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Dying. Funny thing, that. It never happens how you expect it.


30 moons have passed, and Sunset Shimmer sets on her way home. She's confused and upset, and she can only pray for a chance to prove her worth in Equestrian society once more. She receives so much more than that.

Season 5 and all but the first of the Equestria Girls movies are not canon to this story.

Warning: This is, in fact, a SunLight or Sunset x Twilight ship fic. If that bothers you, please don't read this.

Featured! 17/5/14

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Great start. I can't wait to read more.

4377689 Thanks. :twilightsmile: There aren't enough Sunlight fics.

Good start. Interested to see where this is going. :twilightsmile:

Isn't thirty moons the equivalent of three years? Thirty moons refers to moon cycles, so that is roughly three years.

4377741 Yes, but who's to say that time moves the same on both sides of the mirror? :duck: This will be addressed later on. :twilightsmile:

4377740 Thank you. That means a lot to me. Your Sunset Shimmer fic is by far my favorite. :rainbowkiss:

4377790 ohmigod... I hadn't thought of that. Narnia.

Bass, this shit's amazing. Please, continue.

Well this is a very good start, i hope you don't mind if this is submitted too the SunLight group known as, Step into the SunLight (Sunset Shimmer x Twilight Sparkle) (i know the name is a bit long), also you might be interested in our SunLight Art gallery we have there, either way this looks like it will be a great story, good work. :twilightsmile:

P.S. I love how you did the title, it goes well with how Princess Celestia treated Sunset after her return.

Well, I'm glad someone understands that Twi living in a castle wouldn't be something all too great for her.
Not completely sure why you have to make this take place after the end of Season 4, but if that's what you want to do I'm not stopping you.
Good story, so far.

4377924 Exactly! And when you come back, you regress in age to the normal amount you would have aged in that time. The only exception to this being the three days the portal is open. :pinkiehappy:

4377974 Thanks, man. :rainbowkiss: Trust me, I will.

4377988 Honestly, I'm a member, and I've forgotten to add it to any groups. :twilightsheepish:

4378002 Well, it's a new frontier. It's open to interpretation for an entire year. Who wouldn't want to jump on that? :pinkiehappy:

4378028 Sunlight's my second favorite ship, and it doesn't get enough love. I want to give it the love it deserves. :yay:

4378037 The Silent Name Ship List:
1. PinkieScratch (Duh)
2. TwiDash
3. FlashLight (<---- Swag)

4378009 Well ok then :twilightblush:, i will leave it too you :twilightsmile:, i still hope you enjoy the art gallery though.

4378009 okay, now I have to read this.

1. Tie Twidash/Twixie
2. SunLight
3. Haven't given it much thought...maybe ScootaBelle?

4378048 I enjoyed the whole thing just now. :pinkiehappy:

4378090 Mmmmm. CMC. I mean...I'm not a creep!

Why did this story have to post while I was at work? :raritydespair:

4378105 GBecause I finished it at work? :rainbowhuh: *shrugs* Sorry. :twilightsheepish:

4378090 glad you enjoyed it, i also find your theory too be very interesting.

I really that in the next movie sunset will come home and continue her studies and eventually become a princess

Mine is as follows:
1. TwiDash
2. OctaScratch
3. RariJack

As far as ships which conflict with those, there are actually a few which I can tolerate or even enjoy when written well, namely PinkieDash and AppleDash. And even Twixie. But not FlutterDash. NEVER Flutterdash.


As far as ships which conflict with those, there are actually a few which I can tolerate or even enjoy when written well, namely PinkieDash and AppleDash. And even Twixie.

And SunLight, right? :duck:

4378232 Sadly, I don't see that happening in canon, no matter how much we want it to. :fluttercry:

4378209 Shhhh. Don't spoil it for others. :raritywink:

4378119 Damn. Why can't you say "fine" like everyone else so I can make bad jokes at you? :rainbowlaugh:

I haven't even heard of this ship. Hate me.
Well, I have to read it now. I'll give the ship a chance... as long as there's no FlutterDash.

4378508 I'm not a fan of FlutterDash, so don't worry about that. :pinkiesmile: The only one I typically ship with Rainbow Dash in my non-Twidash stories is Spitfire.

4378513 But then there's always that odd fic that looks like a regular ship, then BAM half way through it's polyamoury...
I love when that happens.
Anyway, at least it's not SoarinDash. :rainbowlaugh:

4378543 I don't really care for Soarin. :applejackunsure: He was sort of a jerk to her more than the others at the Gala, and I've gotten that vibe from him ever since.

4378560 ...still better than Trash Crash Flush Flash Sentret Sentry

4378572 Lol. You mean, Emotionless Plot-device? Agreed. I was surprised when they actually gave him a line in the finale.

4378586 We can talk more about it in PM's though, if you don't mind light spoilers, yourself? :duck:

1. None of the Mane 6 were supposed to be in any straight canon relationship, according to Faust herself.
2. He's a waifu stealer.:ajbemused: She belongs to RD and Trixie...
And maybe Sombra...
Which reminds me, I need to write my shipping list in a blog.

4378599 She really said that? :rainbowderp: EG would have been literally no different if she'd just gone to the dance with her friends. Anyone could have called Sunset out on trashing the dance hall. Other than that, he played absolutely no important role other than eliciting some cute Twilight blushes.

I wish all 38 of the people who faved this had liked it too. :fluttershysad::heart:

Megan said that the title of princess is earned

I beleive Celestia will give her a second chance

4378626 Subject change: how about that Dislestia canon, eh? Suck it, Twilestias!

4378598 maybe latter, in truth i was about to get off, i'll PM you latter OK? :twilightblush: (i have Dark souls 2 all set up to play)

and no i don't mind light spoilers, as long as they don't reveal too much.:twilightsmile:

4378665 Maybe. :pinkiehappy:

4378682 I was more upset by the breaking of the Princest ship. Lol.

4378717 Lol. K. TTFN. :derpytongue2:

4378766 I guess that's something we disagree on. I didn't like princest. :duck:
Can I get a bizaam over here?!

I bet when discord did little wink. All the shippers got in their trucks

4378825 I have a friend who's fave ship is Dislestia, and she's flipping out. :rainbowlaugh:

Wow! It got to 22 likes before it got a dislike. That's pretty damn good! :pinkiehappy: I think that's a new personal record.

4378855 You mean besides me? :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:
Have another:
Maybe Ava did the animation. Maybe she didn't. Maybe it's from the show. Maybe it isn't.
Who knows, who cares? We're just a bunch of stupid mares.

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