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That's all I have to say...


Nice. But why not some yummy RumbleLane wincest? The girls get all the fun with you these days. Give the colt-cuddlers some attention, Fimmy!

Really quite good, the buildup was fun and the interaction between Berry and Pinch was decidedly hot. I only found one problem

Cutie marks weren’t exclusive after all, as Colgate often told her. She had been mistaken for at least two other blue mares with hourglasses on their butts at various points.

You wrote this line word for word twice. Makes reading just a tad bit awkward.:twilightblush: Looking forward to your next piece Fim!

Sequel please! A Pinchy/Colgate/Berry threesome.

So when you say aged up till there no longer minors, are we talking 18. Cause, well you know my rules and this looks a tad suspect.

Slightly suspicious at first, but the opening exposition cleared the air. Well written piece you have here.

I think it's a little too on-the-nose, I only read to where she's in the sex shop and I don't consider it foalcon or anything akin to that but... she only just turned 18. If this story took place ,like, a week later I would be fine with it. But... it's right on her 18th birthday, tad to on-the-nose for my likes so. So sorry but it's out of the group. Have a lovely day.

FF, out.

Don't you have to be 21 to drink alcohol?

3002244 There was some in another entry, but I too want a whole fic devoted to it. Mostly because I adore Rumble. :rainbowkiss:

3002449 A remnant of moving things around during editing.

3004159 I've noticed your Rumble Fetish.

I might go down that route for the next contest, assuming there is one. I haven't written gay for some time.

this was some serious mother daughter tender loving bonding time.........I think I cant say much more

Its quite obviously an Australian story, and here it's actually legal to have sex at the age of 16. I don't know what you're complaining about, she's over the limit for even 60 year old men to have their way with her legally and consentually

18 is the legal age in Australia

Well, because you just contradicted your self.

3007023 What is the contradiction? Everything TealArc said is legally correct in Australia. I could have set this when Pinchy was 16, which is the age of consent, but I chose to set in when she had just reached the age of majority.

Because of this "18 is the legal age in Australia" after saying "Its quite obviously an Australian story, and here it's actually legal to have sex at the age of 16".
Cause although 16 is the age of consent, even in new zealand, I believe someone having sex with a 16 year old is wrong. I go by a more base line thing, where 18 should be the age of consent. Thus I see anything with someone 16 and sexual as wrong. But like I said this is boarder line sort of stuff. It's just to close to the line for me to have a clear heart and allow it in my group. If Colgate brought her to the sex shop like a week in to being 18 I would have no problem. Also I really don't know if pinchy would be allowed in the shop without ID or something showing she was more then just turned 18. It's a matter of personal thinking for me. I have nothing against this fic, but it's just too close to the line for me so sorry. It's not like other fics aren't subject to this. Also nymphomania is a psychological disability, not a sexual kink. Just saying.

FF, out.

No words can express how happy i am about this.

10/10 mustaches

this is one of the best fics i have ever read 10/10

I loved it! The perfect mix of funny and sensual! It's what I look for in all clop stories.

And you delivered.

3007493 The second comment was "18is the legal age" for drinking. And you don't need ID for a sex shop... I think your taking a great story and just poking holes in it>>3007443
Great story btw

3005866 Not only in Australia, the age of consent in the UK is 16 and the legal age to drink is 18 :pinkiesmile: Well I assume the age of consent in mainland UK is 16 because I am from Northern Ireland, though we are part of the UK we have slightly different laws. So I wouldn't say it's 'obviously an Australian story'.

I'm not picking holes, I'm giving reasons why it's not in my group and why I won't read it. Simple as that. The asides where just shit I noticed.

well damn... just damn. :coolphoto:

3008557 Haha okay, a Commonwealth story then... Non American

Nicely done! VERY nicely done!

I quite enjoyed it.

~Skeeter The Lurker

What's spacecest?

3013297 Spacest - Aloe and Lotus blossom - the Spa Twins.
See my previous winning entry - Desperate Times for an example

I know that this don´t change much or are real feedback, but this story could need a pre-reader, because there is rather many mistakes in it. At least so many that I lost interest for reading more of it.

I fully enjoyed this story, now I need to find more like it to add to my collection

I only have one complaint with this fic. The ponies wear clothes and have fingers. :derpyderp1: Other than that though, great porn. I now ship ColgatexBerry. :twilightsmile:

3329002 ColgatexBerry is OTP and yet I have never actually shipped them together explicitly, just heavily implied as a backdrop to other ColgatexPony ships.

Sorry to hear you don't like the fingers and clothes, but that is what the Anthro tag is there for.

This fic will always be one of the greats for me I always reed it when I have the chance

This was AWESOME, very hot, is going to be a sequel? :pinkiehappy:

3525151 Not planned. This one was a one shot contest entry, written around very specific rules. There are other sequels I have planned before I would consider adding to this one.

3525258 well I REALLY hope you add a SEQUEL, I REALLY liked it alot, makes me wish I can GO to Equestria. :pinkiehappy: :yay:

Well I guess I don't need to sleep after reading this now do I? :pinkiehappy: Very nice work!



for to go there

for her to go there

Colgate is on the town

Colgate is in the town

But great story dl.dropbox.com/u/21167245/FiMFiction/Emoticons/misc_Colgate_beam.png

I really like how you built up their background and character, makes it much more interesting than straight clop.

3914638 That's the goal of my clop - to make it a balance of sex and story/character development. Anybody can write sex. Make it interesting by adding in some plot.


Congratulations. You're an idiot.

No, really.

It doesn't matter that she's 18 because she's 'only just' 18? What, you're that much of a stickler for chronological reasons that emotional maturity, the actual reason for these laws, is thrown completely out the fucking window by your logic, or lack thereof. Completely defenestrated.

Look, there are plenty of reasons not to like this story: Weak dialogue, show-don't-tell issues (strong plot hook, solid concept and decent grammar for the most part, author, I'm merely making a point!) you could have mentioned those. But no, you had to go and take the philisophical equivalent of taking a rubber knife to a gun fight.

What you are saying is that she would completely change how emotionally ready she was in these events in the course of a week... not just any week, that specific week.

Jesus Christ.

Consent is shown consistently throughout. Never is it brought into doubt. Pinch is obviously of an emotional state where she is ready to deal with sex...

Now, sex with her mother brings up its own issues, since there is the whole 'parental figure abusing position of trust' and a whole schlock of psychological and ethical problems throughout...

But you don't give a fuck about that.

You just want her to wait 168 hours to magically become somepony else.

It's fucking ludicrous!

Yes I'm 26 weeks late to the party, I only just got linked this story. You still made me that pissed off that I didn't care.

It's not whether or not I liked the story, I didn't even finish it or much start it.

This was trying to get into my group, the whole thing was on the fence wight the maturity of the cast, and when a story is on the fence with it's characters age I always err on the side of cation and not allow.

The rest of me commenting here was just me trying to explain this to people who take objection to my using of group admin powers in groups their not in (Author not with standing here).


Thank you for not addressing a single one of my points, by which I also mean 'completely missing them'.

She's legal. There's no on the fence. It's clearly stated.

That's all I can say without repeating myself.

And I felt on the fence about it. And since it was my inquiry, for something in my group, it's my way or the highway.

Let's not go through this again shall we?
Fillyfooler is fully within her rights to deny the story entry into her group for whatever reason she fees like. She's the mod, so what she says, goes.

That said, it is disappointing to see that you didn't really try to give it a chance, based on your earlier comments of not reading more than a little of it.

Additional comments of this nature, about if this or any of my other stories belong in Filly Foolers will be deleted. Neither Fillyfooler or I want them there.

Well I just read through the comments and thought I would just tell you that I thought it was really good. :twilightsmile:
I :heart: Berry Punch

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