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Mated Mature for Mare on Mare lesbian action.

>Mated Mature
I think this is a typo, but could be alliteration.

just a heads up , don't ever even consider getting yourself a root canal , it's basically lethal.....

Damn, that is what you call a passionate night, I seriously enjoy it, the detail and the fact that it seemed as if it made with true sparks is enough to draw any reader in, you did amazing, I'm a huge fan of Colgate and Luna, though I would really love to see one of Colgate and Fluttershy if that is already, maybe where Flutter's must get braces because of an accident? You did such a great job of this, I'm so proud to be following you and your work, you never let your fans down, hope to one day write as you do.

Damn, the Moon Clan sound like an interesting group of mortal ponies given supernatural powers, would love to read more about them, really great idea brother:twilightsmile:

2620249:twilightsmile: Thanks for all of that.

+1 votes for Fluttershy

The Moon Clan were a family of ponies who were all devoted to Luna in the same way that Twilight is to Celestia - Loyal servants and students. Originally they were just normal ponies, but following Luna's change into Nightmare Moon, they continued to support her and agreed to become her foot soldiers, and in a few cases, concubines. Nightmare Moon used her transformation magic to alter their basic nature and turned them into Vampires, for they would have been the untimate predator/fighter in a land of eternal night. Luna now knows that what she did was profane and unholy, and now must live with that guilt for the rest of her life knowing that she condemed her closest followers to death at her sisters hooves just for being loyal to her.

When she saw Colgate with the fake fangs, her gas addled brain thought that she was one who had managed to survive.

I wanna see the colgate and Trixie one

2621691 Already written. You can grab that one here - A Brush with Greatness. This is the sequel story to that.

I'm confused. You mention Cloud Kicker styled after her Winningverse persona, but you're not doing one for Cloud Kicker month? ;)

2622161 It was just meant to be a passing reference to the Winningverse. I didn't really want to write anything for Cloud Kicker month, so this was coincidental more than anything.

ColgateXColgate the tooth paste

2628792 That's already going to be part of the changeling arc, so it's coming.

2630095 I wasint exspecting that:twilightsmile:

2632052 As of right now, there are at least two more planned Colgate fics to come, possibley more depending on further response.

The final one will feature Colgate and Chrysalis. Given the events of the Royal Wedding, there is a gold mine of character development and relationships to explore there.

Other ones I have considered are
Colgate x Roseluck (In development)
Colgate x Fleur-De-Lis (+Fancy Pants threeway)
Colgate x Zecora

I like this interpretation of Colgate. Very well written.

As for who I'd like to see next.....what about Cheerilee?

That was rather well written, I must admit. Truth be told, though, I do kind of want to see/read the Colgate x Berry x Cloud Kicker scene at some point.

As for further story ideas, let's see... perhaps a frequently unheard of background pony like Candy Mane or Mjolna?

A great risk, with this sort of plot. Usually I turn away because of writing for more adventurous things, but you made good on this. Hee. Moon Clan. I'll have to remember that. Reference it maybe.

Next vote goes to Futadash. Two of em.


I love your fics they are the greatest ever and you should write a story about Luna and Trixie

I feel that a second chapter of this should be done perhaps with Colgate and Luna punishing Rarity for her part in the cracking of Lunas' tooth. that being said Luna is Best Pony :twilightsmile:

2637191 I am hesitant to take sole credit for the Moon Clan idea. I'm sure I have come across something similar before, but I have no idea as to where.
EDIT: Moon Clan are based loosely on the Moon Blessed from Steampunk Bronies 'The Vampony Chronicles'

2637227 Luna x Trixie has been overdone. It's the night version of Twilestia. I'm trying to do pairings that haven't been seen before, or at least return zero stories under the browse option.

2637317 I don't really plan to go back and add on another chapter to this. The Colgate series are short, one chapter, mostly self contained stories. That said, if you want to try your hand at doing a story that follows on from this, then go ahead.

2638141 I know what you mean; Candy is meant to be sugar, but we are dealing with a dentist here, so certain sacrifices have to be made.

2638983 Ah. I see. Also, I'll elaborate more on my request. Two futa Rainbow Dashes. Giving it to Minnie in all kinds of ways. Maybe work in a little breathplay too.

2639379 I think I can work your request in, with a slight alteration. Futadash and Futashy double teaming Colgate?

2641157 That is unexpectedly brilliant! :D

Incidentally, could you still work in the breathplay?

2642359 I could try. What exactly do you mean by breathplay?

Hmm it seems while you always mention Berry she never actual makes a appearance, I think you should do a story with her and someone else. Perhaps a three-way with a stallion. Idk but its not fair to Berry that she hasnt been in your stories yet. And btw I loved your story with applebloom and sweetiebelle. Probably my favorite fic ive ever read. (':twilightsmile:');

2702009 Berry will make an apperance. I have a specific scene in mind for her. So far it has been that fate is conspiring to keep them from actually meeting. Doing a story that covers what she and Cloud Kicker got up to during this story could work, though I'm already fully loaded with fics to be written as it is. The idea is freely up for adoption if you or anyone else wants to take a crack at it.

And thanks for liking my Apple Bloom x Sweetie Belle story. I don't know if I'll ever be able to do one as good as that again.

NEED MORE... NOW! Maybe the dreamscape and what happens.:pinkiehappy:

3821057 The Dreamscape scene has already been planned out, and there is no chance that anyone will guess what it is.

As for when I actually plan to write it... Other things keep getting in the way. If you haven't already, then do read the sequel, Brushing a Lucky Rose, or any of my other numerous clop's

I think I have read the roseluck one already; if I`m not mistaken, rose is a virgen and colgate... helps her out with that. Also just got done with A Brush with Greatness; very nice job on that one as well. Liked, faved and followed.:pinkiehappy:

I dunno what to say.......THIS FUCKING AMAZING!!! PLEASE MAKE A PART TWO!!!!

4614257 I don't plan to do a direct part two for this one. This series of stories is more episodic, with each one self contained but linked by a few plot strands.

That said, Luna will be returning in a future episode. In the meantime, enjoy either the prequel or sequel stories if you haven't already, and know that I do have the next episode mostly planned out in my head.

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