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Hello!So people have bugged me about a FimFiction account for a while now and I've finally decided to get one. Anyways, I suck at these bio things so... yeah.


With the recent collapse of the Aviana, capital of the Gryphon Kingdom, refugees have been flooding into Equestria and with it, a host of racial issues. Toss in some changelings messing around in the background and it's a bomb just waiting to go off. With tensions on the rise, Gilda finds herself being dragged back into middle of the conflict by none other than Princess Luna. This time though, Gilda knows better and with her new found relationship with Trixie, she is willing to do anything and everything to get out of helping out. Unfortunally, one does not mess with a Princess, especially not the Princess of the Night.

Sequel to Temple of the Stars

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So... a sequel... I never thought I'd actually write a sequel. I'm not one for sequels truth be told, but why not? We had fun writing the original and this one is fun as well. I mean, Gilda-Trixie interaction? OTP right there :heart:. Seriously, they're just adorable together.

As per usual, y1 has Gilda, because, let's just admit it, Gilda is awesome and as per usual, I took Trixie. And I'll be honest, out of all the characters I've ever written, Trixie is probably one of my favourites, if not my favourite. She's just so bombastic and stuff. A bit mean, a bit crazy, but seriously awesome crazy. Not crazy awesome, that's a different thing entirely.

And then I also get to write Vinyl who is absolutely insane to write. I mean, trying to balance her playful nature with her insanity while keeping her unique? Yeah, it was fun. So much fun. And her interactions with Octy (written by y1) was fun, but really? The highlight of this chapter was having Vinyl yell out random crap in the meeting and acting, like, well, herself. Especially that last line. I swear, all these characters are too much fun to write.


Alright, and now for the unnecessary and uncalled for sequel to a moderately popular fic with some serious pacing issues, where we answer the lingering questions of, "What plot threads are there even left?" and, "Luna was awesome, why did they not use her again as a main character?" or, most importantly, "Will Orphius and Y1 finally get it over with and murder each other?"

Anyway, here's the sequel to Temple of the Stars. If you're reading this, I assumed you enjoyed of the original Temple, so why not read a kinda-sorta-not really spin off thing while you're at it?

As for my actual AN, one again this story was written for the sake of fun before quality, so any issues will probably be because Orphius and I were trying to have a good time and ignoring the glaring faults in our story.

Once again I write Gilda... Seriously, again? I swear, it feels like the only thing I do sometimes. Trixie is as fun as ever to have her interact with, though I'll kinda miss having Gilda and Luna/Nightmare's simultaneously grim and hilarious interaction. Anyway...

Then there's Vinyl... and I'm not actually gonna say anything about her just yet, but I will say it's a concerning pattern of Orphius that he writes hyper sexual females.

Anyway, that's it for me today folks. I hope you enjoy the story as much as we did writing it.


Alright, and now for the unnecessary and uncalled for sequel to a moderately popular fic with some serious pacing issues, where we answer the lingering questions of, "What plot threads are there even left?" and, "Luna was awesome, why did they not use her again as a main character?" or, most importantly, "Will Orphius and Y1 finally get it over with and murder each other?"

This basically sums up my thoughts as well

Also, y1? Shut up. I do not write hyper sexual females. See all my other freaking fics.


Well, other than Trixie, Nightmare, Vinyl, [redacted because spoilers], and Pinkamina from Breaking Twilight? Well, maybe Pinkamina doesn't count, I mean, I'm still entirely sure what exactly she was. Still, that's four more than I've ever written.

Says the person who wrote Gilda. And come on! Pinkamina was cool


Hey, Gilda was about as sexual as a brick until you decided to throw pretty much every mare in the story at her.


Yes. :ajbemused: You did.

Will someone please remind me why I signed on to edit this? I mean, it's long, has an unreasonable release schedule, and it's being written by a pair of mental patients. (So does that mean I run the asylum or am I another patient?)

Anyone? Anyone at all? (Please, save me! I'm the only sane one here.)

Anyway, everything in this starts off kinda slow and then rapidly picks up towards the end (good to see that those pacing issues are still there, we are nothing if not consistent :twilightsmile:) and winds up not that far off from where we last saw our not-quite OTP (Gilda/NMM :heart:): probably in trouble with the law. Some things never change it seems.

You're the insane one who stops us from killing each other (though I swear you egg us on sometimes, but I'm certain that's not purpose right? :pinkiesad2:)

Gilda-NMM OTP :heart:

And why change what's not that broken. I mean, it's kinda broken, but it works. Right? Right.

I loved the original and I'm already loving this one. I can't wait to see where it goes. Eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

2716181 Yeah, it's a shame NMM got killed towards the end of Temple, I liked her. I guess we'll just have to settle for y1's clopfic Conviction.

More Gilda-Trixie? This sequel will be most glorious indeed! I bid thee continue with most haste, good-folk, for a treat such as this is one that destroys an individuals patience with anticipation and excitement!

2716908 Yeah, I mean, it's just a great clopfic dark, adventure fic, isn't it?
2717390 You win the best comment yet award, which isn't actually an award.
2716769 We've already written a lot for this so yeah. Weekly updates are much a reality

Ever since Temple ended I've been waiting for this day. I thought it'd be a more 'slice of life' thing with Gilda and Trixie, but I like the set up for this!

I was wondering when you'd comment!
You're talking about two people who primarily write dark fics. I don't think we know what 'Slice-of-life' means, though this is very slice-of-lifey in places.

I feel so loved :3 I eagerly await to see how this story turns out, I really loved Temple!


Conviction is not a clop fic! You're both wrong. It's a dark adventure fic, alright? I wouldn't call Shindlers List a porno because you see some boobs in it, or Fight Club an action movie because some dudes fight. Conviction has a sex scene in it, that doesn't make it clop. Besides which, the sex scene is more like a scene of body horror than anything else.

I've studied gothic and theories around it, do not bring up body horror and stuff because I know all about it. Seriously. I just got it out of my mind!


Not actually all that much to say about this chapter. Maybe I should comment on the nightkin here, Eclipse. His character in the earlier chapters isn't as flushed out as it is later, and that's because it took me a while to get a hang of his personality. So, if you find him inconsistent, that's my fault.

Other than that, Gilda's just being Gilda. Honestly, I could write her half asleep, I've done it so much. Getting in her head set is really easy for me at this point. And she really hates Luna. And her and Trixie are adorable together, as always.

The scene with the reporters was kind of fun to do, as evidenced by the fact we do it again later.

What else?

Vinyl's as bombastic and out there as ever. Also some neat foreshadowing from Orphius about later events.

And... yeah, that's about all I've got to say.

So here it is, the next chapter. Sorry about last week, our editor was swamped with stuff so we couldn't get it out on time. Anyways, here's chapter two where a bunch of stuff happens. Not much to say except we've got Gilda being Gilda, Trixie being Trixie and well, Luna making bad decisions, but that's nothing new. I mean really, Gilda as a guard? Almost as bad as Gilda as Princess. Damn, that'd be pretty damn awesome actually.

And yeah, the reporters were awesome fun as was writing RD. What can I say? RD is awesome.

And that's about it really.

Great!!:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache: Also, can you recommend any other good Gilda stories? Especially ones where she's paired with Trixie(whether friends, or lovers doesn't matter).

In terms of good Gilda stories (as in minaly focused on her), I'm coming up blank. I know there are a couple out there, but no names immediately spring to mind and when it comes to being shipped with Trixie? Yeah, they exist, but once again I'm coming up empty. Maybe see if there are some, but perhaps check out the Gilda Group on Fimfiction? I wish I could be more help, but the only writer I know who does a really good Gilda is y1 (who's my co-author and writes Gilda in this fic) however in both Penumbra and A Long Journey she's either not shown up or plays a semi-important role, but not really that important.

Guard captain Gilda, good idea or best idea?

Worst idea. Also, your icon. Was not expecting that.

Can I admit that I really can't seem to work out what Vinyl was trying to accomplish with the guard?

I dunno if it's meant to be confusing or if my brain is just full of the dumb - but I just can't see why she did any of it. At first i thought she was essentially framing some foal's parents, but that was nixed with the pickpocket thing since the guard would likely assume it was all a fake ploy from the start. Other than that I'm just not seeing what of importance she did.

It becomes more obvious in later chapters. This was more or less a "Vinyl is up to good and doesn't like it" deal more than anything.


Trixie Gilda shipping is pretty uncommon, but here's two decent enough takes on it:
1)Deuces Wild
2)And if you search through this guy's fics you'll find a couple of good Trixie Gilda one shots. There's also a fairly huge Trixie Gilda chapter in Contra the heresies which is alright.
As for just plain old good Gilda fics, here's my three favourites:
1) Banishment Decree is easily the best Gilda fic out there as far as I'm concerned. I just wish it would update for once.
2) Feathered Heart has been pretty good so far.
3) I also like Heart of Gold, Feathers of Steel and its various sequels.
Honestly though, the only particularly good Gilda fic I've read is banishment decree. If you really enjoyed Gilda here, consider reading A Long Journey. She sort of defaulted into the role of main character without me really wanting that to happen.

So I notice Dash saying that Trixie

bought an ursa minor into Ponyville, wrecked a couple of houses—mine included—and then ran off.

(assa slight typo, by the way).

Ignoring the complete stupidity of that statement (Nay, she did not bring the fucking Ursa Minor into town, the stupid, unpunished children did), does this mean the Ursa managed to get to Dash's Cloudhouse, or did she have a back-up on earth? 'Cause, see, I remember that we saw in one of the prior episodes, specifically where we first meet Gilda, that Dash had that nifty cloudhouse thingy. Wat iz zis?

I think we just made it so that the ursa bumped Dash's house so that there was just some slight damage. Not a lot and easy to fix.

And, well, yeah, it was Sips and Snails who bought the ursa to town, but I figured Dash was the type of person to hold a grudge and you know, kinda ignore the truth a tad. Plus, Dash isn't the smartest cookie in the jar and Trixie did humiliate her so...

So why wasn't this updated last week despite us currently writing Chapter 15? Because y1 sucks. Seriously. Doom had given us the editted version of the chapter, but y1 was all like "Oh, I'll edit it after you've gone to bed" and I was like, fine, alright, whatever. Guess what? He forgot. And so the next day I reminded him and he was like "Oh, I need to write my clop fic Conviction so I'll do it in a bit" and guess what, he forgot. And then I worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday, eight hours each so I forgot about it as well until Tuesday morning. And then I couldn't log in on until just now so yeah. It's all y1's fault, go blame him. Seriously. Do it. Do eeeeeeeeeeeeet.

Anyways, this chapter. This chapter is when a lot of things first appear and we get an idea as to what's actually going on here. Before this, it was just some talk about racial tensions and crap, which is interesting in and of itself, but then we throw this curveball into the mix and trust me, this has a point. The racial tension would make a fine story in and of itself, but this curveball is necessary in many ways and further down the line you'll see exactly why. Needless to say, I'm asking you to trust us on this one.

I'll leave Gilda's section up to y1 to talk about, but we actually see Gilda in an interesting light.

Oh! We have the restuarant scene this chapter. That was fun to write and while the gryphons and nightkin is y1's domain, I got to toss some of my own stuff in, namely the wall art. For those curious, it's based off of Pompeian Wall Painting, more specifically second style with elements of fourth style mixed in. The idea is that the entire room is basically an optical illusion with depictions of their birth mythology on the wall where all the characters are life sized. Who knew my high school Classics course would come in handy in pony fanfiction?

Anyways, I'll shut up now.


Orphius will try to blame me for this chapter being late, but that's not true it all. Whatever he says, don't listen to him. It's lies, all lies.:pinkiecrazy:

The most fun I had this chapter was writing Octavia as a teensy weensy bit of a racist. She doesn't strictly think of gryphons as lesser beings, but she's prone to accept the stereotypes about their misogyny and savagery.

Gilda at a psychiatrist was also pretty interesting, mainly because of Gilda's anti authoritarian attitude. We also get to see that Gilda's actually pretty smart when it comes to navigating the law. Plus, she is willing to help a stranger, she's not entirely cruel.

There's also the stuff about gryphon mythology hinted at here that we explore later on. But the main thing is that the gryphons view themselves as a young race. They think they're new comers to the world, less than three thousand years old and view ponies and changelings as the ancient ones, the old order.

Beyond that, I can't really think of much that needs saying. Enjoy the chapter, and please leave a comment.

Probably because it is your fault. Not that I can blame you for thinking otherwise, I mean, all that alcohol you consume has probably killed almost all of your braincells and memory as well.


My drinking is not an issue.

Yes it is. Your drinking is tearing this family apart :fluttershbad: Think about poor Timmy :applecry:


We don't live in the same home, and Timmy does not exist.:facehoof:Never talk to me about Timmy again!:flutterrage:

See? See!? The drink, it's the drink talking. How could you? :raritycry:


:facehoof:Timmy. Does. Not. Exist.

2858599 I don't know how many times I need to correct this, Gilda is not seeing a psychiatrist, she's seeing a psychologist. The difference being that psychiatrists are licensed medical doctors, whereas psychologists are not, meaning that psychiatrists can prescribe medications, as well as having more training.

Anyway... actually, I've got nothing.

2858714 Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever. And a day

Wow, the comments are almost more fun to read than the story! (kidding):scootangel:

Great!!:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache: Also, Chrysalis changed into a...blue...Unicorn...Mare?!:pinkiegasp::applejackconfused:

2859009 We've had that comment before on our other story so don't worry, you're not the only one who thinks that.

2859804 Eh, she needed a disguise so I made a random one up for her. It may be significant, or it may not, I dunno.

Oh man, Vinyl is really a changeling. I'm guessing that this is all supposed to set up for the wedding, or maybe you'll be taking a different route for the changeling instead.

I... can't even recall the time frame we set up for the this fic in terms of whether it was before the wedding or after. I'll have to ask y1 actually.

Considering that TotS took place between seasons 1 and 2 it would makes sense for this to be before the wedding. Of course, just because it could go like that doesn't mean it will! It's good to deviate from canon once in a while.

I think that was the original idea, but I can't recall if we changed it or not. We might have changed it, but eh, not certain.

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