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I know what your cover art is cropped form.:rainbowkiss:

I faved this before it was in the feature box :raritywink:

I liked this. Have a fav' and a like, my friend! :moustache:

Oh my, another one came out. This time with a different set up from a different author using the pic from my favorite artist! Momma approves!

Nice I really liked it :derpytongue2:

The stallion in question looked up from his book, small blue glassed perched on his nose.

“They sink!” the two chimed together. Rainbow giggled, squirming as her father lightly tickled her belly.”

The hydra was absolute furious by this point and pursued her with the last bit of strength it had.

Behind her, her father let out his loudest moan yet. His vision was getting a little hazy and his cock and grown painfully hard.

“I was just doing a little cleaning back her. You're soaked.”

Well... I liked it, and that's not something I expected to ever say about foalcon.

You should of let me edit a bit, you Derp!

Otherwise, guilty boner.

I'm so ashamed of myself right now XD

Impressive as always :rainbowkiss:

You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Well done!

You beat me to it! I had a full story planned out for that pic! NOOOOOOO!!!!! You bastard!!!! :pinkiegasp:

I'll just be an ass and add to the saturation of the shipping! :rainbowlaugh:


Long comment reply is long-ish.

5184094 Hehe, it's a pretty awesome image.

5184213 O.O I'VE BEEN NOTICED BY A GREAT! *cough* Not in the box yet I believe :/ Though with this fandom, it'll probably happen tonight.

5184410 5184523 Thanks! Every bit of praise warms my heart :)

5184517 5184825 I was kinda surprised to see another one doing something off of this. I did read the other one, but I like this better :P My Dashie's a little more mature, so it just depends on your tastes.

5184617 Thanks for catching those mistakes! I was pretty tired when I was writing it.

5185063 Do it anyways! If you send me a PM once you post it, I'll definitely drop by to read it.

5185046 S-Senpai?

5184817 Embrace it. It feels good, I promise. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

5184761 I'm impatient :P After typing it all up in one sitting, I just wanted to get it posted. :derpytongue2: You get first dibs on the next one.

This being in the feature box proves we are such pervs. :rainbowwild:

*stops squeeing* *reads* No regrets! /) *resumes squeeing*

Ok. I'm liking this because it was well written. At the same time, my normal sensibilities are like :raritydespair: :raritydespair: :raritydespair:

Still, very good.:pinkiehappy:


I part of me says im a monster and should feel concerned that this gave a...*ahem*, ol' stiffy, as my grandfather would say.

but I regret nothing. Excellent writing.

5185046 S-Senpai! 314! Senpai notices you!

I'm not even finished reading, and I can tell you that you've taken the idea right out of my head. Not literally, but in the sense that I could literally not write a better Rainbowcest story based on the picture without taking the same or very similar route. That is, if i wanted to stay with the implications of the picture.

No worries, I always have a few tricks up my sleeve. Granted, mine will most-likely be overlooked considering my status as FimFiction's biggest joke (Or at least Knighty's), but I will give it my all.

Winner take all?

Bonertastic! I did notice you like to include superfluous descriptions (for instance, that whole describing of the raised eyebrow's use. Most people can infer that a raised eyebrow means incredulous intents), and that you had some minor spelling errors, but all in all, that was some hot stuff.

Thumbs up and fave from me, mein Mann.

you will have your share in the lake of fire for this shit :pinkiesick: :raritydespair:
repent now before its too late

Wow, I'm so happy this exists! :heart::pinkiehappy: I loved this, and the Raincest made me very happy. (I also really enjoyed the way you personified Rainbow's dad! Ugh, this story just makes me happy. Thanks for making it!) :twilightsmile:

This is a very nice fic. It made me laugh, and was well written.

I am not going to read this story simply because you tried to change Princest is Wincest into Raincest is Wincest. Don't pull that shit again.


Made me laugh. But no, I'm pretty sure it's a play on incest is wincest. Princest wasn't the original play on that by a long shot.

5185885 Still, no. That doesn't even sound good! Princest is Wincest at least flows well, but Raincest is Wincest? Fucking heresy.

5186002 there is credit given in the author's notes

5186058 And the image still isn't sourced. It takes thirty seconds to actually source a picture from the image icon, so why not just do it?


For the cover art, look up Cold-Blooded-Twilight on derpibooru. It is explicit.

5186070 And there are no links, and the image isn't sourced, once again. I'm not asking for penance, I'm saying make the image link to the source. There are hyperlinks for just this reason.

5186083 well, I think the issue stemmed from the cover art being NSFW
so that's just me

5186102 I'd agree with you, except the cover art used is a cropped version the artist gave at the link I provided.

I realize my first post came across at dickish and I've edited it. I apologize. I just wanted to give the links.


So many comments, so little time :pinkiehappy:

5185339 Thanks! Regrets are for wimps anyways.

5185471 Undoubtedly. GO BRONIES... I think.

5185473 Squee! I'm glad you liked it!

5185529 I'll be here all week to give you conflicting opinions.

5185572 Thanks! No regrets! I'm glad I was able to make foalcon good for some people.

5185576 Do et.

5185594 I dunno how obvious it was, but I kind just shoved the picture reference in there :P But yes, write one anyways! Do it first person, do it from Raindad's POV, there's plenty of ways to make it still work. I just had no life and typed it up faster :P If you wanna compete, I'm game. I'll "win" either way ;)

5185634 I can shove part of that onto writing this in four hours, but eh, I'll own up to my mistakes. I tend to use superfluous language in all my writing. 'Tis the Tolkien in me. Slightly shocked and happy that another Fim-famous person liked this. Wow.

5185695 >refuses to get into a religious debate.

5185721 It feels good. Do it :D

5185738 You're welcome! I'm not quite sure how many Raincest fics there are *cough*need a Raindad tag*cough* but it's always good to add more. Can't hurt at least :)

5185815 *Gleefully skips down the street*

5185818 Thanks! Humor's always important in any fic :)

5185872 I deeply apologize for my transgressions oh Great Immortal Fox. Please forgive me.

5185905 Roll with it. Your body will thank me later.

5186083 5186102 I didn't leave off links because of laziness. I had the tab open the entire time I wrote it actually :P I was following the NSFW rules. It's pretty easy to find on Derpibooru right now.

Foalcon= automatic downvote.

Kindly die in a fire.


5186253 Eh, your choice. I kinda like my body unburned though.

5186245 It was good man, despite the maxamilism.

We can always use more Raincest.


5186245 Ya, anyway... you think you ould tell me where you found that pic....

I know... im fucked up...


5186253 Hey, you clicked on this story too.

You're going to hell, I'm going to hell, we're all going to hell!

Rainbow Dash, don't bully your father (he got his revenge sorta though)


I'm so fucking ashamed of myself :facehoof:

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