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Tired of not having anypony in her life, Fluttershy decides enough is enough.

Rarity keeps telling her that stallions are only into 'fluffier' mares nowadays. So Flutters decides to enlist Zecora to floof up her assets, so to speak.

The process works a bit too well.

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Now this looks like something I could get into!

Fluttershy not liking to be around Zecora? Unthinkable!

Really enjoyed this story! Pinkie was in top form, and Fluttershy's sufferings were both hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time.

From what episode is that from again?

So it's like a boob parody

Wait, so if a moderate to large amount of just chest fluff is enough to fill ponies with awe. What does that say about Fluffle?


10/10 Would Floof again.

Heh. That was pretty cute and funny all around.


Just... Yes.

I shall read this at some point.

May I ask, what is the source?

7500872 Sure. Artist is Flash Equestria Photography on Derpibooru.

Reminds me of love potion number nine.

So female pony chest fluff is like female human chest tits?

I realize that it's a joke, that the chest fluff is supposed to be a metaphor for tits, but... 1.) Fur isn't that heavy, and 2.) I get that the fur is interfering with her forelegs movement somewhat, but it shouldn't be that hard to walk, no different from a mare wearing a stole, and we've seen those.

Imma touch da floof :pinkiesmile:

No touchy :applejackunsure:

but, but, but... imma touch da floof :pinkiegasp:

No. No touchy. :ajbemused:

Okay no touchy :pinkiesad2:

Imma watch the floof :pinkiesmile:

That's okay :applejackunsure:

And a little touchy :pinkiecrazy:

Eh...honestly, I found the reactions of everypony more disturbing and displeasing than cute or funny...

The mare started walking faster, trying to avoid anypony as much as humanly possible.

I think you mean pony

This needs a sequel I love this
I have to agree with fluttershy' friends she does look better fluffy

There should REALLY be more stories like these! If not by you, then by other writers! WE NEED MORE FLUFFY-CHEST PONY STORIES!

...Poor flutters..

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