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After becoming a Wonderbolt, it's all Cloudchaser talks about. Wonderbolt this, Wonderbolt that and Flitter is getting sick of constantly being upstaged by her sister. It's like everything she does is overlooked by her sister and her achievements, especially in her parents eyes. Having enough and finally saying something, she decides to make her own mark in the world. She surprises herself when she finds a unicorn and a dragon on the exact same quest. Together, the trio faces obstacles and adversaries together and more.

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Spike "Drake" and Gabriel "Garble" Duke, 2 cousins from Hazzard County find themselves involved in misadventures fighting against injustice headed by James "Discord" Hogg and his right-hand man, Sheriff Ken "Flash" Coltrane

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Spike Solaris is just trying to live a normal teenage life with his mother Celestia, his aunt Luna and his friends, but only one problem; His father is the ruler of all dragons who wants to take over the world from the humans. Balancing a normal life while keeping the secret that he is half dragon from his friends is bad enough, throw in a power hungry 300 foot tall dragon as a father and that's only the tip of the iceberg on Spikes hectic life.

Thanks to castroedgar316 & Helping Hoof for editing.

Thanks to smilingDOGZ for the cover art.

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Spike figured things would be routine once he moved out; a job, home, relax, bed, rinse and repeat.

That is, until he somehow became the adopted older brother to a rambunctious group of little girls...all of them with a habit of calling him by 'Onii-chan', but that's not so bad, right? And he managed to get hold of a place big enough for them all.

Now if only he could figure out where these small technicolor horses keep coming from...

And why they're so cuddle hungry.

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Spike is no stranger to getting roped into things, being helpful is practically his second nature. Sometimes though, it can be a little too much even for him.
Thankfully, he has somewhere to go when things get out of control.

Rated T for a few instances of cursing.

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After an attack on a night guard leaves the future of the Ponyville Museum in question, Spike must join the CMC to solve the mystery and end this threat! The threat of The Phantom Dragon!

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What would occur if a baby dragon met a certain pegasus before they're supposed to? Nothing good, that's for sure.

Follow the tale of a dragon and pegasus as they make friends, enemies and wreck havoc around the capital city of Equestria.

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What if during 'Dragon Quest,' Spike met dragons different from Garble and his goons? What if they became close enough friends for Spike to form his own friend group? How would things be different? How much would things stay the same?

Kind of a re-telling of MLP from 'Dragon Quest' onward, with Spike having a group of five dragon OC friends. Twilight and the Mane Six will still have their usual adventures, but will have some additional backup along the way. Additionally, I'll have my OCs learn a couple lessons of their own.

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Spike Drake is a normal boy, who goes to school normally with his friends; sometimes he does good deeds and sometimes he is alone. But when the mob enters her life, it's time to become what he once was.

Someone who swore not to reveal...

My first story here in this community. Based on 2 great movies by Keanu Reeves and Denzel Washington

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At the very ripe age of nineteen Spike is still dealing with his dravyern blood. It made him strong, durable, he even has cool fire breathe and wings. The thing that sucked? He was still short. Due to his blood, he'd age physically differently from all his friends and family. So he was stuck shorter then most, due to this he'd get mistaken for a young teen despite being a legal adult. He even drove a car for god's sake!

The one who seemed to forget this the most was his sister Twilight who deemed that he'd need to be watched while home alone for the week or two she was gone. Despite his best attempts to argue he's stuck at home being watched by one of their mutual friends, Rainbow Dash.

She doesn't seem to mind just chilling for a few weeks, she was getting paid after all. But Spike is fed up with the way he's treated. He's at the end of his fuse when Rainbow Dash expertly starts a flashfire that ends unexpectedly.

Art by me.

Part of the Dravyern Verse that I will slowly build into multiple stories. No two Dravyern Verse stories line up with each other and there will be many differences between them. Constant things: there is magic but life is based heavily on modern-day, people humans with the subspecies being Soulsage[people born with magic], Skyborn[people born with retractable wings, Terrans[strong humans with tougher than average bodies, Alicians[people born with the traits of all three]. Other races represent Griffins[Griffman], Dragons[Dravyerns] and such as well.
Might bump rating later

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