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A collaboration with: Cyberfire22

Created from a magical experiment to help Twilight around the palace, Sparks is an all-knowing hard-light entity in everything but her social skills, at least until she meets Spike. When the princess is away, he takes the artificial intelligence on a day out to see Ponyville in all its organic glory.

Cover Art: V-D-K

***Updated: 8-20-2019***

Chapters (16)

What do Spike, Garble, and Smolder have in common, besides being dragons? They've been summoned to another world at the behest of a needy adventurer who thinks her fortunes are turning with their arrival. No one involved is ready for what comes next.

Done as a collaborative effort with a patron (RadicalDishonesty)! Will be updated weekly.

PS: This means you can blame all the typos on them, muah ha ha ha!

PPS: Lovely picture done by Dragonpony, thanks!

Chapters (17)

The surprise arrival of a group of fearsome dragons over Canterlot precipitates a panic in Equestria's capital. With tensions running high, a response needed and almost no information to work with, the Princesses reach out to the only pony they can call on for help.

Thrust into a precarious maze of political imperitives and Phyrric choices, where the wrong word said at the wrong moment could begin a war, Spike must use all of his wits to bring the two sides together peacefully. He knows it's possible... but he seems to be the only one who does.

Chapters (8)

Scootaloo gathers all her friend's to tell them that she's running away and their welcome to join her, instead of Applebloom and Sweetie bell tho, she finds Spike and Silverstream are the only ones ready to head out with her, and with that, the oddest adventure around Equestria begins as they try and keep from getting caught before they complete their journey.

Edited by DGJabberwocky

Chapters (6)

Spike was always different from other dragons. Sure, he still had many of the standard abilities of a dragon (such as flame breath and really tough scales), but he also liked reading more than other dragons did and didn't enjoy many of the same activities that gave other dragons pleasure. He was also adept in the field of alchemy. His only friend growing up was the Dragon Lord's daughter Ember.

Now, however, he has a chance to find out WHY he is different from other dragons, even if it means saying goodbye to his only friend. However, if he isn't like any other dragon, then what is he like?

Is there another out in the world like him or is he truly alone?

If he isn't alone, then where will this new path take him?

Many adventures with new friends and dangerous new enemies will give him the chance to find out, for better or for worse.

The only way to see where he will end up is to keep moving forward and never look back.

(This is the First Part of the Nova Verse)

Chapters (17)

950 years after Nightmare Moon was banished from Equestria, an incident occurred in the smokey mountains involving a cult obsessed with a being known as 'the fire starter'.

Said incident was where a dragon going by the name of Spike first appeared in Equestria, setting in motion several series of events regarding the supernatural forces that hid in the shadows of this world.

this is his story.

Chapters (2)

He's lost his family, his Shadow Collective, and his rule over Mandalore. And on top of that, his former master is now the ultimate power in the universe.
But just like on Naboo, Darth Maul refuses to accept defeat. Now he finds himself far out in space, beyond what's been charted of the Outer Rim, and nearing a strange planet he's never encountered. This planet has an odd connection to the Force, and once he arrives, he will be drawn to a young reptilian who has not explored his own potential.

An MLPxStar Wars crossover. If you haven't seen Clone Wars (and maybe Rebels), you're gonna be missing some context.

I like comments. Preferably positive.

Chapters (12)

or how twilight found out about her assistant's secret relationship

spike has very strange tastes in mares....specifically ones with bug wings and holes in their legs.

(A/N, sex tag for implied bug on dragon sex and innuendo.)

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Dragon Lord's Consort

Spike awakens nearly a year later. But much has happened in his sleep and absence. A threat is building in Equestria and it may tear at the relationships between Dragon and Pony. Spike's future is undetermined, with a role he has yet to accept and a struggle over his destiny, between the family he grew up with or the family he needed. With time, he may not be the same as he was before and what the changes that have manifested with him, may hold.

Special thanks to Mrof for this wonderful coverart for this brand new series! Please drop a tip for him here! Without this wonderful art, the next series would look dull!

Chapters (6)

Life for Spike began to get dull after the events that lead to Starlight becoming Twilight's student. Asked to do less things with Starlight around Spike found his way to the human world to wonder and look for something he'd seen before. Finding Duel Monsters again he's found a way to become human instead of a dog and worked his way up the ranks. But what happens when he ends up cornered by Rainbowdash and Rarity after he takes part in regionals?

Chapters (4)
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