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have a description induced favorite...:twilightsmile:

I'm going to kill you. You wrote this but can't add new chapter to an old story? You are dead. And you used Colgate? You are SO lucky you're the only guy willing to edit me. That is the ONLY reason I'm still doing DeVillexBrushie. Oh, one more thing: Trigate, Coxie, or Colie are the ship names. Not sure which one sounds best. You pink.

A/N – this story contains explicit F/F shipping and sex and is not suitable for persons under the age of consent. For those who enjoy a tale of Filly-fooling, have fun.

:pinkiegasp: But...but I'm 14. Screw the rules, I'm Pinkie Pie.

1590734 Down Boy.

Maybe I'm laying the seeds for a Colgate/Trixie/DeVille threeway?
Maybe I just wanted to do a more mainstream clop.

Chapters to my other stories will come eventually.

Screw that! Do more original stuff man! You are THE Fimbulvinter! You can't do mainstream! Oh, and update your blog. It's still is talking about that story you did months ago.

Obligatory comment for the mods - I do not condone the viewing of explicit material by minors.

we are mostly under age but that wont stop us we are bronys
im only 16 and im a big cloper
my girl cospays as flutershy
and shes only 14 shes a biger cloper than me
thay will except us:twilightsmile:

That train to thought was interrupted as Colgate felt something sizzling hot and dripping wet touch her nose.

I bet you mean "of".
Exactly. We teens shall read (and write) clopfics. Do you write or just read? Here are mine: "Nightmare Night story", "Pointless Clop", and "Protecting Equestria From Mitt Romney" (Read the second chapter of this one, that's where the clop is.)

... humming her favourite song as she did so to raise her spirits.
♫Brushie, Bushie, Brush brush brussssh♫
♫Brushie, Bushie, Brush brush brussssh♫

Why not just link this song: Colgate Brushie Song

1591013 Because it wasn't quite that one.

It's this one: Colgate Brushie Song

The inspector Gadget remix was based on this.

I'm getting so bored that I'm proofreading peoples stories. Aw shit. I don't feel like writing so I'm proofreading my editor's shit? I'm screwed. I really am. I'm gonna end up like you! In your twenties and not a millionaire!
That's what Diamond Tiara or Silver Spoon would be like. Not me. But I am bored. No inspiration to write. And I HATE my bio. I'm always so tempted to lie about what happened but I must not! GIGGITY! GIGGITY! LUNA! GET THE BUCK OUT OF HERE, NOW! NEVER! NO SEX! SORRY! Sorry. I might delete the stuff she says but you like it I bet.


no i do not right but i read and i love all clopers but i think we meet on fim fiction to much is it ok if we pm a little:twilightsmile:
over you mostly
not much to tell about

oh and she tastes like mint :pinkiegasp:
i love thet:trixieshiftright:

4 out of 5 dentists agree tight circles are more effective than the widely-used back and forth when brushing one's vagina.

1604194 o shit! i can"t stop fucking laughing!!!! u Sire are a god!!!!


1819377 Damn Straight.

Don't think I am done with this, Nympho Colgate will be back once I get around to writing clop again.

Man, it is disturbing how many fics have the ponies using leather, and it's not even always clop.

Seriously, leather...:pinkiesick::facehoof::moustache:

1874329 Synthetic Leather. Ponies don't refer to it as artificial because they don't understand the concept of it being artificial.

EDIT: Have now indicated that more clearly.

1874434 Hallelujah (Or the equivalent)!!!

I'm sorry but I keep finding stories that say it. God, in one it was for Rainbow to train.... Rarity's cloak... Twilights book binding.... Colgate's chair.... and then there's the ones for clop...

Name of Story: A Brush with Greatness

Grammar score out of 10: 9

Story - it's always great to read a clop story with some actual story behind it. You gave Colgate some good characterization, and Trixie is done up just right as well. I really like that you led up to some hot and heavy actions rather than jump right into it.
Story 2 - You did a good job on the writing. I noticed a few times where you write to specific senses and that was very good for getting my immersed into the story. When it comes to writing good clop, you want to see the action happening, but you also want a sense of touch, taste, and smell as well. I thought this story handled that very well.
Pacing - The story never feels rushed. I was a little iffy on Trixie just going with what Colgate wanted, but it makes sense for reasons other than her being in heat :trixieshiftright:

Jumping to clop - If I can point out anything that might look like a flaw, it would be when Colgate first kisses Trixie. That part is a bit fast and up to that point there's no indication that Trixie has any interest in Colgate at all, so that section right there feels a little rushed, but as the story kept going that changed and the pacing went back to being smooth.
Trixie - Her way of speaking always bugged me, but you got it so right that is was both good and bad :trixieshiftleft: Good in that it was true to her character, bad in that it was still hard to read. But this is a very minor con, and mostly just a bias on my part. There isn't much else I could raise an issue with in this story.

Overall this is a very good example of what a clop story should be like. I wish more were written this way. You really did a great job with Colgate, and I really enjoyed all the detail you put into making her character your own. I for one hope to see more of a serious take on this kind of writing in the future.

Enjoy your review! Please help me out by looking at my story/ this story: Friendship had a Generous Heart

1987233 Thanks for taking the time to review my clopfics. I'll take a look at yours sometime in the next few days.

1590984you kids have no respect for your laws, but hey I don't care I'm a 21 trillion year old alien king I didn't make your laws. The most influential alias I've had here on earth was under the name Rasputin in Russia sometime before WWI. Btw I like this story.

With indifference
King Lazaro Sol of Ziolia

2081959 What was Rasputin's actual cause of death. Wasn't he poisoned, then had his head bashed in, then stabbed, then shot, and finally thrown into a river, where the autopsy found the cause of death was drowning?

The man just wouldn't die.

2087238 well that's what the clone I sent in died of (this is a catatonic clone to begin with) and well let's just say we are a lot more resilient than humans (and cyanide is part of my daily diet (it's like alchohal to us))

Congrats my friend. Mindlessgonzo has read your story :D

2219701 Someone has done a dramatic reading of my story? Nice.

But it would have been nice if they asked me, or even gave me a heads up first.

That was quite interesting. I hope to see a three-way sequel with Berry, Colgate, and Trixie. I think that would be pretty interesting. I look forward to reading more of your stories int the future. Keep up the great writing!

2505756 Currently I am doing a request for a Luna x Colgate fic which will be set in this same universe. Maybe I will do a three-way after than one, though I also have partial plans to do one featuring Colgate x Chrysalis - a first for this site according to the search feature.

Well, that certainly sounds interesting. Good luck with your writing. I look forward to reading it when it comes out.

2508551 Thank you for a watch.

I'm sorry, this is very well written and all, but I just can't stop laughing at Trixie taking her show persona all the way, even to bed. I can't really enjoy clop that way, though. Good try.

This review is brought to you on behalf of the group: Authors Helping Authors

Name of Story: A Brush with Greatness

Grammar score out of 10: 9


Almost no grammar mistakes.

Trixie is in this. But it's a personal preference of mine.

It was one erotic read!

Cons (list three cons)

Trixie sometimes acts out of character

Kind of a long Clopfic

The crack shipping of Trixie and Colgate, but it's a personal preference

Notes Section: The Clopfic had some errors here and there, and it gets kind of boring.

Enjoy your review! Please help me out by looking at my story: Breeze At Dawn

I've said it once, and I'll say it again.
You sir, are a CLOP GOD! :pinkiehappy:
Loved it, so very much! :rainbowkiss:

Colgate could see that most of her tricks were harmless and in good fun providing that the butt of the joke could laugh at themselves. Trixie had made the mistake of selecting some of the most prissy stuck up mares in town to make suckers out of

this made me think until I went back and saw boast buster
rarity:drama incarnate

rainbow:does not like losing

applejack:same as rainbow

love that line because it was true she's a showmare she has to entertain the whole episode is one big take on showing how twilight is better then everyone else even if lauren does not agree

akuma:what about the story you said you were going to start reviewing stories

me:i am but I want to do longer stories but I like that line so much that I want to review it now the pacing is good, colgate you made into your own (having no cannon personality makes that easy)and you nailed Trixie only thing I did not like (nitpicking really)is you made Trixie decide really fast you should have her some time to think

akuma:she was in heat

me:yea yea but she should have had at least a few seconds to think about it before AW SCREW IT I NEED TO GET LAID then doing it anyway good story 4/5 now you going to go back to middle ground

akuma:sonic has a restraining order on me and lyger is taking care of the site.....can I punch you


1590759 i know that feeling...

“Do you still have the crown with you?” Colgate asked. Trixie nodded and pulled out a small lump of metal from her saddle bags. Colgate levitated over the crown and examined it. It looked undamaged so Colgate motioned for Trixie to come through into the examination room.

Trixie is a fool having the crowd out would be painful.😖😣😖😣😣😖😖 You do your best to keep it in place.

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