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I only hope you enjoy my work. I appreciate all the comments and especially the favorites and follows. They make me happy.


Nothing to do with 'Equestria Girls'!

Rick Rhinestone has not had the easiest of afterlives. He first came to Equestria as a human, and made several great friends but suffered many hardships in defense of those friends. Then, after his second death and miraculous reincarnation as a unicorn, he fell in love. Now, he is marrying the four ponies that make him the happiest he has been in years. When it comes time for the honeymoon, they will get a vacation like no other pony has had in Equestrian history.

Sequel to A New World, A Fresh Start and Home Again

Teen for sexual references and some language. There will be NO clopping, sorry.
Please let me know of any grammar or spelling errors.

Chapters (20)
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Comments ( 158 )

As Thor would say "ANOTHER!" (smashes my mug) This is good, Can't wait for more. :pinkiehappy:

3492320 Granted, the story is a lot better than most of the 5-way, human-turned-pony OC shipfics on the site, but there are several mistakes that a quick re-read would iron out. Random capitalisations, misspelt words or the wrong use of similarly spelt words, that kind of thing.

Well, it certainly has a more rough start than it's prequels... But, I'll stick around to see where it might lead.


I personnaly think these downvote are deserved.

The base story got every clichés of the HiE genre ( wish-fulfilement mostly, with a touch of Stu ), the sequel was of the same tone with a little more Stu, and this one is the nail on the coffin.

Yeah I'm sorry but I have to disagree. I don't hate HiE stories in principle and this includes humanized ponies as well but there's something about this particular one that doesn't sit well with me.

The fact that he's got multiple mares from the Mane Six does count for part of the problem.That and the obvious wish fulfillment aspect of it. I will add that I haven't read any of the prequels to this so maybe I'm just missing something but any story should be able to stand on it's own even if it is a sequel.

There are some spelling errors, some grammar issues and I feel the narrative of the story just doesn't flow as well as it could.

It's thumbs down for me although I reserve the right to change that if for some reason I wind up reading the previous stories and they explain certain things better.

3493125 I say go for it. I wrote my first story on a whim. Yeah it sucked at first, but practice makes okay.:ajsmug:

3493036 I still appreciate your input.:ajsleepy:

I think we've all had that idea at some point just to see the reaction we'd get. You can definitely give it a try although I don't know if you'll write a worse story on purpose that Theaterwanker wrote by accident.

And I'd be surprised if he hasn't created a new account already but this time is trying to stay unnoticed. If he has, he's going to screw up eventually. He just better hope that I don't find him when he does.

Not a problem. You've got fans of your work so obviously you're giving some people what it is they want to read. You're just not going to be able to please everybody. I would however suggest that if in future you create another sequel to this you pay attention to the narrative and how you tell the story and if needed give the occasional bit of backstory so that new readers can get caught up on your story without having to go back to the very beginning. If they really like it they'll do it anyway.

I want to see this explanation for why humans wear clothes in more HiE stories

It would be the same as a pony always walking backwards without a tail.

Now that was a new way to describe it. Very nice! I'll be waiting for more! :twilightsmile:

Extinction agrees with you.:flutterrage:
and he loves your story.:yay:

Listen, if people have a problem with your story, just ignore them. Unless they are offering constructive criticism. The internet is full of D-Bags, and even this site has its fair share.

The down-votes are mostly because there are humanized ponies, and they haven't read the prequel.

In my opinion just because they were humanized doesn't give a reason to downvote. This story has a legitimate reason for them to be turned into humans. That being they are going to earth where as humans they will blend(As best as having slightly odd hair color will allow) unlike they would as ponies.

I am sorry, but for those who think a story cannot have some or any cliches in them, then they are ignorant to the world of literature. Every single story in existence will be a copy of another from an earlier time whether it be an idea, story line, type of story, events within the story, or other basis within the authors writing. You can either accept the story for the effort put into it or you can cry about it copying something from something else.

The truth of it is... every story that will be created or thought of has basis off something learned, heard, or saw. So in my opinion, one should think of the work put into a story and ignore the cliches or similarities.

If you think something is original when you write it, take an opportunity and look it up. You will find that the idea or thought has been used though probably not an exact match, but close enough for someone somewhere to complain about it. In short, their is nothing in the world that is original... accept for those who created a world of their own with no influence from our own.

Well said. I was surprised to find so many negative comments and down-votes for this story.

3607603Yes I think that many in the Brony community still have bad feelings towards the "Equestrian Girls" movie, and as such take it out on those who turn ponies into humans in their stories. Just keep writing and those who are fans of your work will continue to appreciate the time and effort you put into it.

I have read your first two stories and I found them very well written and had a good storyline to them. I have yet to read this one, because a comment about some grammar and spelling mistake... this makes me wait so it can be corrected and provide a better reading experience. I like waiting for errors to be corrected, so I can enjoy the story without having my OCD poking at me for simple spelling mistakes.

OCD can be a pain sometimes!:facehoof:

I feel your pain. I might not have OCD, or at least I've never been diagnosed with one, but I still have times when I get completionistic in a game or perfectionistic at writing or something else entirely. Or there's that one piece of <insert object here> that should be at THAT place instead of THIS one.

3607663Yes, OCD makes it hard to write any stories because I always keep seeing that what ever I write is not correct for some reason or another. I wrote one story and before I published it on the site... I had written it 27 times on paper and it still didn't come out like I want it too. After publishing it, I rewrote it another 10 times, and still I don't like how it turned out so I finally gave up, although it still bugs me so I can't even read it again or I might try to write it again.

Lol... I have so many ideas for stories, but I simply can't write them out of fear that I may spend days on end to get them prefect only to not like them even after starting only the first chapter, due to poor description, wrong words used, or even wanting to adjust something in the storyline to make it flow better, and doing this over and over until I just start hating the story. I have just resigned myself to reading them from other authors and not writing them, though I do write down my ideas for them anyways... that's something at least.:twilightsheepish:

Sounds familiar. I've been doing the same too. I'm actually editing one story right now, and writing my own one at the same time, although mine hasn't been published yet as I've yet to finish chapter 1. We'll see how far I get along my newest story before I get frustrated with it and either lose interest or intentionally let it go. I've had it happen with plenty of stories already, with at least ten unfinished stories saved on my computer.

3607780Well good luck on your story and maybe I will get to read it later.:pinkiehappy:

If I ever get to the point of publishing it, yes. :pinkiecrazy:

i LOVE all your stories thus far and can't wait to read more plus i find alot of humor in "certain" parts ^_^ HOPE TO SEE MORE SOON!!:derpytongue2::pinkiehappy::heart:

i LOVE all your stories thus far and can't wait to read more plus i find alot of humor in "certain" parts ^_^ HOPE TO SEE MORE SOON!!:derpytongue2::pinkiehappy::heart:

Now, towel off, get dres… on second thought, don’t, and come get some pizza before it gets cold.

Best line of the chapter

lol I think Rarity may have the most dirty mind of Ricks four wifes :duck::trixieshiftright::facehoof:

3600590 A cliche is not defined as a reused theme. In literature, stories can basically be broken down to several overarching narrative types, and all stories are variations upon this. A cliche is defined as:

1. A trite or overused expression or idea.

2. A person or character whose behavior is predictable or superficial.

In other words, a cliche is something that has been used SO often that it immediately evokes a negative reaction. Like that pop song you hear on the radio so many times that eventually you get to the point where you just don't want to hear it anymore. Readers are tired of these plot points, because they've been used SO often that there's little benefit to be had rehashing them again. THAT'S the problem here. Not that the same themes are reused, because as you said, this happens in literature, but that it happens in the same old way, with nothing new to spark any sort of interest. The reader knows what is going to happen, they can probably flip through several other HiEs and predict (see definition 2) what the characters are going to do.

You want to avoid this? Mix it up a bit, man. Sometimes cliches can be avoided by doing them in an order or a way that is new.

TL:DR It has nothing to do with people thinking it's been done before. It's that people think it has been done before TOO MANY TIMES, and they're tired of it.

3716186 :rainbowhuh: So are you defending me or chastising?

3720321 Neither. The person was saying that individuals who criticize your story for being cliche do not understand literature. I disagreed, because his definition of cliche was incorrect. What he was describing was the use of reoccurring themes in literature, and pointing out that these themes are often reused. I was pointing out that when a theme gets reused in a particular genre over and over again, it becomes cliche, and thus is something to be avoided.

I wasn't chastising you, I was pointing out that it is possible to do something that might be considered cliche, but do it in a different or interesting way, and by doing so, make it so that it is no longer cliche. Chastising implies that I was scolding you, I was merely offering criticism, and a little insight into what makes people call the story cliche, so that should you choose to do so, you can make your story better.

If I have offended, then I apologize.

3720432 I'm not offended in any way. I agree with what you are saying, just about everything's been done and as a writer, that makes it difficult to keep one's story interesting. I was merely confused.:derpytongue2::heart:

Educational shows? Better not let them pick the History channel too much death there

Polygamy and wish-fufillment HiE?


3810563 Not very nice of you. :applecry: :fluttercry: :pinkiesad2: :raritycry: All fanfictions are a form of wish fullfillment and ponies, like horses, are herding animals. If you don't like it, don't read it. There's no need to hate.

Love and tolerance.

3810563 Because it is the only way to regulate the a**holes who think that their opinion is law.

Keep going friend, I'm enjoying this sequel.

3811170 You'd be the only one, besides that of a few 40 that obviously have no standards.

3810909 >Love and tolerance

Do you even Internet?

3811954 No, I just happen to have differing opinions and standards than others.

If 'standards' as you call them, limit yourself to liking only a few specific types of stories, and in such few a number, then I'll take mine, and the other 38 (at the time) standards any day.

Also, welcome to the internet, where I, and everyone else, are allowed to be different from you. Course, your front page does indicate that you don't like different...

3812202 You being "different" by liking what obviously does not deserve the term "writing" does not give you some sort of moral high ground or justification for your idiocy.

3812681 Considering the 'standards' that you're vaunting had nothing to do with his writing caliber, but everything to do with the content of the story, this completely negates your legitimacy in calling my liking this story "idiocy".

If you do have something to say about the writing, not the content, please comment, because I will admit, the writing itself is mediocre, but readable. There are indeed mistakes throughout each chapter, and I am sure the author is well aware of them by now.

If you have nothing constructive/critical to say about his writing style, which is the ONLY standard one should lay judgement upon, then please GTFO.

3813640 I have already laid down the main problem: HiE Wish-fulfillment. I will stay however long I please.

3813930 Again, ALL fanfics are wish fulfillment. Nearly anything fiction is in one form or another. But, if I can piss off a Nazi, then I consider it a good day. :pinkiehappy: I quit you as a reader. :ajsmug:

3815316 If you honestly think that I'm a Nazi, I seriously know that you're an idiot. And no, I am not pissed off; I am bemused.

And no, not all fanfics are wish fufillment. Only the bad ones.

3815325 For someone who is not a Nazi, you sure like pretending to be one. :facehoof: Your avatar is a Nazi, clearly, and your page is filled with a Nazi flag. If you wish to simply show German pride, then why not a German flag or a Maltese cross?

Do as you wish, Troll.:raritywink: I no longer care, nor have I ever, what you think of my work or myself. I wish you luck in the future.:scootangel:

3815374 Do you not see the parody in my pic? No, seriously. Take a close look. It's a fucking Nazi with a Mexican mustache eating a fucking taco. Hence: AWKWARD TACO.

If I was a troll, would I really still be here with popular stories and more followers than you will ever hope to conjure up?

I mean really. Do you just not pick up on these obvious social cues? Are you really that dense?

If the answer to those questions is yes, it only cements my position.

3815401 Nope. :pinkiehappy: I just see someone giving me a hard time and covering their own page with Nazi symbols (I know the swastika was originally a Buddhist symbol, but that is clearly a Nazi flag). I don't care if you have more followers than me, congratulations on that by the way, I write my stories because I enjoy it. Not for any other reason.

I harbor no hate towards you and I want you to succeed. :heart:


I write my stories because I enjoy it. Not for any other reason.

You and two thousand other shit authors that frequent this site. That is no justification for this idiocy.

3815533 How much justification does one need?:raritydespair:

3815581 Enough to justify a cliche-ridden mess to a mass audience. This is where originality comes into play, but you get the idea.

3815635 Alright. Have I at least gotten my point across? Or are you just not going to listen to me? My quarrel is with the story itself, not you in particular.

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