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“I meant being reckless and running into things really hard, sir.”

Yeah I think I lost it about then. :derpytongue2:

Sucking your fellow soldier's dick isn't gay, it's comradery.

devas #4 · Apr 17th, 2014 · · 1 ·

No, wait, this story needs one more things to be truly, completely perfect:

at the end, right before the kiss, they both look each other in the eye, and in perfect unison say: - No Homo.-

This somehow reminds me of Ancient Greek soldiers :derpyderp1:

So I guess it's a pretty traumatizing thing if an Equastes or an Equomenos loses their partner in a combat situation.


That, and excellent pulp fantasy.


Aye. If you survive the encounter, you are given time to mourn, and then expected to take a new partner.

The pegasus rolled onto his back and scooched under Shining Armor for better access.

I have this mental image of Flash as a car mechanic. It's kind of surreal, especially with what comes after.

In any case, an excellent bit of worldbuilding that happens to also be guy-on-guy clopfiction. Though the idea of sapient ponies wearing nailed-on horseshoes always strikes me as odd. Maybe it's just a military thing.

Not my usual taste, but still quite well written. Thank you for it.


I figure horseshoes would almost exclusively be for ponies in the military, ponies working certain trades, and ponies who have to travel long distances by hoof. Kinda like knee/ankle supports, but different.

I like the way they insult each other

You spelled "Flesh Entry" wrong. :pinkiehappy:

Mfph. Not enough M/M on this site of this quality. :heart:

So is the disproportionate like/dislike ratio due to people instantly disliking it because of "EWW! GAY!" Syndrome, or what?

4250343 Maybe this story has so many dislikes because of flash sentry.Even straight stories that involve him receive a LOT of down votes.
That's just my opinion though. :ajsmug:


Signed- Mitt Romney

Flash is avery difficult character to work with because everyone wants to kill him for no rational reason. Many irrational reasons... but hardly any rational ones. :unsuresweetie:

It's a bummer people down vote this for either being gay or for having Flash, it was good.

This story was just excellent. The grooming alone! And then you have the characterization and the world-building. And really hot clop. Oomph.

I love how incredibly gay this is. This isn't plain ol', "technically gay". It's not just, "dudes sucking dick". It's gay. :raritystarry:

with it’s own magic.

With it is own magic? :unsuresweetie:

That was pretty damn hot~ Also, sugar as the cocaine for ponies is totally my headcanon now. :moustache:


With it is own magic? :unsuresweetie:

Nice catch. Fixed.

Heh, usually I have salt as cocaine for ponies. I figure in this case it's more like the Great Maple Syrup Heist, with pony connoisseurs paying hoof over frog for high quality, highly taxed speciality sugars.

I've wanted to do/see a good grooming fic for ages now - It warms my heart to see that others do too.

I like your Flash Sentry. cool, helpful, teasing and passionate about doing a good job.

Good gay fic in a long while. :pinkiehappy:


Very nicely written. Some excellent world- and character-relationship builing. Take my up-vote, good sir!


I have this mental image of Flash as a car mechanic. It's kind of surreal, especially with what comes after.

Not that surreal. He's just checking fluid levels and doing a grease and lubricate of components - all part of a standard service.

“You like it when I press this fucking spot, sir?”

I have no idea why but this line threw me off the chair.:rainbowlaugh:

Stories like this are why I make a point to read everything you write. I figured going in to "Aristocrats!" that it would make my balls curl up and try to hide in my stomach, and I wasn't wrong — but what that story wrung from me in existential nausea and questioning of my life choices, this story made up for with unexpectedly hot and heartwarming bonding.

So yeah. If I'd stuck to reading just the stories I expected to like from you, I would have missed completely out on this. Would not have expected gay military porn to push buttons. The excellent worldbuilding wasn't as much of a surprise, but it was every bit as much of a treat. Well done.


Aye, I expected 'Aristocrats!' to be another one of my Marmite fics — dark, salty, and you love it or hate it. But I'm glad you like this one, and I'm glad it made you a little bit gay. It feels like a superpower, and getting this kind of feedback is half the reason I write in the first place.

Equomenos? Equohomos more like.

Am I right?

Seriously, though, I may be a zero on the Kinsey scale, but that didn't deprive me of thinking this was a number one fic.

That's the one and only thing I've gotta get straight about this.


I would say the same as this lovely chap, but that would deprive me of puns, so instead I shall say-

He was broadening his Horizons.

This is being put in my top five favorite clop fics.

God, you can even make horse grooming seem hot.


Thanks. But then, I've read your work. You can make mustache rides seem hot. That is no mean feat, my dear.

This was really great for a re-read. It does a pretty great job capturing the experience of a good grooming. yum yum.

“No sir, you’re too dumb. She needs somepony with brains. Like your sister.”

“You’re giving out dating advice now, corporal? I’ve seen the mares you’ve laid. They all look potatoes with a horn at one end and no ass whatsoever at the other.”

“You wound me, sir. Those mares were beautiful, and when they weren’t they were freaks in bed. Again, like your sister.” Flash Sentry ducked a lazy swipe from his lieutenant, and set down a small canvas bag at his side.

“Y’know, l’tenant,” said Flash, still working the pick through Shining Armor’s hoof, “I read about deesh ancient lishards who wash sho big and sho dumb that they’d bite their own tailsh and it’d take them a minute to realishe it was their own tail. Remindsh me o’ you.”

“Don’t be silly, Sentry. We both know you can’t read.”

...Also, I really like how you captured their obvious love for each other with the dialogue. Simply beautiful.

I can't upvote this enough.

Three things that bug me, though; how did the date go, what's Cadence's reaction to this relationship, and will this continue after the marriage?

But don't let those problems fool you, this is one of the best written stories ever.

This was the most descriptive, in-depth fanfic I've read this year! I had to fight my boner from getting hard to focus on reading! You've probably heard this before but, have you been trained in the literary arts? Is that how you're such a fantastic writer, Chuckfinley?


Not really, the last time I studied english lit/lang was as a sixteen-year old. I am, however, a semi-pro writer.

Fucking hot. I'm sure shining will look after flash just as well, right before flashes own date with the latest alicorn princess.

Okay. Can I just say.
You used erastes and eromenos.
You don't know how happy I am about that.
And you freaking
The grooming.
Being friends with a horse owner, I understand all of this COMPLETELY.
I just
This is like gold to me. Kinda fangasming.
The porn was good too, but I'm ultimately thumbing up for the reasons above. You have just. Wow.

(I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense, I can't English right now. I'm just really happy about the Ancient Greek references eek~)

Holy fuck, that was hot.

New Fetish Acquired...

Also, the story was amazing!

This was a... very interesting story. The concept, dynamic, and porn were all executed very well. You have me wanting another story like this, not actually for the porn but for the story that was presented.

hey whaddya know i actually have another story like this:

Three in a Bed

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