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Not bad at all.

Nice bit of banter between them.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Not bad.

A good read. Nice job making the conversation feel natural. This gets a like from me.

That was adorable. I love scootabelle! :raritystarry:
Keep up the great job, mate!

Did someone say adorable foals?
*Tries to stop himself*
No soft shell ,
Remember what happens when you encounter adorable...
*Finds himself being drawn to the story*
No...must...resist .. the adorable....
*Finds himself starting to read the story*
Sigh oh well,
Whats one more trip to the hospital....

That was good for a 'd'aww', and makes it better to remind us that Regidar is a normal brony too.

And FOURTEEN MEGATONS?! Are those fillies CRAZY? They would have leveled Canterlot, Ponyville, and the nearby areas of the Everfree Forest too!

Is it really so surprising that Scoot might want mega-Dashian levels of awesomeness? :scootangel:

Apple Bloom missed a shot to have some great lines. :scootangel:

We're all stars, Sweetie Belle.

This is why I hit you.


3405130 clearly the best pony

Well, the "Random" tag is highly fitting. I didn't see the point of it since it really didn't go anywhere, but hey, I enjoyed it, so I'll shut the heck up about that. It was a cute little conversation between them, so it was something nice to waste a few minutes. Also very adorable. Dumb Sweetie Belle is best adorbs pony.

Oh, and have this:


Cutie Mark Crusader Giant Ant Hive Researchers

This story needs to be told.

3547434 fuck no
ants are my kryptonite
fuck those things

3549322Who said you had to tell it?

“Because I’m already Scootaloo, dummy; I want to be a star, more brilliant and more beautiful than Scootaloo could ever be. I don’t want to be down here, grounded to the earth. I already feel so small, so small compared to the universe... I’m smaller than the smallest fireball.”

is she """"stargender""""? C:

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