line I was like "Holy shit I know what picture this is based off of." Lol I guess I probably clop too much.

Ah, that picture. I thought the scenario seemed oddly familiar. Very nicely done—sexy, but still thoughtful.

Damn this is a very hot story! Very nice work. :pinkiehappy: As someone who also uses handcuffs I too know that rush and feeling when your helpless and choose to give in to pleasure.

Seeing this story in an incest group ruined the surprise for me :ajbemused:
But I've enjoyed it nevertheless :twilightsmile: Twilight, you naughty little filly :twilightsheepish:

Yeah, it's annoyingly difficult to add things with reveals like this to groups (got lucky with the character tags though). I didn't actually add it to that one, but I added it into the incest category in Clopfics, because even though it ruins the "twist", people would be more pissed off if I didn't.

Can you pm me the link to the image?

Dayum, when I read that description and saw it in the incest folder my hopes were high for this to be a fic of a NSFW pic I knew very well and dayum dayum dayum, you delievered! The only thing this could have been better was if Nightlight after getting his dick hard by Twi cleaning it, asks her if he can use her "backdoor" and Twi almost gets a third orgasm asked such a question by her daddy. Then she hits the floor once to say yes and the anal sex is happening! But boha, that wasn't needed as this was great great great! <3

When that specific lie came I could see the pic before my inner eye, Nightlight happily smiling, plowing away into this tight mare he's enjoying and the aroused surprise of said mare being his daugther Twilight Sparkle who just realized who that stallion is who's fucking her like mad. :heart:

I hope this gets featured, you would certainly deserve it. :eeyup:

... Is it wrong of me to hope for more? Like, say ... consequences to this? And Twilight have to come clean to her parents? :3

XD I enjoy putting characters in awkward moments too much... :pinkiecrazy:

That was pretty darn amazing! I've never really minded nor looked for incest fics, but this was amazing. I am glad I happened to click this link.

Lol, I remember the picture this is based on


That end! That twist!


~Skeeter The Lurker

I aim to please. :pinkiehappy:


Hehe, you certainly pulled it off.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Got halfway through, then Nope!
Dude, a little warning please? The first half was fucking awesome!

I don't like trigger warnings because they're often just spoilers without tags, especially as none of my stuff is too extreme (at least as far as this site is concerned). Sorry you didn't like it, my other stuff should be more up your alley. except for full house don't read that one if you didn't like this

Are you secretly M Knight Shamelan? Because that was one messed up, yet pretty good, twist ending. Yet, I expected it to end up being someone she knows. Good story!

.... What are you doing here.

Grimm had me proofread some stuff for him that turned out to be really good so I followed him.

Twilight was a ghost the whole time!

I hope you don't regret that decision yet...

Not at all. By the way, remind me when you finish or have substantially more of that story done so I can do the rest for you in a timely fashion.

Oh yeah, I remember this pic, great story bro, but now I got to find a place like this in my own city...

Dat twist. I'm suprised it wasn't Shining, and it was much more interesting this way. Twilight seems to have a very interesting relationship with her family. :twilightblush: Haha great story by the way.

Poor Twilight happens to have a brother that's quite a main character; it's no wonder that there's a lot of fics with them. Just look at Applejack, and Big Mac's nowhere near as central as Shining Armour is (I'm guilty of that one too). There's considerably less of this particular stallion, for understandable reasons, I just wanted to break the mould a little bit. :raritywink:

3501112 Well it was a good decision to do that. I liked this a lot. :twilightsmile:

9/10 Needed round 2!:twilightoops::fluttershbad:

I was expecting Shining Armor... this is a nice surprise! :pinkiecrazy:

And yes, I remember the pic this is based on. Somehow it didn't come to mind until the reveal, and then it all clicked into place.

You know what? I fucking love this. It flows nicely, I thought all of Twilight's inner thoughts were believable, and I loved the twist. (I am a sucker for a good twist! :twistnerd: ) Grammar is good, the sex is hot, what more could I ask for?

My one, single compaint is this sentence:

He moved up, gently circling her clitoris and sending Twilight’s nerves into a cascade of pleasure.

No, he moved down. A mammal's clitoris is toward their belly, away from their anus. In the position Twilight is in, her clitoris is lower down from her vagina. If she were lying on her back, it would be different.

Holy shit... i read a LOT of clopfics and erotica in general and this one is one of the hottest i have ever read :pinkiegasp: must have MOAR :twilightsmile:


Electric shivers darted through Twilight’s body, and she moaned behind the gag. He heard it, stiffening slightly, before she felt his mouth move. He was smiling.

I´m just wondering:
Can it be, that he knew exactly who he had there beneath him?
Because, why would he be stiffening at hearing a moan that is to be expected in that situation?

Or is my imagination just getting the best of me?...

It's an interesting theory. It may just be your imagination getting the best of you, but the whole thing reads very differently if that's the case...

I mean, uh, yeah, I totally meant for it to be ambiguous. :ajsmug:

Derpibooru, you can say that the number of the day is... 189396.

3776450 Umm, perhaps her taste combined with knowing his daughter's voice? I mean perhaps some form of familial resemblance to her mother in taste and scent? I kinda like your theory.

Brother marries her old babysitter and now this.
This family got a few issues :rainbowlaugh:

That was... well... completely unexpected...

Loved it. Loved every bit of it.

I even wondered what would happen if something like that DID happen before I had gotten to the 2nd paragraph :rainbowlaugh:

Excellent, continue.

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