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tgb #1 · Feb 1st, 2013 · · 60 ·


DaemoN67 #2 · Feb 1st, 2013 · · 1 ·

Also, bannable offense.

And thus it begins.

Canon appeasing Twicorn fics are a go.

Commence read.

Feathers everywhere.

Fluttershy might make a good bath attendant, doubt Dash would.

tgb #5 · Feb 1st, 2013 · · 40 ·

you can not stop my #YOLOSWAG

tgb #7 · Feb 1st, 2013 · · 30 ·

Thanks for subscribing to me :heart:

Just one of over 3,000.

She cared for her friend’s wings like a mother for its foal

While I applaud the proper usage of its, something seems very wrong and/or right with this line.

I've eagerly been awaiting the influx of Alicorn-Twilight clopfics. Whohoo!
This was very hot, successfully appeased my silly little pony wing fetish. :pinkiehappy:

Molestia's legacy lives on! :trollestia:
This was a fun little one-shot, though the speed from which Celestia went from mentor to shameless hedonist was a bit jarring. Even so I enjoyed the descriptions of how new wings would feel from Twilight's point of view.

Agreed, this mostly happened because this was going to be a spinoff from my other story, Faithful, where Celestia was already portrayed this way. However I simply cannot fit it in there because of a number of reasons.

a white hoof polishing the royal clitoris


I never understood the wing arousal deal. Aviforme integument is free of FNE's, and the superficial layering of the epidermis is actually vey thin and is more sensitive to pain than to pleasure. On a side note, it is not uncommon for the manis claw to be free of integument upon the phalanges. Although, it is mucho rd common is palaeognathae than neognathae and likely would not be an evolutionary feature native to aveequines. Though, if it were, I'd love to see the look on Twilight's face when she accidentally swats Rainbow and cuts her. :rainbowlaugh:

your ponies are out of persona, ponies dont have fucking breast!! sick. but your writing is good.

2062512 They do though. They have what is lovingly named by some ''Crotch tits'' meaning that they have their breasts near their genitalia, just as real horses/ponies. 2058909 This can't be a one-shot! Please, expand! You do not want to hear me whining! :raritydespair:

2062859 and i find them to be desgusting because these are not real ponies and crotch tits are a turn OFF

2062867 So? Even if you find them disgusting doesn't make it so that others are not allowed to like it. Calm down will you, everything is going to be fine.

There was only one line with ponytits and I didn't even call them crotchtits! Take it easy guys.

2062512 Well, the whole crotchboob thing is up to debate. At the very least they would have nipples, and said nipples would be near their crotches. Actually boobs would be unlikely however, as most mammals do not have swollen breasts unless they have given birth.

2072906 i dont mind the nipples but boobs? thats just wierd

2073135 Again, in your opinion. Some people like me like it. Like for example, have you seen Milkmare?

20731632073135 milkmare is supposed to be about a mare who has foaled at least once and allows herself to be milked. Twilight has never foaled. So her teats would be flat.

2073188 That's not what i was talking about. I was talking about how he found breasts on ponies disgusting, while i don't. I was talking about how it was just his opinion and that others should be able to have breasts on their ponies in their liking. :facehoof:

That was a great story, somehow I really liked the "bath attendants", good idea! Well written too, and I can only say.....more of this!

2061179 I must say, I have a good grasp of science and.... I haven't a bucking clue what you just said. I can't say your logic is flawed, as I can't find it. However, pegasi and alicorn wings are typically shown as being sensitive, though I can't tell you why. Though, as birds, as far as I know, do use them to detect air currents and the like, they would have to be sensitive. This is also the first time Twilight's wings have ever been touched, which means all the stimulation is completely new to her, and as it is not exactly painful, and she is already enjoying herself, it would become very arousing and enjoyable. And if not, and there is no other reasonable explination, then I simply must say, it's not your story. It's Togashi's. If they want to write it that way, they can.

And to tez author, wonderful read, if short. I would have liked more, though I will say what is here was a wonderful read.

The grammar was mostly error free, the narration was wordy, the characters were loosely in character, and the sensory details were vivid. All in all, the story was worthy of a like but nothing to write home about.

:trollestia::trollestia: that's all I have to say
P.s. maybe you can read my story my day in ponyville

Hope you write more! (maybe some M/F vaginal? Hardly any M/F twilight clopfics, much less with her having wings now)

Actually that gave me a wonderfully devilish idea.

2150832 Woot! Can't wait! *hopes for more nipple play*


Milkmare is the most retarded thing in the whole fandom. I have nothing against crotchboobs, but Milkmare is retarded.


How isn't it retarded? It's a character based entirely around having boobs that need to be constantly milked, it's even more retarded than wing arousal.

2179583 How is wing arousal retarded? It occurs in real life with several different birds. Also, each one to their own i guess when it's about Milkmare.


ORLY? Do have any sources for wing arousal happening with several different birds? Also, orgasm being brought about just by having her feather's preened? Really?

2182435 I can mention one of them, being the cowbird. They raise their wings when aroused. The orgasm brought on by preening might be a bit excessive, but them feeling pleasure from it would be no weird thing.

>Not being able to give a pegasus a crashing orgasm from preening.

Step up your game.


There is a big difference between raising ones wings when aroused and actually getting arousal from the stimulation of the wing.

flip everyone's gender and this becomes a horror story, I'm tellin' ya. :unsuresweetie:

How would prince celestia pleasure herself
I could see how it would be awkward but there would be some minor modifications needed

2282057 'prince' and 'herself' dont really go together.......

Don't use your fancy logic on me

Grrrrrrrrrrrr don't u no logic and derpy are nemesises i can't believe u man girl other otherothergender

I know you wrote this as a oneshot but more more more PLEASE MORE -- :twilightoops: -- I mean, I do hope you might reconsider that decision and write something more involving Twilight's new wings. :twilightsheepish:

i am taking so many notes for my twilicorn fic.... hawt

Zoshe #48 · Jul 18th, 2013 · · 13 ·

oookay... that was different and interesting.
still obliged to say this though

1. Was celestia doing what I think she was?
2. Twilgiht now has friends with additional things ;)

2086807 I get that it's the author's story, but I'm pretty sure when something is 'sensitive' it's about pain. I can't think of an instance where something was sensitive to pleasure.

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