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Oh boy here I go fapping again!

Finished it. I'm looking forward to seeing the reactions to their enhanced sizes. I've always found that hot for some reason, ya know, reacting? Don't know why. Anywho, can't wait to see more.

And Diamond will actually end with a smaller cock than Silver because she's a sub on bed. I smell it :V

interesting idea, please continue:raritystarry:

Holy shit this is hot. Following this story so hard.

Upon entering the classroom this morning, the students found Cheerilee accompanied by an intensely grumpy looking Princess Twilight. “Today,” she said tersely, “is the Princesses' mandatory penis exam.”

I was with you up to this point. This is just too ridiculous to countenance. If the genitalia of adolescents has to be examined, it would be by a medical professional, not a royal, and not in school.

Sorry, I'm out

Oh for the love of god when will Chapter 2 come out. I can't wait to see diamond fuck silver with that thing!

So where did the pic come from? I see no links on aclipper's page

Artist is crombiettw. Image is 1622953 on Derpibooru

This story needs to be continued.

mandatory penis inspection

Dude, I think they got molested.

Ha! That moment when recognize the cover art instantly, and know everything going on down there... I really collect too much clop.

I'm okay with this.

a bit of sesquipedalian loquaciousness there, eh? Also, while that usage of countenance IS correct, you're just going to confuse the fuck out of most individuals, as the verb form is typically not taught even at a collegiate level. In fact, it just makes you look like you decided to swap some words out with ones you found in a thesaurus rather than actually look educated or intelligent. On top of that, the concept of a penis inspection in school is a bit of a meme that originated on 4chan, specifically a copypasta story. Of course it's not believable in the first place, but it's there as some form of humor in what is otherwise a pure clopfic. In addition, your comment of "Sorry, I'm out" is more indicative of the fact that you want attention from the author or other readers rather than you wanting to indicate that you do not wish to continue reading the story.

9006930 people like to go out of their way to read things that they know they're not going to like. unless they're particularly offensive it's usually best to just ignore them.

9084045 i don't have the free time to work on projects that aren't commissions these days. if you'd like to see me work on something specific, donating five dollars to my patreon gives you access to a weekly vote on what story i make progress in on my personal stream day for the coming week. that's the best i can do for y'all.

Glad to see more of this, keep up the good work:twilightsmile:

I hope there's more. I love the suspense of them growing bigger!

I think it's kind of sweet (for fetishy clop especially) that, after discovering the ability to will herself to hugeness, DT insists that her best friend should be the biggest.

C´ON Dud Continue this


Story :D

Just completely and utterly destroyed that dude. Well fucking done!

It can work, but honestly only if you're throwing around joke technobabble and the characters themselves don't really take it seriously. That or if you're using it as a juxtaposition of the ridiculous and serious aspects of the story. That takes a lot more skill and usage of proper tone though.

I love this story and am happy to see more. I look forward to future updates with (hopefully) shorter breaks in the future. :heart::twilightsmile::raritywink::yay::pinkiehappy:

Well then, this update was a pleasant surprise :trollestia:

Great to see this story making a return. I love the pure simple fun of this sort of thing.

“I can probably handle, like, head-sized tits? However big they can be and my clothes still fit on them.”

Alternately, they could see if Tiara's new self-wish-granting powers extend to clothing. Maybe she could just order them to always fit perfectly and work as concealer enchantment to whatever degree Twist wants to at the moment.

Just wait till Tiara gets too horny to think and make Twist and Silver grow out of control!

Bloody brilliant, love everything about this

Damn, this story is great! Wish there was more, feel like something is missing tbh lol

Love this story, just wish there was more

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