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Adorable and hot!

You sir have hit the fathoms of cute and adorable. Enjoyed the story. :twilightsmile:

"Surprise futa" really needs to be some sort of tag, doesn't it?

Also unf.

It is kind of obvious from the cover image though.

4723267 I didn't search the pic beforehand. First impressions and all that. :derpytongue2:

Also Surprise Futa™ crops up more than you'd expect.

Love it! :pinkiesmile: i dont know why I like foalcon.

I haven't seen the full image either.
Just from what the description says and with their positions in the image I knew going in that there would be futa involved.

someone told me to read this (they owe me big time since i don't like reading clop that much, unless it is part of the story and the story wouldn't work without it and foalcon is on my list on not liking at all) and by the end of it, i was glad i'd finished reading, but one thing caught my attention, only because i know it will be hell confusing for derpy and dinky to explain to anypony else.

dinky came in derpy, it clearly says she came inside her. is derpy now pregnant with her own daughter's child? What the F?!

I think Derpy just did it because if she didn't, her daughter would have probably never released everything that was built up.
It was just a... one time thing, I'm guessing.

Just because she expelled her salty love fluids inside the very vagina from which her origin began doesn't mean that she automatically created her own sister/brother.
There are various variables that could prevent that.
The first being that in this universe it is entirely possible that they can only have kids during heat or that magically created cocks and balls can't actually fertilize a female.
Or another option is that Derpy is on a pill or takes a morning after pill.
And if worse comes to worse she could just get an abortion.

4723450 :ajbemused: you seriously think Derpy would have a possible life, not matter how it was created, aborted?

4723462 Way to give a political and moral belief to a non existent pony who hasn't spoken more than a sentence.

I don't know if I want to see what kind of kids Derpcest would create.

4723376 No, Derpy isn't pregnant because magic :derpytongue2:

4723533 They would definitely be retarded.

Deliciously perverse.

Though now I want to see a clopedy sequel where Dinky's stuck with it and tries (without much success) to hide it from the other foals. Well, it works at first. Then she gets one gratuitous plot-shot too many and SCHWING!

"Dammit boner, you had one job!"

Twilight clopped across the floor

Seriously, is no one gonna touch that? :rainbowlaugh:

But I enjoyed this immensely. Very loving, sweet and nice. :pinkiesmile:

Also, even if ejaculate finds itself inside the womb and no countermeasures are taken, conception still isn't guaranteed. It's possible, even probable, but not guaranteed.

Oh derpy always helping her kid

Because Derpy is real, and you can't say she isn't because it would hurt me on an emotional level. I'll cry like a bitch if you don't watch out.

Yeah, basically this. Just because someone cums in someone else doesn't automatically mean they will get preggers. Quite the mass misconception I have seen.

Aww, I was hoping Dinky would start passionately kissing Derpy at the end, while trying to say thank you over and over again. Or at least some dialogue from Dinky about how much better she felt or something.

4724058 Yah I dunno, I got to that part, was figuring out how to end it, and I thought, 'After screwing mom with a magical penis, possibly her first orgasm stringing into multiple orgasms, maybe the poor pony would be all tuckered out.' ^_^

:heart:ed it
Nuff said.:pinkiehappy:

Fun fact. You are 50th cousins to every person standing on this planet to date. Meaning that no matter what you do, you'll always be fucking your cousin.

Incest isn't a choice, It's the law.

4724204 way to rationalize incest.

have a green thumb

4723997 Oh. Sorry dude :applejackunsure:

In that case, wanna fuck, cousin?

4724462 That's the spirit.

4724147 True, still a thank you would have been nice, ungrateful daughter, just kidding just kidding.:twilightsmile:

4723533 And then the art for it was born! (give it time~)
4723376 Only in Equestria.

24 hours later...

<Insert fanmade sequel giving birth to Derpy's daughter's child.>

and this is why Twilight gives a wide berth to the FICTION isle in stores.
Only in fanfiction. :twistnerd:

"Sweetie Belle! Are you typing up there? Go to sleep!"

"But RA'ITY~! I'm busy finishing up this last scene!"

"Is it about me and Applejack again?"

"...NO~. Not my fault the colts at school keep trading me their deserts for sequels...."

"Well, regardless, what have I told you about writing those stories of yours?"

"...Not to..."

"Good. Now go to bed. And Sweetie Belle?"

"Augh...Yes, Rarity?"

"For Celestia's sake, stop writing my character with GREEN HAIR."

It's funny. I have actually had this silly headcanon that Sweetie Belle secretly writes fanfiction, mature and unrestricted fanfiction with badly done named 'OC's' who are really just ponies she sees around town, mostly her classmates and those she knows, and gives them bad OC names. Rumble = Quake, Featherweight = Heavyweight. xD

And then find an author with a Sweetie Belle avatar who writes the sort of fics I totally see Sweetie Belle would write. For serious mature fiction. This story here is totally what she'd hide from her friends lest they find out about her perverted hobby. Despite the fact she has no idea what she's writing half the time and only enjoys it as a purely professional level. Though apparently she's big on some OTPs. :rainbowkiss:

Cute little coincidences make me smile. And why do I think Sweetie would write these sorts of stories? Because Sweetie Belle is a very imaginative pony.

Anywhoozles, nice story. :unsuresweetie::unsuresweetie::unsuresweetie::unsuresweetie: out of 5 Sweetie Belles.


mother daughter incest, we need more of this, and its foalcon.

9/11 overall rating, bin laden approves

Some stories I like, thumb up.
Some stories I love, thumb up and fave.
and some stories, I know I'm going to be revisiting over and over and over again.

Thumb up, faved, downloaded and saved. :pinkiehappy::rainbowwild:

Damn son....That was a good read. All I have to say is DAMN!!!

I loved the image, so I sincerely hope I did it justice.

Uh, yes? This story is so good. Amazing work.

Very hot. Maybe a sequel fic? Sorry, but futa foalcon is just too precious a resource to waste.

Perhaps Sweetie, or some other unicorns could give her... lessons. :scootangel:

fucking hell people will ship anything:ajbemused:

4725536 Glad you approve! Thanks for the inspiration~

The fandom's shipping goggles are always raring to go at 110%.


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Holy shit, it's Togashi.

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