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Simulacrum - OrphiusOlyandra

Twilight is dying due to using so much magic. Now she has to save Celestia from an illness

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Hiya Twilight!

Did I surprise you? Huh, huh, huh? I bet I did! I bet you were all 'Whoa!' and 'Wow' and 'Pinkie really outdid herself with all these streamers and glitter and super duper colorful pictures!' I made sure to give Ditzy a muffin to get this to you lickety-split, faster than Dashie would have (Hi Dashie!).


Why the dots? Silly Twilight! That's for when Dashie says something like 'No way! I'm, like, totally supercalifragislically speedy zoom zoom!' and then you would say something like 'Oh Dashie, you'd have taken a nap on the way over' and then Dashie would be like-

That was Applejack shoving her hoof in my mouth. Again. Silly filly, doesn't she know hooves aren't meant to go in mouths? Though they do taste funny and nothing like Rarity's hooves. I wonder what Fluttershy's hooves taste like. Hey Dashie, do you know what Fluttershy's hooves taste like?

Oh! Oh! Oh! That reminds me! Hey Dashie, this is for you, so no telling Twilight alright? And Twilight, stop reading! I mean it. This is a secret, you got it? No peeking. Not a word further. Stop right here.

Not. Another. Word.



Has she stopped reading yet Dashie? Aaaaaaaaanyways, don't tell Twilight this, but I've got a super duper, ultra secret, totally surprise party for her for when she gets better. There's streamers and cake and punch and pin the tail on the pony and all sorts of crazy fun games! Got all her favorite snacks (and rumor has it Secret Agent Con Mane will be coming in disguise), so shhhhhhhh, no spilling. I mean it! Pinkie Promise.

Oh! The cupcakes are done! (Hmmmmm... cupcakes...) Sorry, gotta go before they burn.

Dear Twilight,

I'm sorry I couldn't visit with everyone else, but I was called away to Appleloosa as there's some sort of creature eating their apples at night. Turns out it was just a poor, misunderstood baby wyvern who lost her mommy. I wish you could have been here, she was sooooo adorable, if a bit scary with all those sharp teeth. I tried to ask her everything I could think of because I know you find the lack of information on them a criminal offense.

I... I really wish you were here to help, but that's just selfish of me. You gave up so much and went so far to save Celestia and... and I have to be strong like you. I have to stop hiding behind others and actually do something to change Equestria for the better. That's why I've decided to approach Celestia for small change to the current education system to include more information on dealing with the various wild creatures that are found in Equestria. You don't think that's too forward of me, do you?

Oh dear, maybe I shouldn't have bothered her after all. I mean, I'm sure Celestia is far too busy with running a nation to deal with such a minor oversight. I really shouldn't have bothered her. Oh my, you don't think making the changes will be difficult do you?

Dear Twilight,

Darling, it was such a delight to see you again after so long. I'm terribly sorry I couldn't stay for longer, but those dresses simply will not sew themselves. With a bit of luck, I will be back in Canterlot sometime next week to partake in a fashion show. It will be showcasing that new line I was talking about, the one that was inspired by your drive and dedication to the Princesses. When I showed it to Fancy Pants, he had tears in his eyes and proclaimed it a true masterwork. But looking at the centre piece, I just don't know if I can bring myself to showcase it. Only one mare is meant to wear it, and that mare is you. Every morning walk down the stairs, I see that dress on the mannequin, and every single time, my heart leaps and I think it's you standing there. Every single time I look at it, all I can see is you standing in it with that easy going smile of yours and far too many bags under your eyes. Seriously mare, next time you're in Ponyville, I am dragging you off to the spa and making sure you have a nice relaxing day. Harmony knows you've earned it.

And please dear, don't worry, Spike's been an absolute gentle-drake, in fact, he's been helping Sweetie Belle with her studies and Sweetie's marks have been improving. I fear musical theory has never been my strong suite, but Spike certainly knows a lot. I suppose that's what happens when you live with a bibliophile such as yourself. Without his help, I fear last week wouldn't have been possible. His cooking and cleaning meant I could spend more time working on the dresses to get them perfect.

Though I must admit I am a bit concerned about him. I know we all deal with grief differently, and that he took it the hardest, but I get the feeling he's purposefully overworking himself to stop himself from thinking about your condition. If he's not at home working on his chores or with the CMC or working at the library, then he's helping out at Sweet Apple Acres or helping Fluttershy. Every night he comes home, bone tired and dead on his feet.

But don't worry! You most certainly should not worry. I've been keeping my eye on him and so have all your other friends. He has already greatly improved over this past week, so there's nothing to fear.

From Rarity

Howdy Twi,

Nothing much has changed down here truth be told, and Spike's been a real help around the farm. The trees are doing great, and I reckon we'll have a record haul this applebucking season. It won't be the same without you though, with all your fancy magic and all. Don't worry, I'll be sure to send some apples up to you so you don't miss out, I know how much you hate the apples served up there. Nothing quite like Sweet Apple Acres’ apples.

RD, this section here is for you, so no telling Twilight alright? You need to come back to Ponyville, I'm dead serious here. Pinkie is... Pinkie is in a bad place. We've tried helping her, but nothing we do seems to be working, and being her best friend, we're hoping you'll be able to do something. Anything. She hasn't thrown a party since she got the news. Instead, she has a "Welcome Back, Twilight" party permanently set up. She won't let us touch any of the decorations and keeps talking about how Twi will be getting up and how she'll come back and how everything will be going back to normal. She's refusing to throw another party until she can finish this party. Please RD, we need you back here.


Dash folded up the final letter and placed it on the bedside table next to the stack of books she had gotten for Twilight. After a moment’s silence, the pegasus stood up and opened the curtains, letting light flood in before she sat down in the chair next to Twilight's bed. For her part, Twilight didn't say a word and instead continued to doze on.

"Just what are you dreaming of?" whispered Dash. "A room of endless books no doubt."

A sigh escaped.

"I thought I saw you today, you know. I was walking down the street after sending off the letter to your brother, and I thought I saw you waving at me from across the street. Silly right? But... I thought it was you, I really did. I wanted to believe so badly. Turns out it was just some random mare in the street." Dash brushed a lock of mane out of Twilight's eyes. "I also thought I heard you at training. Thought I heard you call my name, but there was nothing there. I miss you so much."

A soft pitter-patter filled the silence.

"I hate you so much. Why? Why! All you needed to do was say something, anything, and I would have been there for you. We all would have." Dash tried her hardest to glare at the mare, but her blurry vision made that all but impossible. "An-And what the buck was up with the whole 'We'll see once we get back' deal? You knew you were going to die, didn't you? Why did you string me along like that? I-I-I..."

All the anger drained out of her and Dash collapsed back into the seat. "You stupid genius. You got my hopes up when you knew you wouldn’t survive. I want to hate you. I want to hate you so damn much for putting me through that, but I can't. Damn it, Twilight! You left us hanging. You left us all hanging!"

Still no reply.

"I see you everywhere. I hear your voice all the time. I can't even show off anymore, because every time I do, your voice appears, scolding me or giving me some lecture, and the only time I'm off the ground is when I practice with the rest of the Shadowbolts. I don't know what's worse, being unable to hate you, or loving you so much it hurts."

The tears finally came to an end.

"You've got to get better. You hear me!? Y-You're the coolest pony ever. The awesomest pony and the most radical an-and-and-" Though a sob escaped, there were no tears. "I don't care if the doctors say there's no chance of you getting better; they don't know you like I do. You make the impossible possible. You perform miracles. I know you'll kick this coma in the ass and come back to us."

The only sound was Dash's heavy breathing and the beeping of the machines.

"You have to..."

"Sister, are you certain you're doing the right thing?" For a brief second, anger flashed through Celestia as Luna interrupted her train of thought. "You were the one who taught us the need to move on and accept death as a natural part of a mortal's life!"

"Twilight's not dead," said Celestia.

"Yes, we know, she's in a coma, but that hardly changes the discussion at hoof." Luna sat down next to her sister with a frown on her face. "You must let go."

"I won't!" snapped Celestia. "Don't you get it Lulu? She died for me. I'm the reason she died. I caused the original virus, and in the end, Twilight suffered as a result. I can, must, and will rectify this mistake."

The two stared at each before Luna sagged and nodded. "Very well. I suppose We have no choice in this matter?"

"You're slipping again Lulu. You just used 'I' and 'we' in the same sentence."

"Celly! This is not the time to be fretting over such matters."

"I know, I know, sorry." Celestia brushed a messy lock of mane out of her eyes. "I've just been so stressed lately."

After all, what was the point of going back to Canterlot while she had the power to save Twilight? Everywhere she went, every single last Tartarus damned object in the castle, held some memory for her. It was like Twilight's ghost followed her around everywhere, replaying Twilight's entire life before Celestia's eyes. There was the hall that had to be rebuilt thanks to a magical flare from Twilight. There was the spare guest room Twilight loved hiding in when she wanted to read. That picture on the wall with the manestyle that always made the little filly laugh.

Even her room offered no respite from the deluge of emotions that threatened to drown her. There was no warmth, no joy, in being in Canterlot. The last time Celestia had felt this way was when Luna had been exiled to the moon. Every night she cried herself to sleep while clutching Twilight's final letter to her chest. It was barely half written before her prized protégé fell unconscious.

A snort escaped as Luna fixed her sister with a flat look. "You've been hiding out here, stating you need to recuperate after your illness, while I have been running the nation by myself."

"Now you know how I felt those thousand years you were gone."Though it was a joke, and though there was no way Luna could have known just how close it was to the truth, saying those words eased Celestia's heart.

Another snort. "Of course, because that was the most important thing on your mind during my exile."

"You try spending a thousand years with idiots like Blueblood," chuckled Celestia, and not once did Luna suspect the truth. A thousand years to master her mask, one so great not even her sister could see through it. That thought only served to depress Celestia further, but she kept that fake smile on her face, the same one Twilight practiced every morning. "I still think you got the better deal in the end."

"Whatever the case, what is your plan? And why did you need me to bring Twilight Sparkle along?"

"You actually bought her?"

"Of course." There was a flash of blue magic and Twilight appeared on the table before them and Celestia's heart leapt in joy. So looked so calm, so peaceful, as though she was merely sleeping. "You should know by now that I trust you with my life."

"Th-Thank you." For the first time in decades, the mask cracked and tears slid down her cheek. With a trembling hoof, Celestia brushed a stray lock of mane out of Twilight's eyes and caressed her cheek.

"Shh..." All that could be heard was the soft pitter-patter of Celestia's tears as Luna held her sister close. "I would do anything for you, just as you would do anything for me. Never forget that."

"I-I won't."

Two ponies. She had two ponies now that would do anything for her. Twilight and Luna. It helped fill the empty void in her heart, but... wasn't that what caused all this to happen to begin with? A willingness to do absolutely anything had ended up with Twilight in a coma. Perhaps... Perhaps she should change that when she cast the spell. A subtle nudge, a gentle tweak was all it would take after all.


That was... Even to the depths she was willing to go to save Equestria, that was one of the few things Celestia could not bring herself to do. She loved Twilight, even the neurotic aspects of her. To do that, to even think about it sickened the diarch to her very core. It was the good and the bad that made Twilight who she was.

It took more than a few seconds. It took more than a few minutes. To say it was hours before Celestia had calmed down enough would have been closer to the truth than anypony would ever know. Eventually though, Celestia calmed and looked up at her beloved sister with tear stained eyes.

"Thank you. I love you sis."

"Love you too." The two shared a tender nuzzle. "So what is this plan you've concocted?"

"Let me show you." Celestia's horn glowed, and behind her, the wall opened up to reveal a single tube with a purple mare sleeping inside it . A purple mare that looked exactly the same as the one that lay before them on the table. "That, is a clone of Twilight. Back when you were on the moon, one of the plans I developed was to create another alicorn so that I could transfer your memories into a new body in case the Elements were not viable."

"And you need the real Twilight in order to get her memories." Luna's eyes narrowed. "I am afraid I cannot aid you in this endeavor."


"I see now why you are performing this experiment in the bowels of Canterlot rather than Yggdrasil. Serenity threw you out didn't she? She locked all the systems and told you to get out." Luna glared at her sister. "You need to let Twilight go."

"I... I won't. I'm sorry, but this is something I must do." A sigh escape as Celestia caressed Twilight's cheek. "I did this to her. My hubris was the cause of all this."

"So take responsibility and move on. Nopony blames you."

Celestia flinched away from Luna's nuzzle. "Only because they don't know my role in it, and a certain pegasus would disagree with you. Rainbow Dash most certainly blames me."

"She's also grieving." This time, Celestia accepted the nuzzle. And when she closed her eyes, she could almost imagine it was Twilight giving it to her. "Give her time. Just move on."

"I..." The white alicorn shook her head. "I'm sorry, but I cannot."

The temperature suddenly dropped, causing the moisture in the air to condense.

"Will you stop me, sister?" whispered Celestia as the air around her began boiling.

Not another fight. Please. Losing a sister once was enough to send the strongest ponies into the depths of depression, but losing Twilight and Luna so close to one another? Her heart wouldn't be able to take it, but if it meant getting Twilight back, then so be it. She didn't want this, but Twilight meant so much to her.

The unicorn would never know, but it was Celestia's DNA that had been used. It was Celestia who raised Twilight. As far as Celestia was concerned, Twilight was her daughter. The loss of a sister was a price she'd gladly pay to get her daughter back.

The two stood opposite each other, horns crossed, wings slightly open, and muscles tensed. Neither moved and neither spoke as they stared each other down. Both waited for the other to make the first move. In the end, it was Luna who acted. She took one deliberate step back, folding her wings back as she did so.

"I trust you, but I will not partake in this folly for a second longer."

"Will you tell them the truth?" asked Celestia as she stroked Twilight's mane.

"Maybe, maybe not. For you? I'll only tell if they ask directly." Luna tossed her mane to the side. "You have made the wrong decision sister, and all I can do is watch from the sidelines and pray."

"This is not the wrong decision!"

"Who are you trying to convince? Yourself or me?" A sad look was tossed over her shoulder. "What do you think will happen if this Twilight finds out the truth? How do you think her friends will react if they find out the truth? You can make all the logical arguments you want for the clone and real Twilight being one and same, and there are plenty of them, but in the end, they'll be thinking with their hearts and not their heads. "


"I'm not done." The chill that permeated the room caused Celestia to shrink back. "But all I require is one answer to one very simple question."

Eyes glowing white, Luna looked at Celestia and the white alicorn took a step back.

"Can you love her like you did Twilight?"

"I-" The words caught in Celestia's throat as she tried to say 'yes'. She wanted to say it so badly, but she couldn't. There was too much doubt, too much confusion, too much sadness in her heart. The clone would look like Twilight, think like Twilight, have the same memories as Twilight, but...

"That's what I thought." And just like that, Luna vanished in a swirl of blue smoke.

After a long minute, she whispered into the empty room, "I can at least try."

With a sigh, Celestia turned to the console. "Systems check."

"All systems are functional. No anomalies present. You have the green light," came the disembodied voice.

"Excellent." Stepping between the two containers, Celestia's horn lit up and fired a beam of magic straight up into the receptacle above her. A whirling sound filled the air, the blue gel began glowing, and Celestia's magic enveloped both Twilights. The next minute was the longest minute Celestia had ever experienced. Then, as methodically as it had begun, it ended. Weary and dripping with sweat, Celestia made her way back to console.

"Status report," said the white alicorn.

"Nothing went wrong," replied the computer. "But to say more than that is impossible."

"Very well, release them and I shall perform a mind read on them."

"Acknowledged. Containment field deactivated, fluids drained, door opening in three, two, one."

Both cylinders opened and Celestia teleported both onto the table before them. She immediately touched her horn to the cloned Twilight's forehead and threads of golden magic wrapped around her head. Eyes closed and breathing even, Celestia began the mind read in total silence. A couple seconds later, the alicorn drew back and turned to the other Twilight. Once more, she repeated the process then drew back with a smile.

"It worked," Celestia whispered. "It worked!"

But where was the joy? The happiness? All she could feel was hollowness.

"Please secure the real Twilight in one of the free chambers while I take this Twilight up to her hospital room. That way if things go wrong with the clone, we'll be able to make another. It's highly improbable, but better to be safe than sorry."

"Very well."

"When will she wake up?" asked Celestia.

"Tomorrow. She will wake up tomorrow."

"Goodnight then, my darling daughter."

And as Celestia teleported back to Twilight's hospital room, she wasn't sure who that final line was addressed to, the mare in her magic or the mare she had left behind.

Never had victory tasted so much like ash.

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So here it is, the ending to this fic. I'll totally admit that this ending is experimental for me because not meant to be a sad or happy ending (though it could be taken either way). I really wanted this ending to be a hollow victory type of feel where you're torn between emotions and I really, really, really, hope I achieved that.

As for the crafting of the fic, I started off with the letters and they were deliberately ordered in such a way as to start of normal and act as a bit of hope before you begin to realize something is wrong. I deliebrately put Pinkie first and AJ last to act as they directly reference each other. Also, while nothing is expressedly said to be wrong with Fluttershy, her sudden courage is an impact Twilight has had on her and I wanted to show that it's not always negative.

Then we have the Dash scene where everything is revealed and the truth is shown. She doesn't make it to acceptance, so there's that.

And then the Celestia-Luna bit. It's a massive call back to the original journal entries and gets that type of feel that I wanted. I actually wond up between Doom and y1 as one loved it and the other felt it was iffy. For a while I contemplated having the memory transfer destroy original!Twilight's memories but in the end I decided against it because I wanted the ending to be as morally ambiguous as possible.

Also for those of you who want to inflict bodily harm on me have fun:
But none of you would pick the bottle or bowling ball, right? Right?:fluttercry:

And so the journey has ended, the mission accomplished, and the adventurers return home. Now all that's left is the fallout of their actions and the inevitable question: Was it worth the price?

1831741 Basically this. As y1 said, I could write an entire sequel if I wanted to

"they don't you like I do. "

They don't WHAT you? I think it's missing a know in there. It's at the end of the Dash part by the way.

I will say this. the ending really doesn't have many feelings to it. I really think Celestia should have taken the real twi to ygg-drasel then had the main terminal perform stem cell therapy on the real Twilight and fix her after her clone has been back for a few weeks.

didn't see that coming, does raise questions about cloning though. is a clone with the same memories as the original the exact same?

1831759 Fixed! No clue how I managed to miss that one

1831771 Exactly! Now what do you think? I wanna get a debate going (I love debates)

/me sides with Luna
Also, have some errors... sorry.

they don't you like I do
filled tube with a purple mare sleep inside


I tend to drift toward the scientific aspect of things A clone is genetically identical to the original, and if it had the same memories-the same experiences that shaped-its personality would be the same as well. so considering all of that, there is nothing that is different, so I believe that the two are completely the same. It's when others bring up metaphysical ideas, such as the soul, that things become complicated. but like I said, i'm a scientist, so I think they are the same. Who wants to argue with me?

SO...I noticed the original Twilight is in a coma...something you *CAN* wake up from...

Am I the only one darkly wondering how a fight to the death for the title of real Twilight would go? Or would the original even remember anything since her memories were tampered with? Maybe she could become a new pony?

1831799 Fixed!

So are you saying that if clone!Twilight acts different to the way real!Twilight would then the clone =/= real? So, if for example, the clone found out it was a clone and thus was forced to act in such manner to keep up the facade, it would no longer be the same as the real!Twi because it's actions are not an innate part of it?

1831860 I was wondering if anyone would pick up on that. Yes, it is something Twilight could wake up from and I originally going to put that as a stinger at the very end.

its even more confusing considering the real twilight is still alive. but as to your question, the clone wouldn't act different, as she has the same personality and mannerisms as the original twilight, so in effect, shed still be real, just now shed know she was a clone (cue neurotic freak-out). Technically they'd cease being the same as soon as the clone made new memories that the original didn't have, because they would continue to shape her personality and affect her actions.

Wow... theending was not quite how I expected.
I too find myself agreeing with Luna, but I can also fully understand why Celestia would do as she has done. To lose someone you hold so close in your heart is the worst pain in the world. And when you blame yourself for that loss, then it becomes infinitely worse.

I can only pray for Rainbow, that she can have her life with Twilight, and it all turns out for the best in the end. But by what standard of judgement do we measure what is best by? Celestia gave them all back the Twilight Sparkle they all love as a friend, family member, and lover, but is it really her? As stated above, she will have all the memories, and a clone is supposed to be identical to the original, but will it prove to be the case in the end?

The tragedy that hubris is... especially when combined with such power and resources that Celestia has at her disposal. What will be the cost of this, in the end? Will it come to pass that it would have been better for her to let go, and allow Twilight to cross over, or did she make the best choice with her decision to make the clone, and give her all that Twilight was?

Or, maybe, would have it been better had Celestia had not dabbled in the studies which lead to the creation of Cadance and Twilight Sparkle in the first place? Then again, had she not done so, who would have been the Element of Magic? Who would have been there to shield the Crystal Empire upon Somba's return? Who would have finally defeated Crysalis (fuck it, I misspelled her name, damnit) when she attempted to take over Canterlot?

They say hindsight is 20/20, but is it really? Maybe hindsight is just as blind as foresight, and we shall never know who was right and wrong in all of this.

One important question; does clone!Twilight have a cutie mark? Since cutie marks are determined by what a pony's special talent is, which in turn seems to be based on a pony's life experiences to that point, I'd think that clone!Twilight wouldn't have a cutie mark since she had no life experience until Celestia copied original!Twilight's memories. But at that point, clone!Twilight would have more life experience than original!Twilight did at the time the latter received her cutie mark as a filly—so there's a possibility that clone!Twilight would receive a somewhat different cutie mark than original!Twilight, wouldn't you think?

... well... at least Twilight isn't dead. This means I don't get to pick the bottle and the bowling ball but I am throwing a bunch of snowballs at you with 75% of my strength!

Great ending to a great story Orphius! And you finished it right before the world ends too! Have two :moustache::moustache:

The real question that everyone should be asking is what if the original twilight wakes up?

1832831 A very awkward conversation.

knowing twilight's tendency to be more-than-slightly neurotic, probably something a little worse than that.

I was actually going to ignore the "they're no longer the same once clone!Twilight makes new memories line" since that'd be too easy. What I was trying to get at was once the clone found out the truth (and accepted it) that the clone would either not act like Twilight in order to be its own person or it could keep acting like Twi in order to keep up the facade. If she kept acting to keep up the facade, then that'd potentially be inauthentic and no different from a changeling acting like Twi. But I agree, their initial reaction would be the same.

Exactly! I was trying to get that "Is it really her?" type of feeling and I'm glad I did. I'm also super glad that someone got the tragedy that is Celestia. There are two tragedies at play and I'm glad someone picked up on the second one. Like y1 said, there are so many questions still lingering that I could write a sequel if I wanted to and to me, the lack of closure is probably a really strong point of the ending.

That... is something I did not think of actually. I think we need ask ourselves to what extend cutie marks are tied to the act that made it appear or if they are tied to the self realization that comes along that causes the cutie mark to appear. I personally believe it's got to do with the realization of finding something the pony absolutely loves, etc rather than the act itself. Since the clone has all the memories, I would therefore assume it also has the self realisation and thus has a cutie mark. As for a different cutie mark, I have no freaking clue.

1832278 Yay! Snowball. Better than the alternatives.

An awkward conversation involving lots of magical explosions?

1833518 Actually, there are so many points within this story that would make excellent topics for philosophical debate. I will give you credit. This story did make me do quite a bit of thinking.

1833537 Yes! As a philosophy student you have just made my year with that comment.

1833557 lol, I am thinking that you, P3RROHAMBRE, and I should get together on Skype sometime. He's pretty sharp as well, and his Dark Descent series can give you plenty to think about as well.

1833578 I don't actually have skype

1833624 And now is the time where Ponies across Equestria wail out in anguish that the world has ended, caused buy the lack of a wonderful debate on Skype that would have even had Luna and Derpy hanging up the X-Box controllers to watch for it's posting on Youtube.

1833652 Heh, but we seriously need to do that sometime. I love debates

1833672 lol, You should dl Skype then.

Well, I must follow another passion right now. Watching Initial D again. Something about JDM tuner cars tearing down a twisty mountain road at high speed just....


excuse me... embarrassing wingboner caused by too much high speed drifting...

1833926 Yeah.... And I went to find episode 5, and all I could find was the subbed ones. HATE going from dubbed to subbed.

Now I know how Celestia felt after Luna beaver dammed her in More than Gamers!

1833949 I don't actually mind so much, but I tend to go all dub or all sub rather than jump between the two.

1833960 And, that was just rubbing it in after another failed attempt at watching something tonight.

Earlier in the week, I checked a local video store to see if they could order a DVD I wanted. What I was looking for was the 2010 released live action Japanese movie Space Battleship Yamato. Well, turns out that it was only released in region 3 coding, which means unplayable on US players, and also it is out-of-print.

So, I find it on Youtube. The full movie with subs even.

One problem. The upload was screwed up, and half way through, the sound totally cuts out.

Here is the trailer for the movie:

The name sounds ridiculously familiar, but the trailer doesn't ring any bells.

From history... Yamato was the world's largest battleship ever put to sea. It was the flagship of the Japanese fleet. It was sunk in 1944.

The movie is based of the Japanese anime of the same name which came out in 79. It was released in the US under the name Star Blazers.

The trailer was for the live action version made in 2010, and it was only released in Japan.


Actually, after some tough searching, I may have found someone who has uploaded it in segments. hopefully, it will work better than the full version worked.

I know it's historical name origin, but there's just something about it that says "It sounds familiar". I wasn't around back then so I doubt I've seen it so I've got no clue. Weird.

Good luck!

1834114 Well, I found another copy... hope this one works better, here is the movie if you wanna check it out (can bookmark it for yout leisure lol)
Space Battleship Yamato

1834153 It is now on my watch later list!


That... is something I did not think of actually. I think we need ask ourselves to what extend cutie marks are tied to the act that made it appear or if they are tied to the self realization that comes along that causes the cutie mark to appear. I personally believe it's got to do with the realization of finding something the pony absolutely loves, etc rather than the act itself. Since the clone has all the memories, I would therefore assume it also has the self realisation and thus has a cutie mark. As for a different cutie mark, I have no freaking clue.

Ah, but there's the rub. While there are things that I've loved to do and have shown talent at since I was young, there are things that I love to do now that I didn't before; heck, some of them didn't even exist when I was young. Conversely, there are things that I loved to do when I was young that I no longer find any interest in today due to changing tastes or negative experiences since that time. Neither people/ponies or the world they live in is static. Hence I see the cutie mark as a snapshot of a pony's interests and talents in time, and seriously :pinkiehappy: wonder whether a cloned pony with a full set of adult memories implanted would wind up with exactly the same cutie mark as the original.

And then there's the special case of Twilight's cutie mark; it was a prophetic one (the symbol of the Element of Magic—as seen on the original stone Element in S01E02—representing Twilight, surrounded by five smaller copies in white, representing the other five Elements). If the same forces are still at work, might a new cutie mark on the clone prophesy something else for her in the future? Or would the completed prophecy of the restoration of the Elements of Harmony mean that Twilight's unique interests alone would determine the clone's cutie mark? It's a rather interesting conundrum.

I think that's a tad off the mark though because from what we've seen so far, cutie marks tend to be rather generic and it's the pony themselves that atribute meanings to them. Take the Apple family for instance, all of their cutie marks are apple based, but I'm sure if we could ask them, they'd give their own interpretation of what it means to them. Or to use another example, we've got Rarity who's cutie mark are diamonds and yet I'm sure her special talent is more than just "gems" whether it's finding them or whatnot. While it might be a snapshot as you so adequately described it, it is generic enough to be mutable thus allowing for a wider variety of interpretations and for it to be constantly applicable throughout life.

What does this mean over all? Well I'd say that the clone would have a decent probability of having the same cutie mark simple because she puts the same emphasis on the same things, and finds the same explanations/whatever in the same things.

Or, you know, I could just Celestia genetically engineered it on a cellular level to change teh pigment of the fur in tha flank region to get a perfect replica of Twilight's cutie mark.


I think that's a tad off the mark though because from what we've seen so far, cutie marks tend to be rather generic and it's the pony themselves that attribute meanings to them.

True enough, though the mark tends to be relevant to the pony's name in some fashion. While this is obviously because of the derivation of the characters from toys, there is as yet no canonical, in-universe explanation for this. It would seem that the naming of a foal is itself prophetic in nature to some extent.

I personally like to think ponies choose their own name at a later date simply because I dislike the idea of destiny which is what the cutie mark and name seems to imply to a degree

We already have prophecies ("on the longest day of the thousandth year…") and destinies (the linking of the Mane Six by sonic rainboom) in the show; what's a few more? :twilightsmile:

1834461 Annoyance from a ethics/philosophy standpoint.

You know what i think twilight should have died in this story. This ending is too cruel

1840451 Well dying would have been too easy? Too nice? Something. I'm evil you know

1840545 So what does that make you someone that blatantly tells everyone that Twilights gonna die just to have her live in the end abet in the most cruel way possible?

1840593 I take it you haven't read my other fic Breaking Twilight? 'cause the ending there is probably a lot more worse. And like I said, I'm evil so hey, I'm allowed to do stuff like this.

1840604 Oh dont worry i have read that. And i have to say that one was justified. In a insane kind of way.

1840619 Come on, that one was way worse than this ending! And yeah, that entire fic was pretty damn insane.

1840638 again. i said in an insane kind of way. I dont care for heart wrenchers and if i did well you would be getting alot worse from me But im a heartless asshole with morals

1840648 True, true. Plus, in the original ending Twilight was going to die and then I decided to change it because everyone was expecting it.

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