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Yayz a sequel!!!!

Sorry, I'm drunk as fudge right flipping now and ah can't helpnt

Awesome! Can't wait to see how this goes! Looking forward to every damn word you write! Lol, this is off to a good, sexy start. Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

Well, that escalated quickly. Basically, it was a rocket start :rainbowlaugh:
Poor thing must be incredibly repressed to have such vidid imagination during the day itself, not just before passing out, while dreaming, or in the wakeup period.
Good job, this can only get better :pinkiehappy:

Fuck, that was hot. I definitely need more of this fic in my life.

OH SWEET JESUS TITTY CINNAMON, THAT WAS SWEEEEET! Seriously, that was pretty good. I hope to see more of this sometime soon.

errmm i thought noi was a girl where did the unos come from or was it just rumble in disquise

6378695 that was a fantasy/dream sequence thing, didn't actually happen and noi is not actually a futa.

it'll be elaborated on later.

also, thank you to everyone for all the kind words! it's nice to know that after all the wait the end result was just as well received as the original!


not actually a futa


6379883 More of this is needed. Enough said.

>I'm the faggiest fag to ever eat a pussy?
-One would think authors would be ''professional'' enough to know to leave such stupidities to the rest of the Internet, but noooooo...
Come on now, authors should have more vocabulary than that ! Sigh. -_-

6401609 It's not coming from a professional author, it's coming from a lesbian teenager. Using vocabulary in that way can really help define a character, even in that one line, you can infer so much about Noi.

Sorry if I come accross as a little bit stuck up, I'm not very eloquent.

6406147 for a second i thought you were calling me a lesbian teenager and i was going to point out that i'm bisexual and in my late twenties but then i read the rest of your post. thank you for taking my side, friend.

6401609 i'm not going to say anything on the subject, beyond this;

- once again, bi lady. fag is my slur to reclaim and i can use it if i want. i don't expect you to have known this, but now you do.
- noi is not a real person. no one is calling anyone anything here except a fictional character calling herself "fag"
- to an author, words are tools. i'm not going to not use the best tool for a job because someone says "oh, you have other tools, why not use them?" likewise, i'm not going to have a character say something other than what she would say because what she would say contains a slur. it has nothing to do with being uneducated; fag is a word in my vocabulary and i'll use it when the situation calls for it.
- you talk about authors being "professional" enough to not use slurs. which is bullshit, but even going by your logic, i'm not a professional author. i'm just a girl writing fetish porn on the internet as a hobby. i don't get paid for this beyond like a dollar per story via patreon and maybe commissions (i've not gotten one yet, maybe you could be the first, person reading this comment!). i have no need to be professional about anything, and it's more fun this way.

>you talk about authors being "professional" enough to not use slurs
-I speak of being 'professional' enough not to use ''foul slang'' with little meaning as if it was what everyone(teenagers, etc, whatever) did or would do. I already see plenty of people randomly throw that out, as if it still had any kind of ''power'' left in it.

If anything, it's simply overused and dull... and there it distracted from the reading. (After consideration, I feel I must precise that I don't speak in ''anger'', but in ''Sigh + Rolling my eyes'' at the word.)

That is all.

Ignoring THAT asshat above me...

This is great, Azure! Keep it up!

The action drew Dinky's attention to what Noi was wearing, or rather what she wasn't wearing – she didn't have a goddamn bra on, again, as was made obvious by that eight year old white tank top that she refused to throw out even though it didn't even remotely fit her anymore. Her nipples were clearly outlined against the thin, tight cotton, and her sizable breasts were squashed flat, tantalizing lumps oozing out of the sides of the top.

This part . I wonder if her shorts/skirt match...

I approve of this on the condition that there is more.

Maybe a lust-drunk accidental night with Derpy?

Nicely done! Can't wait to see ow big Dinky gets... Wonder if she'll be pinned... :pinkiecrazy:

Welcome to Sexquestria it seems. I can't wait for more.

Twist and Dinky = hottest thing ever.

You crammed in a surprising amount of lewd world-building, I love it!

Comment posted by derpydad deleted Sep 21st, 2015

Well now, an overly endowed Twist who can make her tits grow at will?
I can never have enough of that.

I have to ask, was this little episode inspired per chance by a certain picture by cyrus_physhor of both Twist and Dinky Doo?

6444863 entirely unintentional, i assure you. all the lewd worldbuilding just sort of happened to facilitate the porn in this and/or other spinoffs set in the same continuity.
6447846 lewd worldbuilding is the best worldbuilding :3

I need a chapter with Cheerilee. I neeeeeed it! D:

Wow...Poor Dinky...

6455358 nope. hadn't even seen that one until now.

6474746 cheerilee's getting an entire story dedicated to her. which will also explain all the stuff that twist said about her inhuman size and production.

6558782 more to come soon-ish. i've been taking a bit of a mental health break but i'm slowly plinking away at the next chapter. not gonna give any dates because i have a few other slightly higher priorities and only so much free time. but expect more and bigger horsecocks.

Surprise new sex organ is surprising..., to Dinky :trollestia:

I can't but chuckle since my RL pet Chinchilla was named Dinky-Doo.

6558782 ask and ye shall recieve! new chapter is up!

Can't wait for more! Take your time though, I hope Dinky will be massive at the end! Not just 3 feet, I mean bigger!

Wow, Dinky's "curse" is spreading. I wonder if Twist will grow one, or did she and I jsut missed it.

6708738 you glorious motherfucker! more!

Oh no. Tiara was already a rapey cunt as a full-femme.

/secretly holding out for Dinks threesome with Carrot Top and Derpy

I can only imagine what shit will go down if Carrot returns with Dr Horse to see Tiara raping Dinky.

I want to see Diamond Tiara put in a chastity belt for this.

Yes! It updated! Hopefully it won't take as long for chapter 4.

Is this ever going to be continued? I really liked it.... for the plot....

Is this still a thing?

Please tell me this will continue. ; ~ ;

I've seen many types of intelligent writing, from the prosaic to the erudite, the inspiring to the emotional, but that one line about "filtering out [Twist's] lisp," was downright God damn strategic.

I'm soooo stealing that if I ever write Twist! :rainbowlaugh:

With the right excuse, you could also probably beg off rhyming everything while writing Zecora.

7943755 a brief excerpt from the next chapter;

"Oh, fuck yeth!" Twist eagerly manoeuvred herself onto all fours, wiggling her ample ass in the air. "Fuck me hard! Pump me full of your baby batter!"

"Ech, no talking." Tiara wrinkled her nose. "That was probably the most unsexy thing I've ever heard. Just... your mouth is put to better use giving Dinky a blowjob or something."

i swear i'm working on the next chapter btw its just technical difficulties ate an entire stream's worth of efforts right as i was getting close to finishing it and it killed my motivation to work on it for a while.

Well. that experiment backfired, or was that more of an success?:trixieshiftleft:

Please, don't keep us waiting so long, again.

I waited patiently for this, and I'm not disappointed. :P

Well.... that ended in a way didn't expect:rainbowderp:

Not sure how to feel about this chapter:twilightoops::applejackconfused:

Well the thing about experiments is that even when they fail they still succeed.

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