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Oh...dude...what? Ew.

Also, how in the hell does this have 3 views and 9 likes!?

I learned some new words today!:twilightsmile:


I'm going to hell.

...The again, I already knew that from the start...

~Skeeter The Lurker

Yay! Something new from Xianyu! Huh, that rhymed. Anyway, Merry Christmas to you Xianyu!

You see, there's a magical thing called followers....



Best Christmas gift yet. :3

Who needs snow when we can all be toasty warm in pony hell... :twilightsmile:

All that delicious incest~

3681495 Should i bring the marshmallows?

Save a seat for me by the fire.

I never thought I would complain about getting more clopfics, but why not a new affliction chapter?

3682118 Beeecause I'm planning out the story arc and contemplating how it all ties together. Surprisingly, it's difficult to start a story arc that will ultimately bring the story to a close until you've gone through and figured out what you have left unfinished in the previous story arcs. :applejackconfused:

It is probably considered by most viewers antagonistic of me to say that this story represents a somewhat disturbing lack of sexual ethics on this site :unsuresweetie:

You think you can hide behind those big, fancy words of yours?
You think people won't know what you're saying and just assume you know what you're talking about?!

Well, I've got news for you, bub! I UNDERSTAND YOUR COMMENT COMPLETELY.

And I pretty much have to agree. No complaints from me, though. :pinkiehappy:

Serious question: Why is incest totally accepted in this fandom?
Am I the only person who is seriously grossed out by this? I have brothers and sisters, and this is just... *shudder* Just no. No. Never. What the fuck?! Why!? I feel like I'm surrounded by crazy people, or I'm going crazy! Am I the insane one?! Is fucking your close blood relatives actually normal and I'm just crazy?! Someone please explain what is going on!


I must say that comment was thoroughly unexpected; I am both aware and sorry for those who will take hostile attitudes towards my comment, and I respect everyone's opinion as it's not my intent to offend, but I had to say it. :applejackunsure:

3682516 I have two sisters. I am sexually attracted to neither of them.

Incest is arousing because it's just about as 'taboo' of a 'modifier' as you can possibly think of.

How do you make simple intercourse taboo and crazy? Make it incest!


'Sexual ethics' and the attempt to foist them on others is usually the cornerstone of systematic sexual repression.

Oh don't do that, I don't like it! It's wrong because I don't like it!


I have to respectfully, though utterly, disagree with you. I cannot help but reason that your logic against "sexual ethics" as the "cornerstone of systematic sexual repression" would seek to defend the intensely tragic effects sex can have on young children. To speak out against that, would that be considered "systematic sexual repression"? Is it better to not "force" someone not to harm a child in such a way?

3682585 Oh, there we go, the whole 'for the children' argument.

Please, take that discussion to a foalcon story. This doesn't contain foalcon and your argument is utterly inane in light of that fact.

I say it is less a lack of sexual ethics and more of an issue of taboo placement and psychological rebellion. For instance, when we were kids and teens, we all went through the usual rebellious face. When told we weren't allowed to do something, that made us want to do it even more. We took a perverse thrill in breaking the rules, especially those that are sexual in nature. As kids, we weren't "old enough" to understand.

My theory why incest is a fairly hot commodity, at least when it is well done and involves Shining and Twilight, is that the taboo nature of their sexual relations invokes that forbidden thrill in people. When you see or read stories talking about incest, how many times do they involve self inserts or author avatars? Almost not at all. We don't want to have incest talking about ourselves, we want "others" to experience those urges and impulses and we reap the emotional benefits of those carnal times. Watching ourselves do it is not arousing, watching others do it is what invokes those feelings of forbidden fruit.

Or I'm just delirious from eggnog.


No matter how badly you would like to think it to be "inane", it's not. You renounced "sexual ethics" as a whole, which would include foalcon and pedophilia.

With an argument like "Don't do that! I don't like it, therefore it's wrong" one could assume if you hold to "I like it, so therefore it can't be wrong!"

3682627 Except I'm not trying to tell you to do it/not do it.

If you don't like it, close the window, close your browser, close your computer, throw it out the window.

But please, don't come here spouting on about 'sexual ethics', because sexual ethics do not belong in a land of fantasy. They belong in the real world.


Because what we write about certainly has nothing whatsoever to do with how we act, think, or behave in the real world. Certainly nothing whatsoever translates over. Our thoughts when we read fantasy, they must just be fantasy themselves.

3682658 Okay, this is devolving into 'wow, you write about, you must do it in real life too!' territory, which signifies a worrying break with reality on your part.

Continue in this vein of conversation and you will no longer be able to comment on my stories. Ever.


Actually, I never accused you of "wow, you write it, therefore you must do it in life." You brought that up by yourself. You said that "sexual ethics" didn't belong in fantasy writing, which seems to imply that fantasy writing is a kind of safe haven for attempting to imagine or promoting unethical activities. Writing about something doesn't mean you do it, no, but you ask any psychologist and they'll tell you that what you write into even fantasy stories has at least some correlation with your tendencies in reality.

3682689 Except I don't have tendencies towards pedophilia or incest in real life, and yet I write about them.

Just like I don't have violent tendencies in real life but I still play violent video games.

Fantasy is an escape from the moral judgements of real life. That's the point of fantasy. To be something you're not. To explore theoretical happenstances that are not and will never be.

So trying to drag 'sexual ethics' onto a story about incest is never, ever going to end well with you. We all understand it's fantasy and it doesn't colour our real lives.

Why don't you?

Because what we write about certainly has nothing whatsoever to do with how we act, think, or behave in the real world. Certainly nothing whatsoever translates over. Our thoughts when we read fantasy, they must just be fantasy themselves.

So, basically because he writes foalcon and incest, he must like fucking little children and his relatives? Yeah, and I suppose Stephen King goes around trying to kill people with an axe in a old home, or the creators of GTA go around shooting people in the face.

Fantasy is written for the sake of entertainment. It has nothing to do with what a person likes, no matter how you want to think it.

Edit: I just saw your next comment. Try putting that with the creators of GTA try to repress their tendencies to kill others by making those games


"Fantasy is an escape from the moral judgements of real life. That's the point of fantasy. To be something you're not. To explore theoretical happenstances that are not and will never be."

Yet you find pleasure in these things. You find pleasure in immoral activity, and then you say that it's "to be something you're not." One should be able to conclude that you don't enjoy such things with such a comment, but clearly that's not the case. First you defended the behavior, now you are seemingly denying it. Again, ask any psychologist if indulging in incest written under the guise "fantasy" is considered psychologically healthy.

'Right and Wrong' are social agreements, what is 'right' and 'good' to one society or culture, may be wrong and evil for others, I believe that sexual preferences or fantasies must not be related to this concepts, unless it somewhat harms someone.
And here goes another question : What is your concept of 'ethic' , and what makes your concept better or worse than mine? Because most of the people have the same concept?
'Cause this would be a very common fallacy named "Argumentum ad populum" or "Plea to the people"

> Discussing the ethics of erotic My Little Pony fan fiction:

gonzo: <Fallacious argument of "sexual ethics">

Anonymous Pegasus: <Refutes argument, points out flaws in logic>

gonzo: Hey! I didn't mean that! THIS is what I meant: <fallacious argument of "if you write it as fantasy, you must actually enjoy it in real life">

Anonymous Pegasus: <Refutes argument, points out flaws in logic>

gonzo: Hey! I didn't mean that! THIS is what I meant: <fallacious argument of "if you write about it as fantasy, you must promote it in real life">

Anonymous Pegasus: <Refutes argument, points out flaws in logic>

gonzo: Hey! I didn't mean that! THIS is what I meant: <fallacious argument of "any psychologist will back me up, I mean, come on!">

This "round-table discussion" on the ethics of fictional brother-sister horses fucking each other in a nutshell.

3682627 3682658
You're saying, since I'm a woman who likes rape fantasy, that means I want to be raped? :applejackconfused:

No. Just... no. :ajbemused:

I do believe that rape is a horrible crime. I don't even like most of the rape in fan fiction, because it usually isn't written to play up the fantasy angle enough, IMHO.

I also like incest fantasy. Have I ever had sex with my father? No. Do I want to? No. Do I want to have sex with anyone else in my family? No. Do I enjoy incest fantasy? Yes.

Here's another example. People fantasize about being a superhero, but how many people do you know who have gone out and become vigilantes? They're out there, but there aren't nearly as many of them as there are fans of superhero comics.

You could say that isn't the same thing, but why not? It's just another fantasy, isn't it? :unsuresweetie:

both of you stop!
no one ever wins these debates!
they just go on until one of you gets to angry to continue
and in the name of the holidays please
thank you for reading this
now,cant we all just be friends and agree this idea is a bit silly and drop the argument?
follow their comment chain to go on an adventure

I was not the main person Gonzo had been talking to. I literally commented once, just now. :derpytongue2:

Am I that bad?

Also, if the outcome that you're asking for is roughly the same as what is inevitable, that the debate will stop, doesn't that defeat the point of asking for it to stop?

I feel like a bad person for putting a favorite on incest clop, but it does actually deserve it.

That and it stands as further evidence that you can ship Twilight with anyone.

Wow, two stories involving incest in one month? Someone is slipping on Freudian iceeeeee~ :pinkiegasp:

You sir, DISGUST ME. I swear to god, what kind of world do we live in, in which filth like this can exist? Ugh, you are a terrible person... for not making this a straight story. I mean seriously!?!

Stories shall remain completely unrelated unless otherwise marked.

C'mon. If you are going to make more than one TwiShine shipping story, make more TwiShine stories, separate from this one. Not just making more chapters.

Anyways, I'm not going to read this. Not that I have anything against Incest Fic or Incest Clop or Clop itself. I just don't prefer TwiShine. I have a personal taste for CloudchaserxFlitter, and that's where I prefer to keep my incest tastes. It's kinda weird for me since the age difference between Twilight and Shining Armour, but to each their own

3683573 I'm creating a compendium because I'm the 4th most followed person on fimfiction and TwiShining is popular.

Every single time I posted a new standalone story, it would hit the feature box (like this one currently is), and I would have to put up with whiny armchair crusaders going on about sexual ethics and blah, blah, blah.

It's just easier to put it in a single place.

Then the people that want to bitch and act like children can bitch and act like children just the once instead of every single time I get the bug to write TwiShining.

It's all about keeping order in my little part of fimfiction.

Respectable I guess, but isn't it possible for just adding a chapter to get featured on the FrontPage? I mean a new chapter in From Scratch just came out and it got into the featured box.

3683651 If people give you shit for hitting the feature box every time, fuck 'em. :rainbowdetermined2:

3682627 Its a fucking story, how bout you put some skin on your dick or walk away.

3683716 It'll stay there for a much shorter time than a new popular story would, and it only takes up the last three spots of the feature box.


:rainbowlaugh: Please, drop the amateur psychology act. You already got owned by AnonPeg, Draco, and Yildun. Grow a thicker skin and just gloss over stories like this next time. You aren't doing anything but making an ass of yourself.

3683651 The irony is that all the people that don't like this story, who are flaming it in the comments are actually bringing more attention by creating so much 'controversial' discussion and making it more popular in the feature box by commenting on it so much. :rainbowlaugh:
I guess I'll add to its popularity since you favorited Liquid Pride. :pinkiehappy:

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