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This story is a sequel to Be Mine

Twilight has been gone at a secret princess meeting for days now, and Rainbow dash got word earlier of her arrival back in Ponyville. Excited to spend time with her relatively new marefriend, Rainbow Dash stays up late to meet her at the castle. However, when Twilight finally arrives, will Rainbow be able to keep her eyes open long enough to have a decent conversation? ...Probably not.

Warning: Twidash cuddles may induce heart implosions from pure cuteness.

Dedicated to FrozenInTime

Cover art by Ambris.

Featured!!! 5th June, 2014! I love you guys!

Now available in Portuguese.

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Who disliked this story while I was reading it? At least 3 others up voted it to make up for this one travesty to such a good story... My rant has been finished now by yours truly.

Is there any more to this? I'm only asking because it's marked as incomplete at the moment, but the author's note (and end to the chapter) suggest that it's done.

Anyways, this was a short, fluffy, and cute piece to enjoy reading on a Thursday morning. Nice work.

thjey broke away to breath

Though methinks I spy a typo :ajsmug:

4501186 Ah! Thank you for catching both those mistakes. It is, indeed, finished, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

4501183 Some Twidash hater most likely. :applejackunsure: It happens.

4501160 Lol. Glad you enjoyed.

4501203 I'm fine with it being a hater as long as they don't blindly downvote stories just because they hate the topic of it. Anyhow I enjoyed this story, a lot.

can you make more Twidash stories with more then just one chapter and i like it

4501266 I'm planning on it. However, I have 2 ongoing stories and a lot of other stuff going on right now too. It'll be a bit, but I definitely intend to write a multi-chapter twidash.

You owe me a new heart. It was too much to take.

4501294 Grazi. :pinkiesmile:

4501296 How much is a heart on the black market? :rainbowdetermined2: Lol. Jk.

4501321 About twelve hundred bits, last time I checked.

4501334 Hmm...Too bad no one can survive 4 months without a hea- wait...you check the black market for these things? :trixieshiftright::trollestia:

this was so awesome! loved the feelings, the snuggles, and especially the part where rainbow cries because she was worried for twilight!

4501523 Thanks.I was worried people would've cried OOC with that part. :twilightsheepish:

4501537 rainbow is usually portrayed so rigidly as the tough pony, so it's nice to see her having such an emotional side that isn't 'underdeveloped' or something like that.

4501544 Nah. In my opinion, she's like Trixie in that aspect. The bravado is just a front she uses not because she can't be sensitive, but because she's terrified that if she were to show anything more that people would think less of her, and she just wants to be accepted.

4501556 oh i get it(even if our views of trixie are a little different), but i always read how she purposefully neglected her emotions, and therefore became emotionally stunted. or she spends so much time with the mask on, that she's out of touch with her emotions. something along those lines. hell, i even read a story where she actually killed off her emotions by wearing her mask to the point that she had to fake her emotions as well. that was an interesting story, and i'd love to share it if you'r interested. but back to the topic; it's just nice to see her still in touch with her emotions, even if she still wears the mask.

4501581 As for my views of Trixie, if you want to know more, you could read my Twixie stories (if you haven't already.) There's a great deal of personal growth for her in there. I am a bit curious about that story. Link?

4501594 This is the first one.

and this is the second one.

i really suggest reading them both, since they aren't as tragic as the first one suggests.

4501675 Y'know what? I actually know Maxxxxxx. :rainbowlaugh:

15% clop and 85% cuddle, the way I like it.

4501728 really? well then, i'm sure you'll love these stories! i know i do, and i can't wait for the next chapter!

4501733 There was no clop though. :rainbowhuh: Just a kiss.

4501738 I really enjoyed the one he wrote for the contest I helped run. :twilightsmile:

4501742 whatever lol (mild clop or something?) Still its a good story

4501353 It's been a few years, but yes.

4501746 which one was that?

4501791 Our Hearts That Summer Morning

4501774 :rainbowderp:

4501875 i loved that story! but why is the sequel so fucking sad!?

4501938 Wait, there's a sequel now? :rainbowhuh:

4501946 yeah, and it get's sad and depressing really fast!

:HURK: ...yes, the sound of my feels. Seriously, a great follow-up. I'm a sucker for these little fics with so much mush and fluff. Then again, I'm also a big fan of most anything Dash or Twi, so I'm easy to please. Well done, and thanks for the great fic!

Dude this is great ^.^

This was just... so beautiful.
I think I'm going to cry now. The feels...

4501963 Well then. :fluttercry:

4502262 No, thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :pinkiesmile:

4502489 Aww. Thank you. :twilightsmile:

4502862 Lol. You hadn't read it the entire time? :rainbowhuh: Thanks. Lol. Please don't cry.

4503231 Yeah, I was just scrollin' through the comments before I read it, and I saw that little mention of hearts on the black market, and I couldn't help but perpetuate the joke.

4503308 Lol. I see. That's a good way to get unwanted spoilers, y'know. :raritywink::trollestia:

Love it :3

4503332 For a short, cute n' fluffy story like this one, it usually doesn't matter :derpytongue2:

Comment posted by LightningBass94 deleted Jun 6th, 2014

The only disappointment I feel is that your writing has potential in a fully drawn-out romance story. I love short, fluffy stories as much as the next bro(ny), but I also enjoy long, fluffy stories. I hope you consider, at some point, writing a more thorough fic, because you definitely have the talent for this. I wish I had any talent for writing romance...

4503791 I've done several of those already, just not Twidash. I do intend to do a multi-chapter slice-of-life Twidash as well, though. I just have a veeeery long list of things to accomplish beforehand.

Now if that is not sweet, I don't know what it! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

PS. Ava you have yourself a keeper

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