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It's you again! Imma give this a read!
Never once have I found it possible to get a boner while reading about eating a Hamburger.
You have made my day, and shall be awarded mustaches.
PS: No Tags

I'm glad you liked it. It was certainly strange to write.

I generally don't tag my stories, just because it feels odd. Could do it, though, if people prefer that.

3635156 ...Well that explains one thing. And two, you literally just made eating an erotic art. I HOPE YOU'RE PROUD OF YOURSELF!

I most certainly am. It is my biggest achievement since writing an erotic story featuring show staff.

its 3 AM... got a job at 4 am...then i see this story, as i was coincidental eating a quarter pounder Bigmac with the works...there are no coincidences.:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

where did you get the pic for the cover by the way? looks like something out of a comic

Yeah, I kinda wrote something like that. Can't post it here, though, since it's a meta story.

Yes, it's from the EqG comic. Normally I prefer pony covers, but this one fit quite well.

haha she was looking at the 'meat' :rainbowlaugh:

I'm not entirely sure which comic it was, as I saved that picture a while ago, but I think Yayponies has it.



... Okay, that...

*Pounds table and laughs again*

I... This...

*Falls over and laughs some more*

This is just deliciously absurd! I loved it!

Now I won't be able to think of a hamburger without wingboners :/ damn you!

Liked, fav'd etc. ;/

You sir have earned those moustaches and more.

Also; are you allowed to link to the staff story? O.O
Peaked my curiosity.

I was actually considering going for a burger before writing this. Life is cruel, sometimes.

I'm glad you liked it, though. Means the world to me!

I think I'm allowed to link it, just not actually post it here.

Keep in mind it is a NSFW story, though.


3635167 have you never heard of food porn? There's even a facebook page

So descriptive, so odd, so random... Yet, a work of strange art. Bravo!

MEGHAN AND LAUREN HUH?:unsuresweetie:
HEH HE HE...:twilightblush:

I think that falls under the whole "Meta" story thing. Knighty posted some new rules on that last week or something.

BTW liked the story.

I sure hope you read the story to them. Best family dinner 2013.

Yeah, it does. I asked a mod about it before the blog post, and he said it was borderline, but probably wouldn't get through. It's aight anyway. I prefer writing about ponies. And thank you. Makes me glad when people like my stuff!

Wow. I was sure it was from a comic. Thanks, man. I'll make sure to put the source in.

I have reached maximum length.

nothing done for me, except when she calls spikes name. :raritycry:
images of spike and rarity doing the nasty nineteenth. :raritystarry::moustache:
sorry just how it is :twilightsheepish:
spike got game if it is that :moustache:
ps. he now needs friction cream :twilightoops:

Well, off to Five Guys.

well......... it's different! it is intersting alright but it's different

... She must really like her... Meat.:pinkiesad2: It makes me almost ashamed to scarf down burgers:rainbowkiss:

what am i even meant to say to this?

i should probably expect this from the fandom at this point.

on a slightly more serious note, very well written story.


One does not simply buy a burger in Equestria.

3635919 that, or spike IS the burger. :rainbowderp:

3637280 I actually thought it was for a little bit while I was reading the story!:facehoof:

...okay, fetish story detected. That, or some random story.
Anyway, good job... I guess?

3637788 you may notice that it never actually says what the burger is sooo.......sky's the limit.:twilightoops:

Goddamn. I want a burger now!

3638152 Exactly. A lot like Mcdonalds burgers.:derpytongue2:

First thing I notice is Rarity's boobs, I mean really. They are not that big in Equestria Girls.

I... I think she just came.

A pony eats meat story. These always share a special place in my heart, right next to the clogged arteries.:coolphoto:

Next to it stood a plan, white bag.

not to be picky change plan to plain... sorry ima gammer nazi


Before biting the beef in half

confirmed for beef.

3639685 ah ok.

....unless of course beef was just used as another word for meat. (maybe dragon meat is called beef:derpyderp2: i dunno)

Can... Can I get the source for that cover pic, please? I need it for reasons.:twilightblush:

...Well...That was Rarity's first Meat-related orgasmic experience. I must admit, I had a similar reaction to my first burger.

I feel like I've just been raped. :moustache:
It was a good rape. :raritywink:

You know, when she said 'Oh Spike' my first thought was that you were going to drop that good old 'Rarity killed spike and processed his flesh into a burger for her to eat and have a subsequent orgasm over'.
If I had a pound for every time I'd read a story following that exact premise then I'd be a richer man for certain.
Still though, cool story.

I have never heard of that premise before. I just threw it in there because of "muh shipping". It's not like the story wasn't strange already.

Glad you liked it, though!

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