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You were right, this is pretty gay.
But its kinda romantic, if you tilt your head. :twilightsheepish:

Like, how gay are we talkin'? Are we talkin' Niel Patrick Harris gay, or Tim Curry's Sweet Transvestite?

. . .
. . .
. . .
Not exactly my proudest boner.

This... though only gotten to the start of the action after that thousand mile stare and Soarin getting more bold by the groans, I'm gonna have to bookmark this sadly as there are far too many distractions in the house to read properly.

Btw, there seems to either be an unneeded -possibly taken out accidentally- scene here:

“No, no,”Braeburn chuckled. “No, it’s not about any of that. Heck—I love this old roof. You know as well as anypony how glad I am you moved earthside just to make my commute easier. It’s just...” His

The following reply to finish up Braeburn's thought leads me to believe that His is a leftover word of a possibly longer scene? Any case thought I'd comment on something :p

Far as the super gay stuff goes, this actually feels pretty... nice once you consider the fact it's basically lesbian ponies with conjured dicks.... only they are dudes that already came with the package. In other words, it is playing out like a super lovey-dovey RariJack/AppleDash fic. Poor Soarin, even in fics you get implied manly shortcomings xD

Will re-read tomorrow hopefully and actually finish this. Buck. This was pretty cute (aka totally gay) fic so far. Do a sequel to Hands maybe? Rarity discovering accidental pleasures of le feet :P (I kid btw, dear god last thing we need is a sad end with her area being infected by athletes foot fungus! :pinkiesick:)

2540114 lmao best comment I've seen on the sight :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah, I think the FIMFic upload process has cut a sentence off there, unfortunately. Thanks for spotting it!

Eww straight... Wait a minute...

I don't really like this pairing, or any yaoi for that matter... so why did I read this? :applejackconfused: I mean, it was hot, but... y'know... :twilightblush:

m/m clop is always great.

Awwwww that was sweet. I liked this one alot

2541290 Because you know that ponyaoi is the best yaoi. Secretly. Search your feelings, you know it to be true!

Aside from the awkward gayness of it all, it was pretty good :twilightsmile:

Aaaaaaand, lady-boner.

not my proudest boner but still cool :rainbowlaugh::twilightoops::duck:

There needs to be more m/m shipping.

Don't judge me...

Good solid gay clop.

I did see typos, however, it's nothing that particularly damages the story.

Only complaint is that I became confused as to who was speaking at times.

Other than that, this is quite lovely.:twilightsmile:

Good stories always give me the urge to post pirate ponies.
And i finally found the perfect one for this.
You better like puns.

Plus your making quite a bunch of gay clop lately.
Is that a wrong or immoral thing to do.
Fuck no!

Well, that was arousing, though the lack of lubricant was quite unsettling. Not that it is actually stated in the story, but anal sex without proper lubrication would hurt like hell, and would probably cause some internal damage, especially considering the average size of a pony's penis.

Of course, this isn't necessarily relevant, but these thoughts really don't really help one maintain arousal. :pinkiesick:

Aside from that, I really enjoyed the rapport the two had. Though the end dialogue was too on the nose for my tastes, it felt consistent with their interactions up to that point.

All aside, I am always happy to see new M/M fics pop up, especially ones written as solidly as this.:pinkiehappy:

2544765 Gonna take a stab 'in the dark' and say it was during what should of felt obviously as Soarin speaking to Braeburn on "The same person who replaced a pegasi heiloom with a post card" banter, and when you go to the next paragraph you feel sort of "Wait... was Soarin really the one saying those lines or was it Braeburn?" because the following felt a bit out of pace?

I got that feel too, so you totally aren't alone. Still, if you find something and have the time to, feel free to point out those areas. Authors usually find them more useful. But again, you aren't the only one that felt jarred when reading certain scenes.


2546249 Everything that could be done with the girls on girls have been explored. Once he does the same to the gay ships we might see something BLASPHEMOUS like STRAIGHT poni poni shippings that aren't Derpy and the Doctor.


What if they ship Bonbon with Lucky?! Oh, wait... one of the many Bonbons are already shipped with that one.
Twilight x Blueblood! Bic Mac x Blossom Forth x Thunderlane x Flitter and Cloudchaser! (wait... that last one is more of a free for all love fest...)

God Soarin getting shipped with Pinkie Pie and Applejack o.o

Personally, I'd totally want to see a Mayor Mare x Big Mac scandal!

And obviously Raindow Dash would be shipped with Captain Jack Sparrow.

that was one of the best gay sex fics i have ever read. and for that you get a :moustache::eeyup:

Yes, Rainbow also gets shipped with all the alicorns, all of the Wonderbolts, all of the mane six, pretty much every background character and the kitchen sink.

Not Bad.
this turned me on.

At first I thought that was Spitfire on the cover image...

Aww, that was sweet. :heart:

Why is Braeburn so cute!? How am I not gay for liking this?!

“No, no,”Braeburn chuckled. “No, it’s not about any of that. Heck—I love this old roof. You know as well as anypony how glad I am you moved earthside just to make my commute easier. It’s just...” His

“Romantic?” Soarin’ recoiled. “Shoot, I’m the most charming stallion alive. I’m romantic even when I’m not trying to be romantic.”

Missing a sentence in there :twilightsmile:

I'm mostly heterosexual, and yet, I found this quite an enjoyable read. Well written, too.

God i loved this i reminds me of me and my bf's relationship

>really, really gay

Bitch, please. :ajbemused:

2966232 B-but it's fabulous!

2548128 I actually think I read a "joke Fic" where she literally shipped with a kitchen sink. Just my two cents

It's ridiculous that how, even when cloppy, it was still funny and heartwarming.:yay: I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, even though it's M/M.Although I'm not sure what my orientation is.:fluttershysad:

Yeah that was during the: Ship Rainbow Dash with everything event, i think that Equestria Daily hosted it.

:heart: My stars~! This is amazing!
I love it! I was reading along as I was listening to PrinceofPeguins(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-iejTwWOts) read this and Oh, Celestia~!
I felt like I was watching them! (Which I wouldn't mind thought I do support BraeMac as well~)
My stars~! Amazing job!
Eeyup. :eeyup:

3230715 Holy cow, another reading! This guy's voice! It's wonderful! Thank you thank you thank you for turning me onto this.

I didn't exactly read the title correctly. For some reason I thought the title was Braeburn Blueballed. Besides my title confusion it was a very cute clopish story. I wouldn't call it true clop, its too darn cute for that. I love their chemistry.

I got Prince Of Penguins to read this. ^_^ Good stuff.

I can honestly say this from experience considering my sister had me watch all the movies. Still not as gay as twilight. (See what I did there. Cuz this is gay shipping.:facehoof: Oh that was a bad joke.)

3780879 But seriously this was a great story. :heart::heart::heart:

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