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Might want to specify if they are 18+ in this story there boss. The cover art makes Twilight look a lot younger, and that is a quick way to get your story deleted and you banned.

And for those giving this a thumbs down, it is simply because it is LEGALLY required where the site is hosted. Is why anthro/human foalcon is persona non grata here as well.

4810477 Might want to keep that "gross" out of there boss. Makes you seem judgemental and criticizing other people's likes and fetishes.

Also there is foalcon EVERYWHERE on this site, in both anthro and human forms as well. Seriously. I have absolutely no idea where you are getting this "over 18" thing from.

4811719 a post from site staff that specifically referenced that any anthro or humanized content must state 18+ to meet the laws where the site is hosted.

4811719 Unfortunately that's a rule, a friend if mine had his story taken down for having anthro characters aged sixteen in graphic sex scenes. Honestly, seems like a terrible rule, but it's probably because this site gets it's money from ads, and the ad guys don't like the foalcon. Humanized I'd understand, but the anthro is throwing me off, honestly.

Lol with the response.

4810477 Someone hasn't read After School Special.

That was very mean of him to say what he said to that girl at the end, not cool. She's probably a friend of Twilight's as well as his sister, so Twi will probably get pissed at him when she hears about it.

4813634 I haven't even finished the story but I want to say this:
Swigitty-swooty, I'm coming for that booty.

4813864 I just finished a drawing of Octavia, and let's just say, Joel inspired me to use a goofy artstyle. :pinkiehappy:

4813869 If it's anything like Joel's 'amazing' drawing style, then it's gonna be beautiful. :rainbowlaugh:

4813877 I tried to emulate it as much as I could. I haven't uploaded it anywhere, yet, though.

Congrats on the feature.

4813933 can't let you have all the glory ;) also, congrats on your feature.


For the love of all that is holy... Why do people insist on using that damn name?

John, Joe, Jack, Rob, Bill, William, Garfunkle... There is no possible reason not to give him a name.

~Skeeter The Lurker

i love how you get away with calling Rainbow a bitch. :rainbowlaugh:

good chapter! can't wait to see what happens next!

I don't mind anon too much. I'm sure it's just a habit at this point for most greentext writers.

Though I definitely wouldn't object to a protagonist named Garfunkle either.

that lucky bastard.

Because these guys are amateurs. Give them enough time and they might even reach Level 0, when they actually start using real names.

Didn't see that ending coming, it made me laugh though.

cute story :twilightsmile:



Implying what?


That was just an example.


We all start somewhere,.

~Skeeter The Lurker


Somebody write a story about a Garfunkle ASAP

The pill doesn't necessarily work, though. Tons of women have been on the pill, but either due to negligence or a mishap in timing (like taking the pill 20 minutes later than you normally would), they have gotten pregnant anyway.

Neat story, though. Not quite all about that ending there, however; if I was in his shoes, i'd get myself a nerdy harem. Besides, wasn't Rainbow there, too?
I'll be thumbing up and favoriting, in any case. :twilightsmile:

I know we do. But at least I didn't start as a greentext writer in 4chan.

Wasn't Rainbow supposed to be there?

4816497 Who do you think the un-attractive friend at the end was?

4817679 But would she have had the Courage to even step forward in the first place?:moustache:

4817679 That made me chuckle

Decent story and setup, but wording was a bit choppy, and pacing was a bit too fast for my taste. Still, decent read altogether.

4810477 umm.. not it isn't. Foalcon is a story file in the website's largest group!

4818114 I was specifically meaning that anthro foalcon or humanized foalcon is against the site rules. Staff made a big post about it after having to delete several featured stories in the span of a week. Because Knightly (site owner) is in the UK it falls under their child pornography laws, which includes texts about underage participants.

In the site rules under the "Don't Post" section:
Mature stories involving human or anthro characters under 18.

4817683 This is an Anon story, so wouldn't Fluttershy be Fetishy or Stalkershy?:derpytongue2:

Poor nerdy girl. Even if they're unattractive, just turn out the lights and pound them!

Super cute. Twilight is normally the go to for awkward sex moments and here it's the right level of inexperianced and passionate.

"H-hey Anon."

Alpha as fuck

Ok I started liking it until u got to the u-know-what.:ajbemused:

4845445 It has a mature and sex tag on it... what did you think was going to happen?

4853372 Obviously what he's referring to is how it was set up to become an intensive constellation naming contest, until you pulled a complete one-eighty and had them fuck pretty sexily.

I found some things you may want to edit.

It’s not everyday when someone hands you their underwear.

"every day"

She whispers into your ear before nibbling on you earlobe.


You don't even think before your body starts to move on it's own.


You're not to far behind either.


Her legs intertwine with your's, keeping you close.

I think that should be "yours".

You sister stops dead when she see's Twilight against your chest, under the covers.

"Your" and "sees".

What happened to the girls that had never kissed before?


This was kind of cute.

4813979 anoter chapter must be wrot

4811719 I run the foalcon group. Trust me, I know what you mean too. haha

4822441 Your right, even nerdy girls have a certain charm about them.

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