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More please.

So awesome, you HAVE to continue this!:pinkiehappy:

Don't be negative about your story, I loved it, please make a sequel. :twilightsmile:

I wouldn't mind reading about button getting rutted. Maybe a little crossdressing :P

Good work! Would definitely love to see more, particularly some rutting!

Maybe even another part with futa Sweetie Belle. Oh! Or even genital swap Button and Sweetie.

5206674 That's for another story entirely >_>; I was talking about like expanding on this one. It just feels unfinished as is.

Pretty good. Could do with some editing and revisions, but not too bad.

Amazing story, Please more. A follow up chapter to this would be amazing.

*reads story, looks at authors notes*
Its a touchy subject, but you did it well. You deserve your up-votes.

I request either a sequel or a bonus chapter where Thunderlane introduces Button to blowjobs and/or anal. Pretty plz?:pinkiesad2:

The pegasus closed another another story,
closed another story,

He immediately stopped when he saw what exactly was he holding in his hoof.
exactly he was holding

The dark grey felt a tingle in his groin and decided to put down the magazine,
dark grey pegasus felt or at least I think that's what it was supposed to have been.

The perspective of teaching that pony a thing or two seemed to wake his sex drive form slumber…

The older stallion had no doubts what the colt is experiencing - it was no surprise for a colt his age, after all.
doubts about what the colt was experiencing Looks better I think, your decision.

The fact that he could feel his own body getting a bit hot was completely another thing.
was a completely other thing. Your decision.

The stallion wanted nothing more than lick it all the way from the shiny orbs to the tip right now.
than to lick

leaving only him and the most intense pleasure he’s ever felt in his life intact.

a few spurts of sticky liquid shooting out of the tip if his shaft.

why was he asking for a permission to clop in his own house?
for permission

Thunderalne was pleased to notice that the colt had no problem with understanding what an ‘orgasm’ was.

Loved it!
Now if you'll excuse me I need to... uh... do some stuff... *cough*

5600874 What he said.
This is too good.

5899134 Thank you for your taking the time and pointing that stuff out! I'll try to spot such things before publishing a story in the future.

Also, thank you everyone for reading the story. I've been lately preoccupied by real life and had nor the time, nor the energy to write. For some inexplicable reason, you all seem to like my stories, and so I'll try to publish new ones more often than once or twice a year.

That's nice story, well done :)

And... So I’m guessing… it gets that way when I have to pee?

I thought the same thing at first.

Years later I still want more xD

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