• Published 11th Jul 2012
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A Tale of Two Mares - CharmingChaos

Octavia and Vinyl Scratch start a life - and a family - together, much to Octavia's mother's disgu

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Middle-of-the-story Author's note

Okay, here goes nothing.

First of all, I'd like to thank everypony who has been putting up with this since the beginning for your support. I love you guys to death.

But, as I'm sure everypony who isn't living under a rock has noticed, and even you poor things who are, come to think of it, Summer is coming to an end, and with the end of summer, comes the beginning of Highschool. (Ya don't say, right?)

Because my parents are determined to keep me out of a job at McDonalds when I grow up, I will have much less time to write due to a large, unhealthy dose of homework, which every student is required to eat each day, which means, unfortunately, less updates. I'll try to keep my chapters coming at least once a week, but sometimes they may be a bit late, because I have to write a paper on the physiology of the long-haired goat or some other ridiculous, non-pony subject instead.

This said, I resign from my avid writing, because I have to go read 127.5 (Yes, I counted) pages of The Scarlet Pimpernel before tomorrow morning.

Again, I'm super-duper ultra (fluttershy) sorry, but I don't want to get grounded, even if I'd rather be writing silly, happy stories about ponies rather then doing homework.

Love and Wubs, (Yes, I'm going to be old-fashioned and sign this like a letter, because why the hay not?)
CharmingChaos, Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, and of course the beloved Tamby (pink because buck you, that's why). Sonata is too awful and hates you guys so she doesn't get her name printed. Sorry, Sonata fans, if you even exist, you should go die, because Sunny sucks.

P.S. writing in Rainbow is 20% cooler.