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Which Story Arc Would You Like To See? · 5:04am Aug 6th, 2019

So I've been working mostly on Scratched lately, which will still have a long reaching plot line in development. I'm curious if you guys would like me to continue or if you aren't quite digging that story line? I am definitely getting some mixed feedback on it.

Other options:

Focus more on a Twi-Spike fic I have been working on. This is another porn with a plot fic that is about half finished.

Create more chapters and fetish fuel for Finishing School For Fillies.

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Upcoming Plans · 5:43am Jul 1st, 2019

Since my return and attempt to get back into the swing (and actually finish multi part stories), I wanted to go over my upcoming plans.

1: I have a multi part Spike/Twilight fic ready to drop. I've written nearly all of it in advance, so that there will be no issues leaving it hanging. It will be a low clop higher drama fic, but will still definitely keep readers happy with the action it's got. Expect it by the end of July.

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Accepting Chapter Requests · 12:02am Jun 23rd, 2019

Hey guys, dropping a multi chapter Sweetie/Rares story today as part of my ongoing efforts to get back into writing.

Premise is a naughty classroom style where Rarity is teaching Sweetie and her friends how to be proper fillies. Only less of the dining etiquette and more of the how to deepthroat without gagging type of lessons.

I'm accepting all chapter premise ideas for naughty classroom topics. You can PM me as well.

If an idea gets some upvotes I'll try hard to work it in.

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Oh Mon Dieu · 3:34am Nov 10th, 2014

I realize I don't make many blog posts, but I'm very flattered to have Summer On Fire translated into French! A kindly French author is translating and posting it on a french fiction site:


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Project Update: 07-15-13 · 5:46am Jul 16th, 2013

Time for the long Summer stretch project update.

I feel like my writing slows down drastically during Summer. I'm outside a lot more, and just don't have the time for it sometimes. I really am trying my best, though!

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Project Update: 01-08-13 · 9:31pm Jan 8th, 2013

I'm back after a lengthy Holiday sabbatical! Traveling and having the flu, I finally got back to what's important: writing horrific stories about pastel ponies.

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Project Update: 10-25-12 · 12:05am Oct 26th, 2012

Just giving a heads up about my current projects.

Faithful is still on hold. I have not forgotten it and fully intend on completing it no matter how many chapters that may take.

Elegie will still be my main focus. There will be two more chapters, one that is currently nearing completion and a conclusion afterwards. Spoiler: There is no happy ending.

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