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What a manipulative bitch. Me like.

Holy hell...

THIS was hot, man.

Loved the r63 you did with it, but it was kinda weird attaching their names to the opposite sex.

~Skeeter The Lurker


I did initially try it with the "accepted" gender-swap names, but that felt even weirder. It's at the point now where I don't even bat an eyelid at them having their usual names (and I like to imagine that being named Diamond Tiara as a colt was part of the reason he was such a little brat in years past).


Looking at it that way, it does indeed make sense to his nature.

~Skeeter The Lurker

SFC #5 · May 12th, 2014 · · 68 ·

An incestuous clop fic? Stop the presses!

Incest is disgusting; you're disgusting. This fandom is being flooded with horse porn, and I don't like it. Beastiality equates to immoral pornography - it's sick. I suggest you stop writing these stories, and write something that will actually improve this fandom's reputation.


How about you stop being annoying?


4377254 Well aren't you just a ray of sunshine? Calm the fuck down man, just calm down. Yes. the once innocent MLP Fandom has been intruded upon with porn, but answer me this: Which fandom hasn't? Find me a fandom, any fandom, that doesn't have a single pornographic story in it, and I will apologize. Now, on to the next thing: Seriously, saying that because the story is one of incest? Yes, it is wrong to some, but some people are alright with it. ANother thing, if you don't like porn about our favorite ponies, or incest stories, why in the name of Luna did you post that on this story? Hmm?

Oh sweet Twilight this scared me.:twilightoops:

I'm not usually a fan of mother/son—I tend to prefer the inverse—but I swear, Grimm, you could make just about any fetish hot.:twilightblush:

That ending ... I should have seen that coming but it still got me.:twilightsmile:


This fandom is being flooded with horse porn

:rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

I'm sorry but that made me laugh!

Story looks interesting, will check out soon.


I just have to love your logic.
"I don't like porn in this fandom, so I'll turn the filter off so I can find it to post hate on it"
Don't like it? Ignore it. Don't look at it. The option is yours. No-one is forcing you to look at or read pornography in any sense. But leave everyone who IS looking at it alone.

4377254 Hey, I've put my dick in far more shameful things than a horse (god, those poor Funyuns in their sexy sexy snack-siAHEM... also your mother) so I feel I am a genuine authority on the subject. The only time pornography hurts anything is when the subject thereof does not consent. Written smut is the moral equivalent of watching Seinfeld. Sure you can feel bad about liking it, (and should, if you ever quote either out loud) but as long as you're anonymous or can say you would never read/watch with a straight face when in civilized company, nobody has any right to judge.

Speaking of moral equivalents: if you're complaining about erotic fanfiction on the internet you might as well be an anti-gay pastor/Republican Senator already balls-deep in a rent-boy, cuz son? We all know what you use that high-speed broadband account for, and that ain't mayonnaise on your lips, in either case.

4377254 It is better there exist a clopfic, than everyone go and search for a real horse to fuck, the real thing would be way more sick than a little Clopfic.


you could make just about any fetish hot

Only the ones I like. :ajsmug:

But thanks; your comments always make my day. :heart: As for the inverse, keep an eye out for the sequel to Blindsided - coming to a FimFiction near you soon!


I've lost all respect for you, Aku. You've become the PewDiePie of FiMfiction.

You were the chosen one.


The Juwes are the men That Will not be Blamed for nothing


You've become the PewDiePie of FiMfiction.

Holy shit...thems fighting words...:rainbowkiss:

4377254 I agree! Incest: Icky! Bestiality: Amoral, since animals can not give consent.
THIS: No problem!
Why? Because it is fiction! FIction does not incite things, it expresses them. People have fantasies about incest, rape, bestiality and a whole lot of other things and it is better if they express them in fiction and other imagined ways. Because then, they will not bleed into reality due to repressing them.
And don't give us that stupid "THINK OF WHAT PEOPLE WILL THINK OF THE FANDOM!" excuse.
We are on a site with stories about cartoon ponies!
If you want to be taken seriously, go somewhere else! We are here to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Who cares what others "think of the fandom"? Those who condemn it would do it, no matter what kind of stories we would write.

4377254 I have a better idea! How about YOU write something that will actually improve this fandom's reputation. While the author writes whatever the buck they want!

Oh, my!
This was fantastic, absolutely fantastic!
And the ending, hahahah, bravo!
I am truely amazed, great job!


4377254 bestiality is only between a human and animal, also this story is still hot. if your looking for plot driven epics read the immortal game, not porn.

4385370 I'm pretty sure a dog humping you is consent.... they can't give consent if you are trying to make them tho.... also this isn't bestiality, it's horses having sex like humans, there intelligent enough to give consent in this world

i would like it if you maybe start a little clopfic story with a few more chapters, i would like to know how foward Diamond towards his Mother would be or how they would live after that. well a normal story would do it to, but i know this as an Clopfic and it was a really good one, so why not more:pinkiehappy:

I couldn't really picture them 53'd so I ended up just picturing Button and his mom.

The fact that she planned it only makes it hotter.

opulence and diamond crown.

you gotta change the names too, dude. also your grammar is weird. not bad, just weird. choppy, is the word i'm looking for.

Eh, I did try alternate names when I first started writing this (not those ones, but still). It just didn't work for me, and by the end of it the initial weirdness of having genderswapped characters with the same names was barely noticeable. Normally I wouldn't do R63 anyway, but this was going to be for a competition specifically about it. It's a fair enough complaint, don't get me wrong, but I'm happy with the names as they are.

As for the other thing, I've not heard 'choppy' before. If you could point out any bits that really stuck out to you then I'd be able to have a look at them.

Grimm, you're the best best writer on this site. :pinkiesad2:


multiply by zero.

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