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Ahaha! Flash-Light=nope! You just got cock-blocked by your older brother Twi.

no flashlight here!
fuck you flash!
didnt really like the ending really. got into the why? part.

this probably happened after equestria girls :rainbowlaugh:

3120442 What was your first clue?

“When I was still in training as a guard recruit, the other stallions nicknamed me ‘Ass Entry.’”

“Well then, Ass, Shining said, grabbing Flash in his magic and holding him still. “Care if I enter you again? I’m in the mood for some sloppy seconds.”

I would upvote for that alone. The rest is fine as well, don't get me wrong, but that was gold!

3120252 instead we got some Twidance. Also is it bad that I read over this super quick hoping to see the ending... that Didn't quiet finish... Chapter 2 MUST be twilight and cadance.

fanon44 #7 · Aug 28th, 2013 · · 27 ·

aw man i wanted to see a flashlight clopfic oh well still good though

Well, I love the lack of FlashLight and making both Shining and Flash as gay as gay can be, but I still don't forgive you for having Twilight inquire about a relationship with Ass Shitry. Oh well. I'm reading it anyway!

Funny how Twilight couldn't see herself blinking because her eyelids were invisible...

...But if her pupils were invisible too, no light would be hitting them, which would blind her anyway.

I would not have predicted that which I have just read.
Well done :rainbowlaugh: it was a decent read and worthy of a thumbs up and favorite.
Also thanks for giving us a bit more of Shining, I really liked your portrayal of his relationship with Cadance and how if anyone were to have an open relationship I believe it would be those two. They gay pony love between Shining and Flash was also decent.

Wow, this is amazing :pinkiehappy: ShiningFlash just became one of my new favorite shipping :twilightsmile:

Hmm... so, is Flash purely into stallions?

Or could we have some of the sexiest double-dates in history lined up? After all, dating your lover's sister is a Hell of a good cover.... :duck:

:pinkiegasp: I knew it! I knew that douche was secretly gay! Oh, and Flash Sentry too.

Joking aside, The story wasn't really arousing to me (because I don't clop) as much as it was totally hilarious!. :rainbowlaugh:

Write on, my friend!

Wow, I just saw the cover art not too long ago and now I see a story for it?
Anyway, I enjoyed this. :twilightsmile:
A chapter two maybe, including the Twidance?

This was great, corny dialogue aside.

Well the dialogue was cornier than a Nebraskan field, but to be fair I haven't laughed that hard in ages

Comment posted by dj-chemicalz deleted Aug 29th, 2013

Woot! Congratulations on making the feature box! :raritystarry:

My attention. You haz it.

At first I was "whaaaaaaaaaaat? :rainbowhuh:"

And then I was dying laughing at Ass Entry :rainbowlaugh:

And when it came to the POMF! at the end, I was like "Go on... :pinkiecrazy:"

You have my attention, good sir.

It seems I have a thing that in a Fic if Shining Armor is gay it instantly becomes the best Fic in the world for me, then again I do enjoy any Fic with gay stallions in it but this one stands out to me as a personal favourite if only there was more!
:heart: :heart: :heart:

The pinnacle of horseporn names is "Ass Entry."

3122264 Only took me 22 stories and someone else's idea to get me there.
Least I can tick that off my to do list now.

@_o ..... Hm. ...... Go On... :pinkiecrazy:

Raven: I only saw it on the front page, but didn't read it and my reaction's still like this:

Dr. X: Ugh.....

Will there be a Twidance sequel, though?

mother of god.....

3123047 My exact thoughts rainbow, my exact thoughts......

Oh dear wait until Cadance finds out... *shivers* :fluttershyouch: Also this is one reason I find having a pony counterpart of Flash to give Twi a love interest was a stupid idea as the pony Flash MAY BE TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the human Flash, he could really be into guys for all we know. XD

Better then Flashlight, anything is better then Flashlight
Somebody thumb this down

I smell butthurt

well, i'd prefer big x armor with armor being the bottom, but i enjoyed this story nonetheless. i have no idea what makes gay stallions so hot though.

I love that cover image, it makes me crack up.

Even Backburner is better than Flashlight my tiny comrade

I wonder whether I like this story because I really like it or because I'm drunk as hell. But, taking into account that I've seen the cover image on dA some time ago, sober, and found it funny, the former is probably true :twilightsmile:
Also, Ass Entry :rainbowlaugh: I think this guy will be forever "Ass Entry" for me...

May I ask this question: What the fuck is wrong with you?

To everyone that downvoted:
Read my response to Fimbulvinter.

3125198 May I ask why you bothered to read it? The content tag warnings are there for a reason.

3124810 The ass entry line was all Bronystories idea.

Judging by the comment section, I'm not the only one who hates Shining Armor and Flash Sentry for simply existing.

Those two are simply the most incompetent guards you will ever find within civilization.

Good fic too, thumbs up, and have a picture I found

3125489 "Not to mention that flash sentry steals waifus at the speed of sound" - quote by drunk friend

hot danm that was fucking hot a fuck.......

also interesting idea with that bowl cleaning spell , i wonder why that's the first time i've ever seen that being used.....

The dialog kinda turned me off of it at by times, but I still wholeheartedly support this. I think coltcuddlers are hot and would like to see a couple more. I'm just wondering what's about to happen. Continue!

I am the two hundredth favorite maker!

Well... :rainbowderp:

That certainly was a thing...


why must every stallion be gay and mare a lesbian?

everybrony downvote this comment for fun

Comment posted by fim1231331 deleted Aug 30th, 2013

That was an....interesting....ending.

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