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This won't end well

Ugh. Cliffhangers... I sense a Big Mac pairing.

Well, this will be... interesting.

Your style of writing feels very tasteful and I like the way you build the plot without revealing anything and still not turning us away by being overly vague. I will definitely keep an eye on this :twilightsmile:

:pinkiehappy: more please, i like this

you have peaked my interest good sir, i also suggest you join clop fics if this story has sex, will help you get noticed

I am rather curious at this point... especially considering Mac's eloquence!

Diamond made to have sex with an Apple? She'll hate that.


I try, and I appreciate your appreciation of those efforts.:eeyup:

Thank you.:pinkiehappy:

2898998 Big McIntosh is something of a mysterious character in the show. :eeyup: Background information indicates he is far more capable than he let's on, and is actually the financial brains behind Sweet Apple Acres ('Fancy Mathematics' and all). :eeyup: It's why I chose to use him as a lead character in my fan-fic portfolio. :eeyup: If you want to check out my take on Mac's Past please check out Mac's Tale for more background. :eeyup:

If it weren't for the fact that DT is the same age as AB I would have assumed that Filthy wanted Big Mac to sire him a child with his wife. Right now though, I don't really like the thought that essentially it appears that Filthy just 'gave' his daughter to a stallion already old enough to have children. And that said stallion seems perfectly okay with that.....

Regardless, it's too early to make any judgements and so I'll be looking forward to the next chapter.

2900640 I understand your concerns here. There is a reason for the warning posted in the long description. :ajbemused:

The relations (physical) here are based on that of Equus caballus and Thoroughbred race horse breeding. :rainbowhuh: Technically a filly can be covered (i.e. bred) in the wild as early as roughly one year old (human age equivalent 7ish) :pinkiesick:. In reality it is not recommendable for a filly to be bred before age 3 (human equivalent 22-23) :twistnerd: and most often not before 5 years (human equivalent 27-29) when she's technically considered a mare. :eeyup:

For the purposed of this piece if it will help settle your mind, DT, AB, et al are probably 2 year-olds by Thoroughbred standards, old enough to do what is going to be required of them, and are in the 'apprenticeship' phase of Equestrian education (no little red schoolhouse), but still 'young'. As to Mac's age, beyond being 'adult' I never picked an exact one for this piece, if you need one to feel secure I'd say about 5-6, with AJ being by relation 3-4 ish.

By comparison Somthingroyal the dam of triple crown winner Secretariat (by Bold Ruler) foaled him at age 18 (human equivalent approaching 70!) :pinkiegasp: and still was bred a few times after that living to age 31 (human age 100 roughly.) :twistnerd:

2900812 Interesting, but you forget one thing that affect the rest of your explanation. The heads on these ponies are huge. When the heads of your average human became larger, the evolutionary response was to make the hips of women wider and for the time of pregnancy to be reduced from twelve months to the current 8 1/2.

This means that all children are born prematurely to a point, which in turn affects how quickly they would age after birth. This new aging rate is unpredictable and may range from the average horse lifespan but the show hints that ponies are able to live over centuries (Granny Smith's lifespan vs the length of time that Ponyville has existed).

2901437 You have a point of sorts, and I applaud your elocution of knowledge, I did take evolutionary anatomy so I can agree with your point on humans. :twistnerd: Popular Pastel Ponies ... watch the season two episode 'Baby Cakes' the twins are born tiny but are crawling by 1 month demonstrating a very enhanced development, not to mention their heads seem bigger at one month than at birth, and to say 'Pinkie' and 'Pie' at the end of the episode would be something you'd expect from a H. sapiens sapiens at 11-15 months, not one month. The postnatal care requirements for these ponies do show more primatological biases vs E. caballus and related types. :twistnerd: If you have more thoughts I'm here, or PM. Thanks for faving. :twilightsmile:

2900812 Me on the other hand, I wasn't all that concerned. Mainly since the nature of the show's characters leaves age and maturity a wonky concept anyway.

2901747 I mean, I COULD worry about things like "why isn't this really old character dead yet" or "why are these supposedly young crusaders riding down ropes in a death-defying dare" but... eh. And as long as it internally makes sense, and my image of these characters isn't shattered (which most fanfiction manages to stay true to) I don't mind them doing things that might be slightly "odd" if the story is told well.

Oh, and I forgot to say, faving and upvoting. Hope to see more.

Heh, new chapter as soon as I finish reading the first.

Oh Diamond I will feel sorry for you once you find out.

Hey, Diamond,

You think Twilight is a troll? Just wait until your father reveals what's coming to you!

Also correction: "way to loose and argument mom" should be "lose an"

What Filthy said is certainly true; its Diamond Tiara who is wrongly adding up the information.
She is in for a rude awakening in a few moments.

personally if I had to marry diamond I would slit my throat... and i do hope you know I AIN"T kidding bout that.

Oh I am liking this premise. I can't wait to see a pregnant DT~

Also, just to clarify something, ponies in this fic are monogamous?

2909494 Your avatar is so appropriate for AB's reaction to finding out about ... well ... stuff going on. :eeyup:

Good fic, but...It's still bugging me that Macintosh is just okay with the whole arranged marriage out of nowhere thing. :ajbemused: It's nothing really, but it bugs me.

Oh well keep up the good work.

>I couldn’t be more pleased he’s chosen to cover you for this.
>he’s chosen to cover you

I almost feel bad for DT. Almost.:trollestia:

You keep pleasantly high standard of writing. It's a remedy for my eyes (and imagination) really. And the nicknames for Twilight made me spit my coffee on my screen :pinkiehappy:

2910193 Earth ponies of Ponyville always seemed very traditional to me. I wouldn't be surprised if marrige treaties were rather common occurance among them.

The vuljana.

Kind of like Voltron. The more things you can jam into it, the better it gets. :rainbowwild:

2911171 Just trying to get Scoots to come across as some what 'willfully oblivious to her own biology' tom-colt. :scootangel: Of the three CMC's Scoots still regards colts as having 'cooties' not that she'd say it out loud. That and she has probably never had 'the big talk' just because she won't sit still long enough for it. :scootangel: Well, I guess Sweetie just took care of that didn't she ... :rainbowlaugh:


So... ETA on next chapter? I'm actually pretty excited about this one, since the premise is one I've never seen before, and it is coming out great so far.

2911203 Thanks for the encouragement:twilightsmile:, chapter postings will be blogged so you can check there. Right now I have two other pieces on the run that I've been delaying, :twilightoops:: so it will be a week or so ... no date locked yet. Watch the Blog though. :pinkiehappy:

Ohhohho, Diamond Tiara!:rainbowlaugh:

You're in the deep end now!:rainbowwild:

*jawdrop* ....Oh, Diamond Tiara. You dun goofed, mare. XD YOU DUN GOOFED. XD Who the hell's gonna tap the Tiara's traphole, though? :P

2910659 Whoa! I caused a Spit take! :pinkiegasp: Sweet Celestia's Stripey Socks! :rainbowlaugh:
My condolences to you computer screen. :facehoof:

2912379 to Tartarus with computer, I mourn the coffee :applecry:

2910193 Mac's views on the arrangement will be addressed as the story progresses. :eeyup: His biggest personal burden is the focus of my other piece Mac's Tale.

2910659 Good grasp there. :twilightsmile: Though not much used in modern Equestria, I thought this idea of a contract marriage would work here to help launch this odd 'ship'. In my view most ponies are free to pursue their choice in romance :pinkiehappy: , but occasionally these 'contractual' instances crop up, traditional Earth Ponies, and some Unicorn nobles in particular. :raritystarry: This goes to my thoughts as to why Prince Blue Blood was being such a plotwad to Rarity. It's that he's playing the 'Game of Horns' and looking for the right mare to 'sign off on', look out Twi. :pinkiegasp::twilightoops:

2909016My thoughts exactly.:ajsmug:

:rainbowlaugh:What I wouldn't give to see the look on her spoiled brat face when she realizes that their guest is none other than the big brother of her worst enemy. This should be fun.

Pass the popcorn please, somepony.:ajsmug:

Mister and missus Rich, after Diamond Tiara is informed of the details of your little arrangement, I'm quite sure mere alcohol will not suffice to shield yourself from your daughter's wrath.

Also: MacIntosh might be surprised to find what his bride-to-be hides behind her pretty face. Then again, he might like it...

I wouldn't. The above scenario implies 1 of 2 things. A) Ponies have made contact with Earth, or B) I'm somehow in Equestria. I'm down for it either way.

2914626 ok so I meant it more along the lines of if i was a pony and I knew DT like Bloom does.

Well, ifn thats what ya meant...it would be a very short marriage.

GLORIOUS! And Diamond Bitch is getting what she deserves. Infact, wanna know how much of a bitch I think she is? I will let Krillin Explain. In this Explanation, Bulma is Diamond Tiara.

Also, willing to bet Diamond Tiara's Bitchiness was so damn powerful, it caused that infection that make her mother sterile in order to keep everything that could possibly be inherited for herself.

Well that was interesting. I can't really say that I'm looking forward to the next chapter, but I am interested in what you're going to do with this fic.

If that trollicorn hadn’t sent Silver Spoon to the Crystal Empire, Diamond would have run t her friend for comfort,

Looks like you forgot an 'o' in the word to.

2953745 Rushed proofing, normally I read it through twice on different days. :twistnerd: Thanks for catching that. :twilightoops:

:rainbowderp:s#!* what a foal mouthed filly:pinkiegasp::ajbemused:great chap:raritywink:

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