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Just a worn out writer from a bygone age. Don't mind me, I'm just passing through.

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Hey man! Good to see you writing! Enjoyed this!

Very nice! Definitely refreshing. I haven't read too many of these kinds of things before.

just wow nice cool, if only there was more. :trollestia: great story not what i go for but meh close. i have in my story the humans make there way to equestria, haven't got it out yet tho, still needs more mlp in it.... anyway GREAT Story can't wait to see more.:scootangel:

love forgivius.

When I first red the fics title, my mind went straight to Kyubey, and I don't even read or watch Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Good fap thank you kind sir.

I would like this... if it didn't involve anyone changing genders...

Honestly I would have kicked up more of a stink over that.

I love Scootaloo, she is my favorite. :^)

Filly Cum Hahahaha!!!! :rainbowlaugh:

I knew her plan from the time she said make a dream come true shes just using them all to get off and possibly as a test and experiment and that kind of manipulation kinda ticks me off


Eh, everybody in the situation got exactly what they wanted. I don't see a downside.

Y'know, i'm not normally into these type of fic's... but i liked this one. Short, well-paced & funny. Good show, old chap.

On a unrelated note, how many out there read the description of this fic & then proceeded to read the chapter's name in Gul'dan's voice?

It would be cool to see this be continued.

I think I know where you got this idea from. Don't worry, though, you're still a normal person. Good story!

You should make a variant of this were the human turned pony ends having sex with another pony, and a dark version were any human who has eex with a pony ends becoming a pony, usually a mare.

"If you have sex with a pony, you become a pony." Would make for some fun stories.


I feel like I've read a variation of this premise "If you have sex with an [x], you become an [x]" before...

Wait, I know I've read that before. Just not in this fandom, it's apparently a common enough Japanese trope for their stories. Though it's usually stuff like 'become a woman' or perhaps the most extreme, 'become a catgirl'.

I wonder if it occurred as a clop story before? There are no small number of tf/tg stories to ponies to have sex with a pony, but I don't think I've seen one where it occurred after the sex as opposed to before.


I don't remember one were it happens after the sex, but it would be interesting to read, hint hint.

Huh, someone took that silly greentext and made it a thing.

I'm with Twilight on this. "These humans were nothing if not entertaining." Though not so much in the "snatch oozing obscenely" part. Good idea making it Twilight's fetish that's a bit more imaginable.

You were surprised to find new cutie mark.


You were enjoying yourself as tour brain finally clicked on something.


Rolling over, you offered your fluffy belly to him. For a split second you realized he might be able to your nethers, but the thought vanished when he started scratching you.

Missing a verb here.

6380269 Thanks these are fixed.

You obviously had hit the nail on the head.

:twilightangry2: Errrrrrrr had an awful reminder of Gods not dead 2 :flutterrage: THE MOVIE REALLY PISSED ME OFF!!!:flutterrage:

That ending.... God dammit :rainbowlaugh:

His hand pulled back suddenly.

Your small frame shuddered as you felt it actually wink against his finger, drawing the tip inside.

Well, that was very gay...
But I should say that it's the least I would do to become a filly.

Recorded reading this out loud for my Youtube channel :)

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