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My name is Remedy. Call me Remi. I've recently come into the fandom and have always had a secret passion and natural knack for writing and reading. So now with that said I'm setting it to the test.

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Eventually these might go right where you want them to go-ooo! Just saying.

I'm looking forward to it :twilightsmile:

I'd like to see this story continue. Curious what their parents are going to say.

Duely noted. I was think a chapter to how this all started in the first place. Maybe even shenanigans and whatnot.

Judge from the contest leaving my editing notes here.

Spelling and grammar were both good. There were some instances of sentence fragments that didn't always work for me. That aside, the writing mechanics were solid. There was also a few times where you switched PoV between siblings that was a little awkward. Since you started from Pound's PoV I actually think it would have worked better if it'd stayed there for the duration of the fic.

For the story and the incest theme.. I actually enjoyed the bit of build up leading to the sex stuff. In fact, I was enjoying it so much that I was sad to see it go so soon. I wish there'd been more of it... More awkwardness between the siblings. Maybe they could have spent the entire day around each other, getting worked up. Thinking they made it through the day, they could have ran into each other at night before bed, and then things get out of control. Something like that, maybe?

I say that because I think you were doing a good job portraying the awkwardness.

Anyways this was overall a fun read. Thanks.

Liked, and... Hm.. Should I fave it?

Eh, why not. It's hot Cakecest!

Intresting, would love to find out how mrs. Cake will react.


That would be good as well.

Honestly I read this chapter and I couldn’t follow it.

It may be just me though. :derpyderp2:

Hmmmm yeah I think it’s me :derpytongue2:

I don't blame you. I usually add much more detail to my chapters. Apologies!

And then Mom gets involved for the May Mothers Contest sequel!

Hah ha! Made ya clop!

No really this clop was made for people.

Mrs. Cake had just walked in on her children having sex.
I await for the next chapter. Don't disappoint me, mate.
Or else I'll need a...
Remedy for the heart!

Eh? Eh?
Ah, just take my like and favorite instead.

You want feedback? Ok. Please oh please do more! You capture lustful desire so very well. One of the best at it I have read on this site. Combine that with the ever cute Cake twins and I would absolutely adore reading more about them. Thank you for this treasure.

Holy crap o.o.....okay.

:twilightsmile:But tell me this. Did you fap to it? :trollestia:

You ask the wrong question. You should ask would I because I did just read it. I just happened to be at work while I read it so no I didn't. Wouldn't that be awkward. However could I? Would I? Even will I later? The answers to those are in order: So very easily! For sure! Quite possibly. Incest is by far my biggest turn on. Especially sibling incest and you wrote a very hot example of it between some very cute and sexy siblings.

I definitely would love to see a prequel to this. I like reading about first times.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter and I hope they make love in their parents bedroom :twilightsmile:

When will we get the next chapter?

are you still working on the story

Oh this makes me very happy to hear. This story is really well done, so whenever this updates I'll be sure to jump right on that new chapter.

HI I was wondering when will the next chapter be out if you don't mind me asking and I hope they do something in their parents bedroom too :twilightsmile:

plz continue this!

Is there going to be a update on this story ?

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