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Can the next installment feature Trixie and the Illusions?

Well, I didn't see the ending coming. And about innocent Fluttershy? Wasn't expected.

Mane 6 and the Human 6 next please.

I don't think we ever see any interaction with the Dazzlings and Spike some reason.

Due to Twilight's comment near the end you are now honor-bound to make one with the Mane 6. (Optionally including any of the following as well: Celestia, Luna, Cadence, Shining Armor, Maud Pie, Discord)

That sequel should probably somehow reference the response to that last query from "Sunshine". Maybe Maud could help here, out of all the "regulars" she seems the most likely to actually USE the virgin card in this game, Flutters might have it too though she'd probably be too shy to use is. I know, bad pun is bad

It'd definitely be hilarious if Equestrian Fluttershy WAS a "sheltered child" like Twilight has been portrayed in this series thus far. Primarily due to the kind of reaction she'd get once Twilight mentions Human Fluttershy's perverseness... possibly as an accusation of cheating, though probably in a non-hostile form of accusation.

PS: DYK? Leonard Nimoy, the guy that played Spock died recently.

Nice, have a like. And...

"I haven't seen this much booze since the Prohibition!"

The moment when you remember exactly what 'over a thousand years old' entails.

5729818 i did know actually! That's why I put that little tid bit in there. As a kind of way to honor him. And I guess i did kinda set myself up for that, didn't i? :twilightoops:

"If you've done it, chug down a whole bottle"
What? How high did Rainbow have to be already[/i ]to suggest this? And how big are these bottles?

5729945 I'm somewhat surprised Twilight neither questioned the reference nor the fact that the "anti-nerd" jock of the Hu-Mane 6 was the one to make it. Former if she'd never been exposed to Star Trek and the latter if she had. In the latter case she may have also made some quote based on series lore relevant to the fact that he's dead. (Perhaps "He lived long and prospered"? I'm not too well versed in Star Trek lore and most of what I do know is from Next Generation with the Bald Genius Captain Picard.)

Wait, didn't Jennif- I mean Rainbow Dash, lose last time because she's done just about every weird thing ever? Some people never learn.

"Yay!" Sonata clapped her hands with excitement. "I haven't seen this much booze since the Prohibition!"
"The whoosie what now?" Pinkie asked, confused.
"Pay attention in history class, darling, you'll learn something," Rarity told her patting

Sonata's the one who needs to check her history - Prohibition may not've curbed drinking completely, but it did make it significantly harder to find a drink

Oh-ho-ho-ho, this is gooooooood. :raritywink: :ajsmug:

"Like a tramp stamp?" Dash asked

Exactly like that

To little sunlight

I give you a 6.8 because no Discord, and you didn't even mention his name

With other people in the room, Sunset? Goodness, how daring!

This was a fun read, though. Have a thumbs up, and a favorite.


5730037 do you have a set of cards against humanity?

5730662 nope! But i do play it online with friends!


5730664 you have do a cards against humanity story with the Rainbooms and the Dazzlings playing together, that would be funny as hell:rainbowlaugh:

5730671 you should ask MythrilMoth for that! He's the one who does the Cards Against Equesria Girls stories! :twilightsmile:


5730677 i'm afraid he would say no to the idea:applecry:

"Well, look at it this way darling, you aren't the only one not familiar with our slang this time," Rarity assured her

How does she figure that? The Dazzlings have been there a LONG time...

Twilight rolled her eyes. "Fine. Never Have I Ever tried to take over the school," She smirked at Sunset.

She already did this one last time... :ajbemused:

"Me next! Never Have I Ever moaned out a friend's name while flicking the bean," Rainbow said, give all the girls a leering look.

:rainbowlaugh: Now THAT'S a bizarre euphemism!

"I'll go then," Sunset said, cracking her knuckles. "Never Have I Ever gotten off with the help of a little friend." She smirked when a blush overcame Rarity and Fluttershy's faces.

"Like a midget?!" Pinkie asked.

The others smacked their foreheads.


The door opened, revealing Maud herself. "What are you all doing?" She asked in a monotonous voice

Monotone, not monotonous. They do not mean the same thing.

“Fluttershy. Into voyeurism. This...I don’t know why but this makes sense...”

Yes. Yes it does.

Twilight gave the girl a curious look. “Is that why you always lose? Because you really are a sexual perverted freak?”

OUCH, Twi.

5729646 and Sunset too, unless she is the sixth human.

5729646 so tempting but that would be so confusing to write! :raritydespair:

5730914 Well until the human Twilight meets up with the Human 6 Sunset will fill in.

5730930 How to keep track of who is who? Just put a P! in front of the pony version and an H! for the version.

5730966 eeh i think I've exhausted the "raunchy sleepover game trope" if it's not broken don't fix it i suppose.

I was kind of hoping for Adagio to ask Sunset for another "session" at the end, but what Sunset did was kind of better...

"You Win" while Rainbow's said the opposite.

niW uoY?
You Lose?
Win You?:rainbowhuh:

I NEED TO KNOW WHAT IT SAID!:raritydespair:

Nice story, by the way:moustache:

Twilight and her friends need to read questions from The Big Book of If.

That could be fun and philosophical...

"Wait, wait, wait," Dash interrupted her. She grinned at Applejack. "No bets, no stakes. But how about we make this a little more interesting?"

Is this going where I think it's going?

Rainbow leaned over to whisper something in Pinkie's ear. When the pink haired girl seemed to get it, she beamed and nodded her head wildly.
She jumped up and left the room without a single word.

Pinkie returned with four cases of the Apple family's cider.

Oh, it's going exactly were I think it is.

This was a fun little story to read, I think it was a good follow up to the original. What better way to get everyone to say even crazier things then last time then to have them all get drunk?

It's too bad the Dazzlings didn't have all that much to say during the game, but as Adagio said, when you lived for over a thousand years, there really wouldn't be much you haven't done. Although the fact that Adagio used to call the same phone sex hotline that Sunset worked for and request her specifically more then makes up for that.:rainbowlaugh:

“You’d fair even worse over there than here.”

“Really? How so?” Twilight asked, her eyebrows furrowing.

Sunset let out a sigh. “Twilight,” She said, putting a hand on the young princess’s shoulder. “I’m pretty sure your friends have done way more than you ever will.”

Really Sunset? That's a pretty low blow, why did you even s—

Sometime later, Twilight felt someone poke her arm, waking her. She looked up to see it was Sunset. She was surprised when the older girl leaned down and kissed her. She stared up at her, wide eyed.
“So,” Sunset said, smirking down at her. “You wanna cross being a virgin off your list?”

—ay that... Well, I definitely see your reasoning for it now, carry on.

After your hinting to Twilight doing this back in Equestria, I would like to see that happen.

Now that, was some funny shit. :rainbowlaugh: And dat ending! :pinkiegasp:

Depends on what she was 'doing' during the prohibition.
Working a speakeasy would have let her see a lot of booze, also running a still.

Great, now you have me wanting to read a ST/MLP crossover (don't think I'm good enough to write one yet...)

heh, me too.

Cant believe I'm saying this but lets get an Equestria version. Pony main 6 play Never have I ever.

“So,” Sunset said, smirking down at her. “You wanna cross being a virgin off your list?”

And everyone else crossed off "Watching another person having sex" off their own lists that night. AJ promptly decided never to be part of another sleep over again.

You know, it would be interesting what fetish does each of them have...

Being honest, I wouldn't be surprised if Sunset and Twilight had foot fetish. Think bout it. No creatures in equestria have feet. Most have hooves, some visitors like Griffons have paws but no one there has feet. It makes sense that they would be curious a bit due to it being exotic.

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