• Published 11th Jul 2012
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A Tale of Two Mares - CharmingChaos

Octavia and Vinyl Scratch start a life - and a family - together, much to Octavia's mother's disgu

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Neightella! (Nevermind, It's Important)

Extra bonus Nutella chapter! I was eating the stuff and writing at the same time, so it had to be shipped specially to Equestria for this chapter.

Octavia woke up to find the space next to her in the bed abnormally empty. She was used to having to prod Vinyl awake amid a chorus of groans and complaints, and then give up because that adorably insufferable mare refused to get up before nine.

But today she must have stayed up after she first woke with Tambourine, because, shortly after pulling on a robe, Octavia found Vinyl sitting at the kitchen table, her face and their filly's covered in something deep chocolate brown and, from the looks of it, very sticky.

An almost too sweet scent wafted through the little room, making Octavia wrinkle her nose slightly.

"What in Equestria are you feeding that poor Tambourine?!" Octavia shrieked, interrupting the happy scene. "It's a wonder she's not already morbidly obese from eating all that garbage you always give her. It's a wonder you aren't morbidly obese as well!"

"Chill out, 'Tavi. It's just Neightella." Vinyl grinned, sticking her hoof into the jar next to her and thrusting it in Octavia's face. "I read the package, it's full of good stuff. Here, try it!"

"If you expect me to lick it off of your hoof, you're crazy. Besides, I don't eat that kind of food. It's terrible for your health, and I know it would just go straight to my flank, anyhow." Octavia backed away from the sticky white hoof in front of her muzzle.

"Aw, come on. Your flank is fine, 'Tav. And besides, it's not your flank me and Tamby like so much, it's you."

"Very nice, and very cheesy, but still, no thanks." Octavia disappeared into the pantry, rummaging past Vinyl's rainbow coloured Dashie-Os (Eat a breakfast fit for one of Equestria's favourite real-life superheroes!) and dandelion poptarts to find her customary oatmeal. "And stop giving it to Tambourine, too. She's too young to have all those unhealthy things you eat."

"It's chocolate..." Vinyl persuaded, watching Octavia struggle with the nob on the stove. "If I magically cook your oatmeal to it's usual slimy 'perfection', as you call it, will you try some of this Celestia-made goodness?"

"If you can even make oatmeal that is edible, and if you manage not to set the house on fire even without the use of the stove, I will try your precious Neightella, and tell you once and for all that it is just junk food, like everything else you eat except when I cook for you." Octavia reared up and crossed her forelegs, glaring challengingly at her chocolate-covered marefriend.

"You're on, Octy. Be ready to be blown away by some of the best mother-buckin' oatmeal you've ever tasted!" Vinyl jumped onto her chair, balancing precariously on two legs on top of it for a moment. Octavia started to snicker slightly into her hoof. Vinyl glared at her. "What?"

"Nothing," Octavia giggled, looking like a guilty foal. "It's just that you kind of remind me of a chocolate dipped marshmallow right now."

Octavia burst into another fit of giggles as Vinyl did her best to lick the chocolate off her face, still glaring. "I can't imagine why that's so terrible. Most would enjoy the sight of the most amazing pony ever covered in chocolate."

"Beethoofen's here? And he's covered in chocolate? Oh-my-Celestia-where?!" Octavia looked around the room in mock confusion.

"Eugh," Vinyl wrinkled up her nose, looking disgusted. "He's the guy you think of when I say the most amazing pony ever?What about me?"

"You're pretty high on the list too, Marshmallow." Octavia watched, mesmerized, as Vinyl's tongue covered her entire face in just one swoop, effectively removing most of the sticky Neightella from her fur. "You have a really long tongue, Vinyl."

"I can show you just how well I know how to wield it this evening, if you like," Vinyl said, eyes glinting hopefully behind half-closed lids.

"Oh, Celestia, no. Not another lick-down! I've had quite enough of that for a long time." Octavia backed away slightly, wincing at the memory of being covered in Vinyl's saliva.

"Well, that's not exactly what I had in mind. I was thinking of something we haven't done in a long time." Vinyl stared at Octavia, hoping she didn't still have Neightella on her face. It would completely ruin the look she was going for. "Here's a little hint; it involves a number?"

"Ooh..." Octavia's eyes widened at what Vinyl was implying. "Wait, nonononono, we can't do that. What if Tambourine wakes up? We can't let her see us, that's just weird!"

"She's less than a year old. She won't care," Vinyl pointed out. "Fine. So we go in the den. She can't get out of her crib, as far as I can tell, so she'll never know."

"Fine." Octavia shrugged, defeated. "But we're taking the baby monitor."


Octavia tapped her hoof on the floor, suddenly looking impatient. "Now, my oatmeal, miss Scratch, if you please?"

"Of course, milady. It's coming right up now." Vinyl shut her eyes, concentrating, and a heavy ceramic bowl filled with steaming oatmeal appeared with a little pop in front of Octavia, making her jump.

"Thanks." Octavia stirred it tentatively.

"Ugh," Vinyl said, lapping up another hoof-ful of Neightella and levitating a spoon of it into Tambourine's open mouth. "That was disgusting. In order to conjure up a dish like that, you have to concentrate on it. I can practically taste the oatmeal in my brain."

Octavia smiled smugly. "Good. Maybe your brain will be a little better off now that it's imagined something other than poptarts and dashie-os for breakfast, yes?"

Vinyl groaned, rubbing the side of her head. "I think it's allergic."

Octavia finished off her oatmeal, which admittedly wasn't nearly as bad as she'd thought, and heaved her cello onto her back, planting a kiss on top of Vinyl's head as she made for the door. "Bye, Sweetie. Thanks for breakfast."

Vinyl teleported to a spot just in front of the door, blocking the way out. "Ah-ah-ah, little Octy. What have we forgotten today?"

Octavia rolled her eyes, giving Vinyl a good smooch on the lips before sidestepping to get past her.

"Good." Vinyl moved to block her path again. "But there's one more thing." A small jar floated from the kitchen, into Vinyl's waiting hoof. "I think somepony just tried to duck out of her end of a bargain, and I don't like that. Every blessing has it's price, Octy. If you want to cross a bridge, my sweet, you've got to pay the to--"

"Oh, come on, Disneigh? Really? That quote doesn't even make sense right now." Octavia rolled her eyes. Vinyl was toying with her, being a ridiculous little gloating filly.

"I thought it was perfect," Vinyl said, looking hurt. Her voice dropped to a husky whisper. "Anyways, here you go. Eat up, my pretty."

Octavia watched as Vinyl dipped her hoof into the Neightella, swirling it around for a moment before inching it toward her muzzle. "Re-really, Vin' couldn't you just give me a spoon?"

""That would ruin half the fun of, it, Octy. It's cute when you squirm under my power." Vinyl's red eyes flashed evilly as she cackled, enjoying her torture. "My, my, this is even better then when you had to sit through that lick-down."

"Ugh!" Octavia had had enough. "You're going to make me late for practice!" She forcefully grabbed her silly marefriend's hoof in two of her own, clamping her mouth around it.

Vinyl watched, giggling like a schoolfilly as Octavia struggled to hide the fact that the Neightella didn't taste as bad as she thought. "Getting a little impatient there, are we?" she asked, tugging her imprisoned hoof lightly.

Octavia spat the hoof out, fighting the urge to smile. Her cheeks flared up to match Vinyl's eyes as she backed carefully away from Vinyl Scratch. "Alright, you've had your fun. Now can I please go to work?"

"I suppose I must let you, but remember, Octy, the Neightella's on the third shelf up in the pantry on the right, if you want it."

"What-- why would I? Vinyl, you're impossible, you know that?" Octavia sputtered as she made her way out the door.

"I'm sorry, that word is too long for me to fully comprehend. I'll just have to take that as a compliment." Vinyl grinned cheekily. "Oh, and Octy?"

"What now?!"

"I love you."