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"Ah can't believe we're seein' this," Applejack said, eyes wide.
"I can't believe this is happening right in my bedroom," Rarity said, blinking rapidly.
"I can't believe this isn't butter!" Pinkie said, tossing a handful of popcorn into her mouth.

You made my day.

Oh god dammit, Pinkie... Then again, I expected no less.


Liked the story, but I still smell a shitstorm coming because some people can't handle a simple story.

Hopefully I am wrong.

For some reason I think quite a few people at CHS might end up seeing that video.

I thought Rarity would be offended. You know, no one jumping on her.

Yeah, that was sexy, but Pinkie stole the show! :rainbowlaugh:

Just a reminder to all: Sunset Shimmer is WAY over the age of 18, so nothing that happens in this chapter is in any way, shape, or form illegal.

I'm pretty sure rape is illegal.

5827945 You think obtaining sex with threats is not rape? Or that it's not illegal to rape an over 18 illegal immigrant?

5827964 A story about rape is not illegal. A story about child porn however can be construed as illegal. It's been used as evidence in courts before. (Albeit usually alongside graphical porn or actual child porn as supporting evidence that the photographs they found were not a one off thing.) But evidence that has gained convictions in courts none the less.

At no point does anyone say rape is not illegal. At no point does anyone say it is not a bad thing. I don't know where the fuck your projections about illegal immigrants comes from. Stop putting words in peoples mouth. Don't get your panties in a wad over nothing.

5827978 The disclaimer doesn't say the story is not illegal, or that the things that happen in the story are not illegal to write about, it says that nothing that happens in this chapter is in any way, shape, or form illegal.

The illegal immigrant bit is the part where the guy's threats are given credibility because Sunset is essentially an illegal immigrant. That's why she can't afford to be taken to court.


At first I really didn't understand why you put the disclaimer on this one and not the other one, but then I read the chapter. :trollestia:

5827978 The warning is just redundant though.

If Sunset wasn't 18 in these stories, they wouldn't be allowed on the site anyways. Putting a disclaimer about legality is just silly, plus it's worded poorly enough that it's easy to misunderstand it.

Flutter...shy..." Sunset moaned. She stopped squirming and simply stared down, over her own breasts, at the mass of soft pink hair covering her half-stripped lower body. She wriggled her hips, allowing Fluttershy to slide her panties off. Within seconds, Sunset's pajama bottoms and panties were flung across the room, landing in Rainbow's lap.

Am i the only one that imagined sunset as isaac clarke and fluttershy as a leaper? What? No one... Ok...


Did... you even read the story? It was all roleplay.

Comment posted by schpeelah deleted Dec 14th, 2015

5828040 Yes. I see nothing about the Hi-Def's talking about money and taking Sunset to court being roleplay. The roleplay is just the sex itself.


5828061 Look... It's just a story, right? Let's not start this please. It's all a fantasy that's happening to people that don't exist, and it really doesn't matter what the legality of it is. If you want to discuss Hi-Def's morals then yeah, he's a giant asshole who is taking his revenge too far. However, because this is just a story made for our amusement, I really don't think we should clutter his comments section with pointless moral speculation ESPECIALLY because the author was only mentioning that this STORY is 100% legal.

This was a good chapter:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache: Though I was kinda expecting for fluttershy to launch into a long, detailed, and fast paced lecture/rant( like pony Fluttershy did when Rarity made her gala dress) about how she would do Sunset.

In hindsight, I don't know why I was at all surprised to see a chapter on revenge porn.

@Mythril: No, this is totally rape. The story itself is not a moral transgression, but the actions described definitely are. You can say you didn't intend it that way, but that's what you wrote. Litigation threats (of dubious basis; I'm fairly certain anything he got from the lawsuit would be irrelevant in the face of the criminal charges he'd face) to extort sex are totally illegal. Not to mention if he had tried a lawsuit, it wouldn't have worked (assuming EG is set in a generally American setting). Sunset explicitly voices non-consent, so... yeah, it's totally rape.

Now, I'm not going to say writing this scene was morally wrong – because I don't believe it is – but at least don't try to stifle criticism with lies.

That was hilarious and sexy.

It's... Well, the author put a note to make sure to stave off a comment storm regarding potential underage sex, and that's good. But rape is a pretty touchy subject, and there was no warning there. Even a note saying that the story contains rather ambiguous content would have been nice. Yes it's a story, and such, but not everyone likes this kind of fantasy. Generally a little red flag at the start is usually all it takes so that people who don't want to see it will just move on.
Anyone who sees a warning and ignores it has no grounds to complain if it doesn't break site rules. But on the flip side, someone who gets blindsided is generally going to say something. There is not, as far as I know, any requirement to put trigger warnings of any kind, but there isn't much reason not to.

Site rules say that any underage sex with human characters is prohibited. (Foalcon is allowed, but not humans. Not sure about anthro.) Or at least was last time I had checked. I don't think this has changed, but I might be wrong. As Sunset is the main character here, I am guessing the note specifies her for that reason, but I would figure anyone in her class is probably meant to be seen as her age.

Comment posted by Jmaster99 deleted Apr 6th, 2015

5828206 Let's be fair now, Mythril isn't saying anything. He didn't want the comments to become a shitstorm, yet here we are on the precipice. Only other people, not the author, are arguing what Hi-Def did is ok legally. I don't know why I find myself so irritated by this, but I think it's because Mythril specifically stated he didn't want this for the comments. I'll say it like I said in my other comment, let's please just let it all go...


5828453 Yeah your right, and I understand that. I just really don't like comments sections that end up devolving into shit, and I guess I was just trying to head it off... I seriously just stumbled upon this story from another story, and when I saw the comments heading down that way, well, I guess I just acted on my own impulse. It is a little presumptuous of me to assume I need to do that though :facehoof:

Usually, rape, or even something that looks like rape, is almost inevitably going to result in at least a minor crapshower. One of the reasons I advocate trigger warnings, is a fair chunk of the people who get upset simply don't read the story, and it removes a lot of the ground on which the rest can stand on, but there is no stopping it altogether. Usually just best to wait it out.

I don't agree with this story.

This is why I don't get this weird, poorly worded disclaimer.

If you are going to put in Rape, label it as having Rape and put the Rape in. Who gives a fuck.

TBH, you should just say in the description that some chapters contain dubious consent, or "dubcon." We got the token bit about how she enjoyed it afterwards, so you cna get away with not calling it rape, but defnitely some warning for the people who don't want to read that - the character's age isn't really their point of contention. If you really want, say something like, "This is a story about people "doing" Sunset, and she's not very well-liked. That should be an indicator about the content."

Fluttershy pulled her head away from Sunset's crotch. Long, ropy strings of slick love juice and saliva connected her lips to Sunset's pussy.

bloody hell

Nice chap btw.

:facehoof: Man, did I ever underestimate the potential for people around here to be (a) clueless, (b) determined to tumblrize the hell out of anything, and (c) keep chasing that one mailman that doesn't even exist. :ajbemused:

Everyone who's screaming rape here and ignoring the fact that she could've walked away, offered to work out an installment plan, offered to help raise funds another way, or like a dozen other things but chose to voluntarily do the porn video is (a) missing the point entirely, (b) doesn't "get" why that disclaimer is there, and (c) generally shouldn't be dragging their own ethical baggage into a place where it is neither welcome nor appropriate.

Let me spell it out for you:

The disclaimer is referring ONLY to Hi-Def making a porn video of Sunset Shimmer with the intent to sell it for profit. WITH her informed consent. That's ALL the disclaimer is referring to. Jeez, you'd think people would be able to pick up on that from the context clues.

I go to bed for a few hours, I come back to THIS crap...seriously. :ajbemused:


(b) doesn't "get" why that disclaimer is there

Honestly you would have gotten none of this response if you hadn't put that in at all. When I saw it, I almost thought you were attempting to draw attention to a almost completely benign situation. It's at the very start of the story, and to anyone that gets all self righteous and skims the story without analyzing the plot, it looks like a rape, even though it isn't.

If you really must have the note, just put it at the end so only people that actually read the story will see it. It could have avoided all this foolishness.

The death is real. *shoots herself with gun*

I remember seeing a small hint of BigShimmer in your previous story.
Something that bugged me...

Now, if I do not see Big Macintosh Does Sunset Shimmer!......I'll be disappointed.

5829066 It's there to ward off the whole "OMG underage porn you bastard" thing I was expecting (and which, as the disclaimer says, what happens here is not). Problem is, we can't always anticipate what people are actually going to bitch about. Oh well, live and learn...

Looking past the fact that the comments section is shit... Great clop.

Raise your hands if you wanted to see the Pinkie, Sunset and Fluttershy threesome we're obviously missing....

>Scrolling through the feed

>Sees this

>Ultra-wat mode activated


~ Wolfram Alpha

Yeah I can definitly see why this chapter's stired up some controversy. All I'll say is, sorry it happened. No one likes a shitstorm and I hope it doesn't discourage you from continuing. This one may not have been for me but it's still well written and I'm looking forward to reading more. Personally I was this would just be about Sunset and the gang but *shrugs* thems the breaks. Of course that does give you a lot more options and I can't wait to see who's next.

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