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cooldam #1 · Dec 22nd, 2013 · · 1 ·

I would have liked if pound cake had done his mom but all in all good story. :twilightsmile:

It was pretty good, but the tail hole play kind of ruined the moment for me. Still gets a like though.

Lol I had to stop reading half way because my screen was burning my eyes XDDD

Well paced, sweet, and stayed plausible rather than jumping off into "because I said so" territory. :twilightsmile:

However, you may want to de-link the picture's source. Linking to NSFW pictures is verboten now.

That was amazing but does it really feel that good to have a dildo up the ass I've fingered my ass and it's not that good

3663523 Oh, I didn't know that. Thank you.

3663564 Yes, Yes it does.

Anyne #9 · Dec 22nd, 2013 · · 7 ·

What the fuck?

That was fantastic. I loved the build up and how everything was paced. Bravo, good sir or madame.

That was actually super cute.
I'd love to write a sequel for /mlp/'s My Little Oedipus thread, would that be alright with you?

*marks to read later*
I might read it later.



everything about this is perfect

You weren't doing it right. :trollestia:

>Pound Cake sex


Fantastic! I agree the pace is good and the characters are well handled. I like that' it's long enough to offer the chance to come back to the story multiple times as well!

Cup Cake is the best mom ever! :heart:

O.O that was... The most terriblely sick and twisted thing of ever read... And yet, I enjoyed reading it. I'm a terrible person aren't I? :fluttershysad:

Wow, this is one of the better short clops I've read so far. Great work. Though now I admit I'd like to see a sequel with Pound and Pumpkin. You know, one sibling sharing what he learned to another?

3665849 Talk to me via PM if you're serious about writing one.

I wonder what Pumpkin was doing throughout all this, I doubt she was doing her homework the whole time. Pound did get home late after helping Cheerilee so maybe she finished her homework. Maybe she had to use the bathroom and walked by her parents room then heard the moans of her mother and her brother, curious about why Pound was in there and moaning she would quietly crack open the door and witness the acts of her mother and brother and would get confused and aroused from what she's seeing, then maybe she would start clopping to Cup's and Pound's activities. Or maybe she was just doing her homework the whole time. Either way this was a great story.

Oh wow, that was great! :yay: At first it was good and seemed to be a simple enough clop but then you changed it up on me and I was left truly impressed. Pound cake is such an interesting character in this, or at least his interests were. FIVE STARS! :rainbowkiss:

Uh......I....... wow I am speechless here all I can say is very well done

MnM #25 · Dec 23rd, 2013 · · 13 ·

...dafuq is wrong with you people?


And yet I didnt stop reading...

Comment posted by Sonic Derpboom deleted Dec 23rd, 2013


Different strokes for different folks.

You shouldn't be one to judge, either. You're reading cartoon pony erotica.

Comment posted by Sonic Derpboom deleted Dec 23rd, 2013

What has been read can not be unread. After reading several amazing incest fics about Pound x Pumpking, this comes along and blows them away. Jolly good show mate, jolly good. :twilightblush:

Ahh that was a weird but interesting read. Also I could think about pumpkin accidentally looking over on this and rubbing herself. Then later doing it with him. :twilightsmile:

3665081 i don't know why, but that gif always scares me.
Just slightly, mind you.

Why. Just. Why.

3672907 Orson Welles can see into your SOUL.:pinkiecrazy:

I love well-written Mrs. Cake incest clopfics and this story didn't disappoint.

More wincest please

Sequal : he shares this new game with her sister!!!!!

My god... Pound's logic is flawless.

If you have the creative energy, a squeal would be amazing. Definitely involving more ass play on Pounds part.

His name makes sense now!

Well I was going to hell anyways..

loved every second of this story

I absolutely loved this! But... I will admit that there where a good number of times I ended up picturing Button and Button's mom instead.
Dear anyone with talent, please redo the gif as Button and Button's mom.

I want you to know that ever since this fanfic I've been unable to stop drawing Pound Cake

3697166 Oh, I've definitely noticed. They're incredibly good drawings :P I encourage you to draw some more, because there's a distinct lack of good Pound clop art.


As a matter of fact someone's just commissioned me some recently. Give it a day or two.

Did you have any plans to write a followup to this?

3703953 No immediate plans, but this was so well received that it's definitely not out of the question.

You wrote well, but less deets. Also the part where pound and her is disturbing:facehoof:

For a while there I was under the impression that Pound Cake was going to stick HIS penis inside his mother....but NOPE :)

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