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OMG I can't tell you how excited I am to see this pop up on my feed. I can't wait to give it a read :D

I didn't expect you to cross over into m/m territory. I'm definitely giving this one a read.

Love your writing. And this one especially was done very well. Hope to read more. ^~^

I giggled when I wrote that :twilightsheepish:

Aw I was hoping Spike was going to get a turn too

Despite all the foalcon and the name Pound Cake not being so subtle anymore, its really neatly writtten story. Good job lad.

Really good job on this series. I read them all in the span of 5 days and loved every single one. I was thinking, though, for the next one (if there is a next one), you could have Spike have a sort of existential crisis, where he starts to think that maybe he isn't as straight as he once thought he was. You already have the premise set up (if that wasn't the plan already). It doesn't even have to be the main plot of the story. It could just be a single scene in the beginning of the chapter, where Spike can't stop thinking about that night, or where he has a dream that he is pounding Rarity, but then she suddenly turns into Pound Cake and he wakes up when he cums. Hard. Before transitioning to the main plot. I think that would be a cool storyline.

I wonder if his Dad gets in on the game too... I certainly hope so at least.

Holy shit this was fantastic. I mean you really went the whole way. Might be the best colt foalcon fanfiction out there. Just a 10/10

The ending was fucking hilarious! Kudos to you for that!

Yay! Best Foalcon story!
I hope the next one is dad running in to join them.
Maybe spike going to plow pumpkin.

Dayum hawt. Can we get a sequel where Spike comes back for round two because he realizes he'll never get it that good anywhere else?

So this really is the last story.

" I need an adult!!! "


Ooooh is that braeburned on the thumbnail? Thats the only reason this story stuck out for me.

I loved this pound is a cute little butt slut.

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