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Is curious about the cover art source?

Best Story Ever

I am only slightly disappointed that it wasn't a dragon dildo.

Holy cow, dude. You actually made the entire thing sexless. You didn't even put that much detail into describing the... flesh, itself, either. All the same I now find myself deliriously horny and in desperate need of some RainbowSpike clop.

I wrote this LAST FEBRUARY, and then completely forgot about it until now

Better than you doing a multiple chapter story, uploading the first chapter, and then forgetting to post the rest a year later.

I won't be surprised if one of the other came up to him

This was great we so SO SOOOO need a follow up to this for real. It would be just too epic to read.

Honestly, this story tries too hard to emphasize that Spike is over 18/an adult. That comes off a tad creepy (it sounds like “protesting too much”), and I don't think that point really needs to be made.

Any of the Mane 6 + Spike could theoretically be on either side of the 18 line. Because their ages aren't specified. For all we know, Applejack could be 16. Or she could be 26.

Edit: Well, not so much the story in-and-of-itself. It's story's “teenage dragon/legal adult” line, combined with the “Spike is a legal adult in this story.” in the description.

"I…pushed it in too far."

Fucking knew it, xD IT GOT STUCK WAY UP THERE! xD,

Spike shrugged. "Suit yourself." Dash was sticking around for longer than he had expected, so he decided to do something about the unscheduled appearance of his drakehood. He got to his feet and made his way over to the end of his bed. His cock bobbed as he walked. Dash quickly shuffled off to the side in response. He hadn't brought it anywhere near her, but it was at her eye level now.

How tall is spike here? 7-10 feet? If so, he’s a giant i think,

I fixed the misprint in my comment. That better?

Gotta say this was pretty funny.

Please make a sequel!

Considering I write stories about that particular subject matter, I wanted to make it clear that said subject matter is not in this story. Especially because of how young Spike is depicted in the show itself. People are touchy about that subject. I got yelled at last time because my hardcore pornographic story had swearing in it, smh.

Gotta be some fucked up standards if you gotta yell at a guy for having swearing in their porno.

Some people just want to yell and be offended. Like I said: Spike could be under-18. But so could any of the Mane 6.

But anyway: What makes you say that the show depicts Spike as young?

That was great and a second story like this would be great

Would be interesting to see more of this interaction between the two in this verse. Has quite abit of promise.

Because they repeatedly call him a 'Baby' dragon. That's why I mentioned 'dragon years' in the story, as canonically Spike is referred to as a baby but behaves like a pre-teen.

I know, right? Fuck me for fuckin' ruining your fuckin' wholesome good-time family-friendly anal sex story with some naughty fuckin' words. :Y

Just like everyone else saying this needs a sequel, I agree. Maybe something along the line of RD realizing how cool and relaxed spike is and then realizing that they just crossed over friendship boundaries.

Sorry, my operating system does not support .xed files :trollestia:

Someone starting with an M... mostazathy?
Yeah, actually, it is.

Well, this drag-ged on longer than I had expected.

You should link the artist, you can't link the actual image for obvious reasons but the artist should always be linked.


“Because they repeatedly call him a 'Baby' dragon.”

Spike's a “baby” Dragon. A “baby” who has a job, goes grocery shopping, expresses romantic interest in women, etc. Clearly, “baby” means something very different for a Dragon, then it does for a Human/Pony!

Which makes since: Dragons live so long, their naps last a hundred years. So Spike is a “baby”, compared to the other Dragons. Twilight's also a “baby” Alicorn, compared to Celestia.

“Spike [...] behaves like a pre-teen”

Well, there's no denying that Spike has a greedy/irresponsible streak (if that's what you mean). But when his greed isn't getting the best of him: He seems like one of the more mature members of the Mane 6 to me.

Yup. You're basically reiterating the exact point I'm trying to make. Are we even having a discourse here? lol!

I don't think Spike and Rainbow exactly “crossed over friendship boundaries”. If they were watching a movie together, and started kissing: That would have been crossing over (platonic) friendship boundaries!

But Rainbow got something stuck in her vagina, and needed help getting it out. So she asked a trusted friend. Spike had a non-sexual/non-romantic reason for touching Dash's vagina. Under the circumstances, Spike was just being a good friend.

However, that's not to say that this couldn't lead to romance. This could well lead to Dash and Spike thinking of each-other in more romantic/sexual terms.

I love this! Great damn job!:moustache::rainbowwild:

Spike skewed his lips. "I don't…see anything," he commented.

No shit!


It's good to emphasize it, because Spike is referred to as a baby dragon. We actually see him in comparison to teenaged dragons and he's practically a gnat compared to them and doesn't even have wings. In other words, it's saying, "This is not a story where a child digs around inside an adult woman's vagina for her lost marital aid and then pops a stiffy over it."

The 'dost protest too much' is not particularly valid criticism so much as it is just an association you made in your head rather than an actual issue in the writing, my fellow solar chap.

For anyone curious, the derpibooru number is 1472971

If the show called Spike a “teenage Dragon”: I might agree with you.

But “baby Dragon”. It's clear that Spike's not a baby, except in the very specific since that he's a young member of a very long-lived race. You'd have to be an idiot to think that Spike's a baby.

I suppose part of this is: I'm not the biggest fan of the “She's 18” defense. That sounds like the kind of thing someone would say, if he wants to take advantage of a naive teenager, but doesn't want to go to jail for it. So starting things off by saying “Spike is a legal adult in this story”, that rubbed me the wrong way.

It's a courtesy to others. Take it or leave it, my friend.

I'm not sure how I feel about this story. It was a fun read, certainly. And I knew going in that it was tagged [Sexless] [M/F] but it kept feeling like it was going to devolve into sex. The amount of awkward tension between "bros" here felt like some seriously arrested romantic feelings between them. 'Actual bros' wouldn't have had nearly as much buildup to the whole "hey bro, I did something embarrassing and I need a ride to the ER".
75% of the buildup felt like awkwardness for awkwardness sake, a brand of comedy I can only personally stand to read/watch in small doses. The actual action portion felt like some serious mixed signals about the nature of the relationship between them. Particularly Spike's boner.
But the real letdown for me was the ending. Nothing changed. If the event had caused Spike to develop a newfound attraction to Rainbow Dash, doing literally anything afterwards, rather than just clinically washing his hands, or if Dash, who had 'never seen one before' took Spike up on his offer for a closer look at his penis.
But none of that happened. Spike remains a gentleman, and Dash continues to not feel anything for Spike. Which, I suppose, is a refreshing twist to the usual romance/clop formula on here. But outside of that context, it still feels unsatisfying.

I am only slightly disappointed that it wasn't a dragon dildo.
Holy cow, dude. You actually made the entire thing sexless. You didn't even put that much detail into describing the... flesh, itself, either. All the same I now find myself deliriously horny and in desperate need of some RainbowSpike clop.

The fact that this seems like a common reaction among the reader is telling.
To me anyway.

Regardless, it is still well written.
My dissatisfaction is my own.

It was oddly stimulating in an intellectual way.

Pretty much describes this entire fic. :moustache:

Why does this only make it hotter tho?

Don't get me wrong, I think I get why you did it. Just, like I said, kind of rubbed me the wrong way.

:moustache: Damn that's the 9th mare this month...
:facehoof: Spike I need your help and my magic's on the fritz
:moustache: Rarity's on the fritz too what's going on here?
:rainbowderp: I didn't tell anypony honest!
:applejackconfused: Yeah...No pony
:derpytongue2: All the mares get Spike, Claws are cool

"Yeesh, Dash…Trying to see how much you can cram past your cervix?"

That's a pretty valid question when regarding ponies, actually :rainbowderp:

Edit: It does need a properly porny sequel where Dash tries to explore the new discovery, though.

9441502 I also was expecting a dragon dildo, and some very, very awkward conversation following.

Still funny as written though.

What do you mean by [Sexless] [M/F]?

No sex scene, male/female (straight) interaction

Spike is a legal adult in this story.

Okay, I've told Dragon Protective Services to stand down.

Haha, the age of consent is 13 in Japan :scootangel:

Fantastic portrayal of both RD and the grown-up snarky Spike. Basically both personalities were spot on... for the situation. I don't think you left any puns un-plugged either. :twilightsmile:

Swearing?! IN MY FOALCON CLOP?! Absolutely disgusting. The moral decay of our society is so evident here that it makes me SICK! What next, alcohol use? WHERE DOES IT END! THINK OF THE CHILDREN! :flutterrage:

...you can stop thinking about the children now, you perv. :twilightsmile:

9443329 I guess you missed it, but:

In a couple of minutes he had taken care of the 'remnants' on his claw. In a couple more minutes, he had taken care of his other problem as well.

Kinda implies that he jerked off in the toilet to get his boner down. You're right, the comedy was pretty cringe, but I liked how it was mostly only awkward for RD, whereas Spike took it more matter-of-factly. And RD deserved every jab he got from Spike for being such a silly pony.

I DEFINITELY wouldn't mind some awkward yet angry SpikeBow clop right now. There's something about dragon dicks that somehow made me really needy, and it's a pairing that I see a lot more rarely.


I DEFINITELY wouldn't mind some awkward yet angry SpikeBow clop right now. There's something about dragon dicks that somehow made me really needy, and it's a pairing that I see a lot more rarely.

Oh, Isseus, you know the rules: :twilightoops:

If you toss around a story idea in someone else's comments, YOU HAVE TO WRITE IT YOURSELF. :twilightangry2: Get writing. I'll give you till weekend. And spare no details, we're talking R-rated here after all! :twilightsmile:

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