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On the first day of Christmas, NightStalker gave to me, Rudolph banging all the ponies.

...You have piqued Rarity's interest.

Never in my life would I thought of reading a Rudolph and MLP story, and for some reason I want more of this. Looking forward to the rest. XD

I see…" A faint rosy hue appeared on her cheeks and she glanced away. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but it's just that Cupid and Vixen are sort of…Well, feminine names."

Ummm. Cupid is a boy's name. Name one girl that is named Cupid. Cupid is the son of Aphrodite, latter depicted as a flying baby boy with a bow and arrow. Cupid is not seen as a feminine name. But your right Vixen is a feminine name.

Fluffy sex at Christmas time...I'm game!

>Sees chapter
>Reads it
.............................................................................................................Hmm. So this is what FIMFiction's about. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

...... go on....

In the next chapter.

The Ponyville PD raid Fluttershy's house due to suspicions that it's a bordello. Neighbors have been reporting that a red light has been see going on and off during the night.

While Fluttershy is at the police station for questioning, Rudolph is placed in the care of one of the other mane six.

I sense that the police will have more reports coming in about illegal prostitution in Ponyville in the near future.:rainbowwild:

Great little story so far nice that Rudolph could get his rocks of with someone seeing how Zoey was such a cock-tease.:pinkiecrazy:


That gave me a much needed laugh. Thank You Shiro.


This is how low FiMF is willing to sink?

I have no words for how dismayed I am at even the concept of this.

This is a new low for a fandom that's always somehow able to dig the well deeper.

6751094 Could be worse Mythril, at least it isnt Foalcon

..........hmmmm lunaxrudoph I ship it :twilightblush:

meh. would have been more enjoyable if it was rabies sex...

Because they would all die.. :pinkiehappy:

Imagine what would happen if Rudolph told his father.... :trollestia:

6751094 it's the brony fandom Mythril, it's mere inception was a giant hole

you know, if your replace Rudolph with a pony this becomes the 'super overpowered black and red donut steel OC' type of fic. Goes round having sex with all the mane 6, is faster than rainbow dash is amazing at sex despite being a virgin practically, but theres nothing to worry about because its the version of equestria where sex is a common as brushing your teeth

The sex scene with RD was extremely hot, though I'm surprised that this version of Equestria has ponies like Cadence and Shining sleeping around. Thanks for the chapter.

6751094 I agree with you. I mean, why would anyone do this to Rudolf?

Well we already know that Rudolph has to be beyond sanic to do his job, and Rainbow was certainly not impressed by his fucking skills until he went in for anal. And given that he didn't do anything differently in that hole, Rainbow probably just really, really likes it up the butt.

Making Rudolf a little more assertive/confident, maybe even cocky given his apparent desirability, in later chapters could be a nice mix up, and go a long way to improving the feel of the story.

6751094 *shrugs and winks* Why not?

Wow, that's the hottest chapter yet. I knew that RD has been around the block, but Pinkie sure showed to be the most experienced mare so far. The fact that she added Derpy into the mix, introduced Rudolph into the pleasures of lesbian sex and threesomes, and used new techniques that didn't appear in the previous chapters made the chapter memorable. Derpy was extremely adorable with her shyness, her submissive attitude towards Pinkie, and her liking towards Rudolph. Hope to see the next chapter tomorrow. BTW, are Derpy and Pinkie friends with benefits or are they lovers/couple as those two showed nearly romantic feelings and Pinkie was very quick to smooth Deroy's insecurities?

Don't suppose you want a proof reader do ya?

6751094 Boy the irony is thick.

I personally enjoyed the first chapter the most so far. That being said there are still many more chapters to go. But so far I found chapter 1 the most well paced, well written, most emmersive one.

But continue. A chapter a day is an ambitious, lofty, and admirable goal.

With the Big Mac and Thunderlane tags, I predict this will end in a huge 9-10 way orgy.

Rudolph the lucky reindeer,
Had a very shiny d*ck.
And if the ponies saw it,
They'd look down and start, to lick.
Sometimes, he'd be, on bottom.
Sometimes he would be on top.
But Rudolph the lucky reindeer,
Never ever seemed to stop.
( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)

6754648 I know it was an honest typo, but now I'm imagining "Deroy" as some badass biker cousin of Derpy. :rainbowlaugh:

The three quickly made their way to the main sitting area, where Fluttershy lay on the carpeted ground and gently allowed Rudolph to get off of her back. When he was resting comfortably on the ground, she turned back to Twilight.
"Where's Spike…?" Fluttershy asked.
"Oh, didn't I tell you?" Twilight responded, "I decided he earned a little vacation so he's staying with my parents for a few days in Canterlot." She then turned her attention onto Rudolph. "So, what's happened here?"

.......Suuuuuurrre, Twilight.:twilightblush:

Whatever makes you sleep at night, especially when it's convenient that he's not there and it just happens that a male reindeer happens to show up to meet this group of obviously single female ponies (obviously Fluttershy isn't gonna be alone, and probably Rudolph doesn't quite know a female adult pony is a mare.)

EDIT: I thought about this a little bit, and personally I wonder if that was even more funny and kinda embarassing--that while Fluttershy is continuing the 'massage' (and this is after the surprised erection) and Rudolph starts saying somedeer in his sleep like 'Clarisse" for example, Just a thought :raritywink:

I think I know Milo from some Christmas based thing. Anyway, perhaps have him do all four Princesses?

Even though the whole story of Santa doesn't make much sense to me any more, I would still like to know: What version of Santa is this? Is this the Santa who puts coal in the stockings of the naughty children, or does he sick the Krampus on them, like he did in the original legends?

Ok, this scene was great. It was nice to learn more about Derpy's family and Rudolph's interaction with the Apples was great. The sex scene was hot if a little prudish compared with the previous chapter, but it was adorable to see Rudolph and AJ being shy around each other. BTW, how many chapters are left in this story?

I thought you were going to say "For shits and a giggles," but "Why not," is close enough.

Well I belive each member of the mane six will have a chapter. Rarity and Twilight is back so st least 2 chapters are still back than we'll see.

I wonder how Pinkie would react to the Isle of Misfit Toys?

Who's Milo? O_o

6757656 Not from a Christmas thing, nope. ;)

6757982 The real answer is for the same reason I wrote any of my other stories: I was inspired.

6757829 Three. (at least...for now...winkwink)

Wow, Rarity really took command in that scene, still, it was an amazing chapter.

And this chapter was even worse.

Very nice chapter but to be honest I'm a bit disappointed as I counted for Rudolf will sharing Rarity with Thunderlane. Oh well it was still very good.

Oh and pegging is my 2nd fetish right afther váginál penetration with horn.

While I really don't like Rarity, this was pretty good mate. Give yourself a pat on the back.

'Would she…?'


Rudolph took a step forward. "Rarity?"

Pls no


oh god no

"Do you wanna have sex?"


First off. Scarf... You brought in the 4th Doctor!!?? Awwww hellz yeah! Second.

Reading this:
Mind: stop readin
Gut: no!
Mind: Rarity is gonna...
Gut: she will not
Mind: told you. Now stop!
Gut: .... maybe read a bit more.

I haven't even read the damn story and I already getting a red flags to run

Thumbed down because it started off in areas I liked but slowly made me feel worse about reading it and having to force myself along, and just generally felt unpleasant. As a suggestion, I'd say giving a list of kinks at the beginning of the chapter. It's well written, hot when it appeals to me but I felt suckered into something. Just blame me rather than yourself though, I just needed to say something to acquire closeure.b-i.forbesimg.com/theapothecary/files/2014/01/bailout_imminent1.png

I wouldn't count his encounter with Rarity as sex since he was basically on the receiving end of everything (I assume so since I just skipped that whole garbage section.) Story actually started good and then the last 3 chapters raped this story and left it for dead in a ditch. Would have been nice to have had disclaimers about what was in each chapter. Just skipped the entire clop (garbage shit) scene for this and Rarity's chapter. This story now gets 20 downvotes from me.

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