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It had been one year since Twilight Sparkle vanished in the battle against the evil unicorn Xander, and her friends were still trying to overcome the grief of losing her. On the anniversary of her presumed death, her friends gather at her memorial. What was suppose to be a day of remembrance was shattered by a strange metal object that landed right beside them. Their anger quickly turns to shock as a familiar unicorn emerges... and boy does she have a story to tell.

Rated Teen for violence, language, and sexual content. Rating and tags may change in future chapters.

This is not a Halo fic. It IS however loosely inspired by Halo as well as Star Wars, Mass Effect and several other sci-fi movies, books, and games.

Edited by Jack-Pony, HuskSummers, Coldwall, and sadron

Cover art by Sonic Rain

Chapters (59)

Princess Luna finds more than a friend in her sister's student, and Twilight Sparkle gets a chance to study the moon and stars far closer than she ever dreamed possible.

An ongoing series of slice-of-life snapshots. Expect a castle's worth of clop-free d'aaawww.

These stories are in continuity with The Rustic & The Romantic and If the Flight Suit Fits.

Now featuring cover art by the inimitable Cerraka (formerly xaztein / crenair)!

Almost all chapters originally written as separate entries for flash-fic blog Thirty Minute Ponies (TMP). I highly recommend a visit to TMP if you're looking for some of the best 1000-word gems in pony fiction. Many thanks to TMP for inspiring me to write!

Plan C - In which Cadance learns that Celestia is the chessmaster, and that her backup plans are the most fun of all.

Game, Set, Match - Twilight tries her hoof at arena combat. Victory or defeat, she's sure to end up a winner with this opponent.

Countdown - Luna swore she'd never do this again, but there's something about that little librarian from Ponyville that tests her resolve.

Twilight Hustle - Rarity's heard some steamy rumors about Twilight and gathers the girls to dish juicy gossip.

All the World’s a Stage - Luna had a wonderful evening with Twilight and sang her heart out about it. Oh, and she might have left the door open.

Every Morning After - Twilight and Luna shared a wonderful, magical night; unfortunately, immortal Princesses sometimes forget about thousand-year-old laws which could ruin the mood ever so slightly.

Names - Luna's had many more names and titles than "Mare in the Moon", and Twilight discovers which of them meant the most.

Great Minds Think Alike - Cadance and Celestia's plan for Twilight and Luna comes to a head, slightly off schedule.

Third Time's the Charm - Twilight's Nightmare Night costumes aren't cutting it. Now Luna's in town, and that may change her opinion on what makes a proper costume.

Monster - Ponyville's been through the ringer lately, but whose fault is it really?

Impossible - Luna's having a bad night, and Twilight came all the way to Canterlot to do something about it.

Early Observances - If you're going to interrupt Celestia's sleep, you'd better have a very good reason.

THAT Letter - Luna and Twilight have to tell Celestia how serious their relationship has become, and they decide to send a letter. Surely they couldn't disagree about how to make such a simple announcement - could they?

Your Turn - Twilight and her friends reveal some personal secrets, and Twilight's is life-changing.

Trembling Joyful Whispers- The Big Day is here for Twilight and Luna! Hear the congregation's comments as events unfold.

The Power Vested in Me- The Big Day is here, but Luna and Twilight are so very, very far from ready. Will their fears get the better of them?

Awkward - Twilight and Shining Armor have dinner with their parents along with Luna and Cadance. They'll probably wish they'd ordered takeout instead.

Absence - Luna deals with a thousand years of angst all at once; maybe she just needs a gentle helping hoof to make sense of it all.

You Were There - A quiet night between Luna and Twilight is almost derailed by a lesson in ancient mythology.

Between Sun and Moon - Luna reads a bedtime story with which she is all too familiar.

Postcards from the Edge - Twilight leaves to study abroad for three months; in her absence, Luna has a stack of mail to open.

Insert Princess T into Slot S - Twilight want to be Princess of Something. Careful what you wish for!

Ups and Downs - Newly-crowned Princess Twilight needs flying lessons. Careful whom you ask!

Amethyst Throne - Princess Twilight is pretty sure she's seen these petitioners somewhere before.

Chapters (27)

Scootaloo was alone. She had been for her whole life, but even a rejection from her idol, Rainbow Dash, hurt so much.

Now, will she stay alone? Or will everybody's favorite DJ pony give her the love and care she deserves?

And... this is what happens when you spend a whole day reading stories about two of your favorite characters.
And why do I always have to write sad things? Oh well. Enjoy! : )

Awesome pic by Berry Punch!

Chapters (4)

Octavia isn't the type of mare to mix up with suspicious crowds. She stays away from ponies who are different from herself, never giving them second thought, never considering the fact that they might be friendly.
But what happens if Octavia doesn't have a choice? What if she needs one of these uncouth ponies she so despises, and avoids at all costs? And mostly, what will her family say if she goes as far as to fall in love with one?

Rated teen for some minor sexual themes

This beautiful new cover pic is by the great and powerful (in my opinion) RainbowShy1241. A big huge thanks to you, because it's awesome!

Chapters (37)

This story is no longer being worked on due to higher levels of quality and faded interest in the subject.

As Celestia begins modernizing Equestria, a new type of transportation system is needed to travel long distances. With this come the invention of the automobile, or car, which is an instant hit. But, with a new method of fast transport, illegal races break out along major highways and roads. With the Royal Guards unable to stop them a new force is created to combat the racers.

Chapters (2)

[2nd person fic staring you and Vinyl Scratch]
As a pony who is not a fan of the club scene you can rarely be caught near one, but one night you decide to go to one. There you see some famous DJs, you even get to meet the very famous Vinyl Scratch. After meeting at a show Vinyl Scratch offers you a position singing for her. Only problem is, you haven't sang for years. When a series of events leaves Vinyl alone, you come to her aid.

A side note:
-There is music embedded into this story. Click the blue text to play music, stop the music when you get to the red text. Take a little pause if you have to before stopping the music. Also on the first song, skip to 37 seconds in for the song to start.
-This is my first attempt at writing in this style, so I apologize in advance for the horrors of writing you're about to witness.

Chapters (7)

Tobuscus. PewDiePie. The Yogscast, Nova, even Egoraptor. During what would have been the worlds greatest livestream event of all time, these six comedy idols get somehow transfered into a strange land, filled with bright colors, bright skies, but a dark secret. It was all going according to the plan of a certain Princess.



Madgod Pim
Grey Byte

Chapters (3)

Vinyl Scratch, or DJ-P0N-3, known for promiscuity amongst the mares and stallions of Ponyville, has fallen in love! How will she deal with it, and will the object of her desires reciprocate these feelings?

Chapters (16)

Club Harmony is the hottest new joint in all of Equestria. Owned by Octavia Philharmonica and Vinyl Scratch, Club Harmony has become famous for its mixture of classical music and modern rock, bringing ponies from all over the land to experience the lights and sounds (and to get wasted at the same time).

But not all is well in the land of wubs. Vinyl and Octavia still have to deal with their personal lives, as well as the lives of their patrons. Can the two of them handle the responsibility or are they destined to crack?

You must meet the dress code to read this story.

Cover by Arby-Works

Edited by Spabble

Chapters (2)

You are a quiet and introverted musician. You dislike showing off your talent (for music or magic) but the opportunity of a lifetime arises, and going against your character, you accept. But when a certain grey mare enters the picture, you realize that you've gotten into more than you bargained for.

Chapters (31)