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Don't blame me for the spelling of 'Delite'. That's the name of the cookie. It's not my fault women can't spell.

"Marecum" is my new favorite word.

Don't suppose they sell those kinds of cookies at Walmart?

Why do I have the feeling that this is gonna get featured? :ajbemused:

Upvoting to make the dream a reality.

Stories have to be four thousand words before getting featured.

I, for one, would not mind a Chapter 2.

Commence read.

I will have some Thin Mints. :scootangel:

Though where can I get some of these specialty, off the record, cookies. :trollestia:

She has only been to one home.

ok that was new who is tag along but i gave it a 6\10:eeyup:

Since knighty did the site renovations in November. Have a look; watch the feature box for a while. No fic under 4,000 words is there, and never will (unless knighty changes something).

2078887 Interesting. I guess that makes sense. My twidash was 2300 words but it was featured in october, and the raripie was 6k words... huh.

What a great idea, I am forgetting the other ponies of Ponyville. Certainly they all deserve Filly Scout cookies.

Tag Along is the Filly Scout from S3E11 - http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/File:S3E11_Girl_Scout_filly.jpeg
I was originally going to call her Thin Mint, but there was a voting topic on Derpibooru and the consensus was that her name should be Tag Along, which is a reference to the peanut butter and chocolate cookies the Girl Scouts make.

Sex or thin mints... Sex or thin mints...:raritycry: dear god it an impossible choice!

The cmc vs the filly scouts..:scootangel:

To the death!

:twilightblush: another mane 6 pairing with tag along also.......darkest sketch without the tooth fairy and with ponies....darkest sketch


I'm sure some of the other fillies would also like to learn on how to be a Filly Scout.

2080793 Please don't post pointless gifs.

I saw the link for this, and I was like "Aww dude, no way they'd actually do that, I'm probably just reading into the title too much..."
*Le clickity*
"Oh hey what a cute cover pic-OH FUCK I WAS WRONG HE TOTALLY DID THAT." :rainbowlaugh:

Ya know I fucking love pomegranates I like this story even if just for that.

*sees title* huh, looks like a cute little--HOLY MOTHER OF CHRIST!!!

Holy crap what does it say about me that I thought this wasn't very dark at all? :pinkiecrazy: but seriously, this turned out well. Now make her visit the rest of the mane 6 :heart:

Commence read.

It continues. :trollestia:

Now what does Cheerilee have planned and who else is going camping? Though the fact there is a tub at the school and she seems to help other students wash might give that away.

And then Cheerilee returned from camping and Rarity was never heard from again.:pinkiecrazy:

Waw, that was quick, wish i could update that fast.

:yay: Theres nire... though I believe that the dark tags is nit really nir the right choice, maybe sad is the best one..... keep going!!

Comment posted by The Nightbringer deleted Feb 7th, 2013

Wow, a town full of pedo's... anyway nice story

Once again, another decently written erotic fantasy ruined by the c word.

Hmm, personally, I don't view it as a vulgar word. It's certainly a filthy word, but when used correctly it makes a powerful sexual statement.

Oh yes....I best she is the sweetest little filly....I want to taste her treats.....

Why is this marked complete :rainbowderp: ? Are you going to continue the story?

Of course, next chapter is being written. A camping trip with the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

holy shit rarity! oh god i hope she doesn't do that to the CMC!

I feel like a bad person for reading this...

2082834 *headdesk* Pinkamena, I swear, if you do this again I'll stab your eyes out.
*sigh* Now I have to find a new Element of Generosity...

Now, if it wasn't for my wild side being so damn kinky, I would have said this was horrible. I loved it Sir/Madam!

Thanks a lot, do you know hard it is to clean cum off an ipad screen? Really hard. But seriously, this was really good, I look forward to reading more. Thumbs up!:heart:

Have you tried licking it off? I hear that works wonders. :raritywink:

:raritystarry: I think I just found my new favorite foal. Sorry scootaloo.:twilightsheepish:

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