• Published 11th Jul 2012
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A Tale of Two Mares - CharmingChaos

Octavia and Vinyl Scratch start a life - and a family - together, much to Octavia's mother's disgu

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Getting Used to Things

Two months have gone by, and I'm still barely getting used to all this nonsense. Octavia thought to herself as she sat at Vinyl's messy foldout table one morning.. At least I have my cello, but I miss my house. I miss living tidily, alone. And I'm definitely still getting used to having a *gulp* marefriend.

A crash from the bedroom signaled the other mare's waking. Moments later, the cupboard door slammed, and Vinyl's box of rainbow-colored cereal and a chipped bowl floated over to the table next Octavia's own breakfast. The contrast between the lightly sweetened instant oatmeal Octavia ate each morning and her partner's varying unhealthy breakfast of poptarts and colorful cereal, sometimes even toaster haysh browns (seriously, who would even make such an awful thing?) stood out starkly.

The first time Vinyl had made breakfast, Octavia had been pleased. But once she saw the spread on the table, she learned to politely decline such generosity. Vinyl's reaction to Octavia's cooking was unsurprisingly similar.

The pair ate in silence, each lost in their own thoughts. It was a Saturday, which meant that Octavia had the day off and would stay home, cleaning the house and practicing her cello, while Vinyl went to work in various clubs and bars, and generally tried to stay out of the house. This was common practice-- once Vinyl had stayed home, and she had simply gotten in the way, leaving them both irritated. So, presumably, Vinyl made an effort to have a reason to be out of the house every week.

"Sho." Vinyl said suddenly, through a large mouthful of cereal.

Octavia carefully finished chewing before replying. "Hmm?"

"War li doon tay?" Vinyl asked, still eating.

"Vinyl, dear, please swallow first, I can't understand you."

"Yes, Mother," Vinyl grinned cheekily, swallowing loudly. "I said what are we doing today?"

"We? Scratchy, it's sat--"

"Last week we agreed that we'd spend today together, because it's our month anniversary, remember?" Vinyl Scratch made her shining red eyes as big as possible.

"Ugh, damn you and your adorable little puppy face!" Octavia said, kissing her horn. "I have things to do, you know."

"But 'Tavi, you promised--"

"Okay, okay. What did you have in mind?" Octavia sighed. Vinyl Scratch was an amazing friend, and an even more amazing partner, but she had a lot of cleaning to do, and Vinyl certainly wasn't going to help her with that. She liked the mess.

"We-e-e-ll" Vinyl Scratch drew out the word for as long as she could. "I have a few things planned."

An hour later, the two mares sat opposite each other at a secluded table in the fanciest restaurant in Canterlot.

"You shouldn't have, Vinyl, I know how expensive this place is..." But Octavia was smiling.

"Shush, 'Tavi. I did it because I love you."

Octavia blinked. Even after a month, "I love you" wasn't a common phrase in their house, in fact, Octavia wasn't even sure either of them had ever said it.

"So, what're you gonna get, 'Tavi?" Vinyl nuzzled her marefriend playfully, making sure that her spiky mane tickled the other mare's face.

"Whah? Oh, I don't know yet. You?" Octavia returned the loving gesture. The two mares stayed nose to nose until a quiet "ah-hem" from the waiter shook them back to reality.

"Your orders, ma'ams?" he spoke stiffly, obviously unused to two mares of such intimacy.

"What? Haven't you ever seen a fillyfooler before?" Vinyl had that guarded Look on her face that put Octavia instantly on edge. She put a hoof on her hotheaded partner's thigh, warning her gently to keep quiet. Vinyl shook her head slightly, locking eyes with the waiter before turning back to Octavia.

"Your orders, ma'ams?" the waiter repeated, still avoiding eye contact with either of them.

"Well, I suppose I'll ha--" Octavia started.

"I'll take whatever she has," Vinyl butted in. "And, like, a cider or something. Got it?"

"I'll just have the Spinach Souffle, please," Octavia said, blushing pink in embarrassment. "And, um, an Arnold Palmer."

The waiter nodded, his curly red-brown mane bouncing slightly, and hurried away.

Vinyl squirmed in her seat. "Why did you choose spinach souffle, for Celestia's sake? Couldn't we just get a good ol' veggie burger and hay fries?"

"It's good, darling. Just trust me. And, in case you didn't notice when you booked the reservation, this is a fancy restaurant. They don't serve hay fries and veggie burgers." Octavia knew she was being short with Vinyl, but at this point she didn't care. Having your marefriend get in a fight with the waiter at the classiest restaurant in Canterlot couldn't be good for business. Octavia loved Vinyl-- much more then she would ever let on, but sometimes she could be a little bit trying.

Vinyl huffed, still not satisfied with the menu, hooves crossed tightly across her chest.

The rest of the once perfect lunch date was spent in silence. Vinyl picked at her souffle, every so often making little noises of distaste, while Octavia purposefully ate every bite, as daintily and politely as possible. The waiter continued giving them odd glances throughout the meal, which in turn spurred Vinyl to be even more forward then she usually was, just to spite him.

When the check finally came, the white mare finally decided she'd had enough.

"Just who do you think you are, you stupid, homophobic toad?!" she shouted angrily at him. "Do you have a problem with two ponies loving each other? Does that bother you so much that you can't help but stare at us all afternoon? Are we some sort freak show to you? Well, here. If that's what you want, then just. Watch. This."

Octavia put her hoof on top of her enraged marefriend's."Vinyl, wai-mmf!"

However, her protest was muted as Vinyl locked her lips with Octavia's own, pulling her into a fiercely passionate kiss. After a moment Octavia pulled away, gasping for air, painfully aware of all the stares Vinyl's little scene had generated.

"Here's the check." Vinyl growled, eyes flashing dangerously behind her shades. "Octavia, we're leaving."

They walked home, with Vinyl still seething from her outbreak. Octavia walked in silence, hoping it would all just blow over given some time. Each retired to opposite ends of the house, with little more then a glare of shared disgust as communication.

Oh my Celestia, what have I done? Octavia thought forlornly. She'd spent the rest of the afternoon locked in their shared bedroom, alone and worried sick. She glanced at the clock hanging on the wall. Four o'clock. Maybe she's come round by now, Octavia thought hopefully. She pushed herself off the still messy bed and cautiously opened the door to the main room.

No Vinyl Scratch, but the telltale sounds of the television in the den buzzed through the apartment. Octavia sighed, and quickly made herself busy in the kitchen, rustling around in the cupboards in a sudden burst of inspiration.

Vinyl Scratch sat slumped on the old brown couch in the den, flipping from channel to channel, the remote clenched firmly in an annoyingly glowing cloud of blue magic.

The otherwise dark room with its slightly musty smell and its saggy but still comfortable old couch was a perfect place to sulk. Octavia hardly ever came down here. Come to think of it, she really only ever entered if they were watching an old movie together, one of their very few common interests, or to tell Vinyl herself to come out. Originally, Vinyl had intended to simply stay there until at least tomorrow, when she was sure to be 100% sulked out, but now she was having some second thoughts.

Maybe I should go out there and apologise? Vinyl wondered. Come to think of it, it was kinda my fault. No, she'll never forgive me this quick anyways, and besides, it's, um, nice down here. *sigh* I guess.

Just then, the door creaked open. Octavia walked in hesitantly, an old baking tray carrying two steaming bowls balanced on one hoof.

"Hey," she said quietly, walking over to the sofa. "I, um, made you some dinner."


"It's canned french onion. That's your favourite, right?"


"I'm really sorry for snapping at you earlier. You didn't deserve it. But, I guess I'll just leave your bowl here, okay? ...I'll be upstairs if you wanna talk later."

Octavia set down the larger bowl and turned toward the door again, feeling dejected.


Octavia turned around again, facing her marefriend, but not looking directly at her.

"Octavia, I..." She trailed off, searching for the right words. "I'm sorry too. I didn't mean to ruin your day like this. I, I just wanted it to be special. But now it's ruined. I'm so sorry..." Vinyl's usually loud voice had diminished to little more then a murmur. Tears began to flow down her cheeks and muzzle, and Octavia crossed the little room quickly, sitting down next to Vinyl and wrapping both hooves around her shaking shoulders.

They stayed in that position for some time, letting their tears mix as they met between their two faces, pressed tightly together.

"I'm sorry, 'Tavi." Vinyl Scratch said eventually. "I just... really, really love you, and when that stupid waiter kept--

"Sshhh, it's okay, Vinyl. I forgive you." Octavia paused, giving the white mare a soft kiss on the cheek. "And I love you, too." Much, much more then I realised.