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Hello!So people have bugged me about a FimFiction account for a while now and I've finally decided to get one. Anyways, I suck at these bio things so... yeah.

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With the recent collapse of the Aviana, capital of the Gryphon Kingdom, refugees have been flooding into Equestria and with it, a host of racial issues. Toss in some changelings messing around in the background and it's a bomb just waiting to go off. With tensions on the rise, Gilda finds herself being dragged back into middle of the conflict by none other than Princess Luna. This time though, Gilda knows better and with her new found relationship with Trixie, she is willing to do anything and everything to get out of helping out. Unfortunally, one does not mess with a Princess, especially not the Princess of the Night.

Sequel to Temple of the Stars

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For as long as ponies can remember, it has always been winter. With limited resources and worsening weather, war is escalating, driving them closer to extinction with each passing day. Hidden away in the middle of all this is a single purple unicorn who braves the frozen wasteland, looking for a way to stop the weather and return the mythical sun to the sky. However, in a world without harmony, the task is far greater than she could ever know.

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Twilight Sparkle is dying. The pony body was never meant to handle her level of magic and now even the smallest spell causes her body to degrade. The only cure is to stop all magic use and hope that her body slowly heals itself, but things are rarely that simple. Celestia has fallen ill and her only hope lies in Yggdrasil, hidden deep in the Crystal Desert.

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Collab with y1

When Luna reappeared on Nightmare Night, she was no longer the small filly from before. Now an adult mare, she commanded the same respect and presence as that of her sister, Celestia. Many assumed that this was the result of her powers coming back to her naturally, but that was a lie happily perpetrated by both Celestia and the Gryphon Kingdom.

This is the story of Luna as she struggles with the remnants of Nightmare Moon and her forgotten past. The only clue she has is The Temple of the Stars where her small group of worshipers used to gather, which now lies in ruins and in the clutches of the gryphons. Some things were forgotten for a reason and the past always has a way of returning.

These two facts are well known by Gilda. Pulled along for the ride against her will, ghosts of a forgotten past have come crawling back, intent on dragging her back down to a fate worse than death. All the while, she seeks to preserve the innocence of those untouched by war and tries to protect Trixie from the harsh truth beyond Equestria's borders.

One wrong step and war shall erupt. One wrong step and the world will be plunged into a darkness that would rival Discord.

Hope is not a plan.

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What do you do, after you've made the impossible, possible?

With the Wonderbolt tryouts looming just around the corner and rumors of Spitfire being able to perform the Sonic Rainboom at will, Dash is at wits end. She needs something greater, awesomer, more epic than just a mere Rainboom. After all, to perform that trick a second time would label her a one trick pony and if Spitfire could pull it off, then what was the point?

So what trick could possibly be greater than a Sonic Rainboom?

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For most foals, a magical surge results in a couple hours of frantic searching. For Twilight Sparkle, a magical surge vaporised an entire Canterlot block and killed hundreds. Having spent the last ten years as a fugitive running from the law, she is tired of her life and all she desires is for the nightmare to end. With one last night before she turns herself in, she spends it with her one and only friend - Trixie.

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